Smoothies vs big blade with ridge
I am requesting a comparison between CII "smoothies" and the original "big blad" with ridge on variables, such as rower-skill-technique level, tendency to wash out early, go deep vs not go ...

Is there......
A website anywhere that will tell you how well you should be performing on an erg depending on age, height and weight? Cheers J, thinking he's underperforming ---...

IVs Head - UK
I've just read Martin Cross's article in the Guardian (link on RQs pages). I see that Pinsent and Cracknell are in a 4+ this weekend with Ed Coode and 2 others, whilst Dunn, Garbett, /et a...

Why NK SpeedCoach Gold has limited data points
Hi Guys I asked Michael at NK why the SpeedCoach gold only has 500 odd data points. This was the reply: >We've certainly considered making a product that would store more...

Just Checking In to RSR again
Just thought I'd check up on r.s.r. to see what everyone's up to and to let the folks know I'm selling real estate in Newton, Mass. these days. Check the hypers for more info. Fl...

Fan RPM on CII erg
Does anyone know what the average RPM is for a Concept2 erg if you are pulling about a 2minute/500m split? I asked this to Concept2 and they had no idea and would like to know if I every fo...

I've seen it all now
Usually when I go to my local gym I see some pretty bizzarre techniques on the concept 2, but tonight I saw something that really took the biscuit... not so much bad technique as just...well...

Armada Cup
Thought you all might enjoy some of the pictures from the weekend's Armada Cup. I wasn't there but one of my current crewmates was involved and was raving about the event. Looks l...

Head of the Lake (Seattle)
Anyone planning on being there? I'll be there with my crew from Sammamish Rowing Association, it would be fun to say hello to other RSR folks. - Paul Smith

NK SpeedCoach Gold Software
Hi Guys NK has asked me to write a new software package for their NK SpeedCoach Gold. I am hoping to have a fully functional BETA version out by december, have exams between now a...

Liquid Brekkie?
Hi. I want to do my indoor training on a C2, early in the morning, before work. I cannot row on an empty stomach, but cannot bolt down a propper breakfast and then hop on the erg, obvio...

New Kaschper Extreme with T-Wing
I have been looking for a new racing shell and like the new Kaschper Extreme with the T-wing. Has anyone rowed, purchased, or have any comments on the new Extreme? Thanks.

Hull Shapes
Can someone help me out with understanding the different hull shapes. I can't seem to find any good information on how the shapes differ from each other, particularly for the 1x. If anyone...

Where's my deflection point?
Ewoud, thanks for posting the results of the "anaerobic threshold" tests you've conducted. I don't see a deflection point on those graphs either, implying that your rowers do not have an an...

Lactates Training
Hello, Could you please help me ? In my rowing club, we are 4 youngsters who come some 6-7 times per week to train at a competition level and who have allready done some 4 y...

"Best Club Site"
After the "Best Rowing Picture" and "Worst Rowing Picture",Which site is the "Best Club Site". Up to now my favorite is:

Radio suggestions - 5 mile range?
We (Narragansett Boat Club, Providence, RI) would like to equip our coaches with radios. FRS radios like the Motorola TalkAbout would be perfect except I don't think they have the five mile...

pontoon issues
Anyone know of anything .... literally anything that can stop bird shit from appearing on a pontoon?? Big smelly issue with my club at the mo Cheers Suths

Conconi test protocol for CII
Dear all, I would like to hear of any experiences of a Conconi-type fitness test (for determining the aerobic and anaerobic thresholds) on the CII. There seem to be a lot of infor...

British Rowing Almanacs
Hi, Just wondering if any public libraries in London would have the British Rowing Almanacs on display. Cheers.

For Sale: Concept II Model B Updated w/PM2 Boston Area
Model B updated with PM2 monitor (works with standard Polar heart monitor) and Flexfoot. Recently serviced. Will deliver. $400. Reply: [email protected] or call 50...

Who has a Sykes 1x?
Does anyone out there have a Sykes 1x? I'm trying to find out what people think about their boats. If anyone tell me about their experiences with the company, how much they love to row the...

supplement question
I bumped into a friend at our health food store yesterday. She, like me, is over 50 but a runner, not a rower. A mutual cardiologist friend, and also a runner, had recommended that she take ...

Comparison of older Hudson 1x vs new, aerodynamic model
Now that the HOCR and HOS are over, I started thinking about other things, an upcoming sprint race, winter training for our kids, and also a personal Q. I bought a Hudson 1x, mdwt, a cpl of...

Bow ball safety
Is there a recommended -better-bow ball device to minimize injuries, such as actual destructive penetration? Gordon L. Pizor WYRA Gordon L. Pizor Head Coach and Associate Dire...

MPS Steering Wire in the UK?
We have an MPS 4-/4x, which is a very nice boat....unfortunately we have broken the steering wire. It's different from virtually every other boat I've seen - there is only one wir...

Bow safety again
The following is an excerpt from (it was flagged on RQ's New Rowing Information site): "Charlie Billington '04 is on the mend af...

Seats - Single vs Double Action
Hi All I recently order four Double Action seats from Paul Slade to replace four 15 year old double actions for our club 8+, which had sadly thrown the towel in (The other four ...

DIY Mirror for Erging Beside?
> > > Does anyone know of anything mirror-like that is not > > > glass-with-backing? I'm thinking of something like a roll of carpet. > > > > Expensiv...


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