Press Release from Athens Oly Committee
Here is some raw meat for RSR. It is a statement from ATHOC President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki at the recent IOC Executive Board Meeting. First is an excerpt (my editing). At the end is...

model B erg for sale in san jose
Greetings, I have a Concept II model B for sale It is in excellent condition and has upgraded (model C style) seat and footstretchers located in san jose CA ...

The ARA and Shell Buoyancy - UK
I told RSR I'd write to Di Ellis to question ARA conduct in working on swamping safety & shell buoyancy for squad shells while obstructing same for members at large. And I said I'd advise...

What Kind of Erg Scores are top colleges looking for?
I am a junior rower in a high school program and am trying to set some goals for the upcoming year and into my senior year. In particular I am trying to determine, what the top collegiate ro...

Dutch go HOR4S
Hello all, The Royal Dutch Rowing Association (KNRB) wants to enter some crews for the Head of the River fours and asked me to be their teammanager for this trip. Because it's the...

Matthew Syed's article in The Times
Have to say that I was quite stunned. Some truth in what he says of course but one-sided arguments and a particularly disproportionate attack on rowing. I'm going to write to the debate foru...

Today's Times
I have just finished reading an article in today's (29/9/2003) Times "Redgrave's myth must be blown out of the water for the good of British sport" written by Matthew Syed a three times Comm...

Jennings to overstep bounds, again
Here's an article concerning the lovely and talented Miss Jennings, who's about make another spectacular transition into a different sport. She used to do thriathlons, then after 3 years of ...

C2 model D
has anyone else had their fancy new model D ergo crash mid-way through a piece? Yesterday I got a page of error messages and had to re-boot and re-set time & date info. Didnt rea...

Hyperextended knees at the Finish
Does anyone know of any Drills, or any exercises for that matter, that help prevent the knees from hyperextending at the Finish?

Has anyone used a Kettler Coach?
I'm looking for a quiet rowing machine - the Kettler Coach looks like a good possibility but no store in my area has one. If you have any experience with this or any other magnetic ro...

ITV yesterday evening
I didn't see all of the film "Sweet Medicine" on ITV yesterday evening (2100-2200), but in the part I did see there were a number of different rowing scenes. There were a number of differen...

Pitched blades--physics?
Please forgive the unenlightened, but what physical forces keep a pitched blade from diving or washing out? Also, how do variable pitch blades change the pitch on submersion? I i...

FS: Concept 2 Model B, Norwalk, CT 06852
I broke down and joined a gym. I now have a lightly used Concept 2 Model B with working computer in storage in Norwalk, CT 06852. Slightly bent flywheel cage in one spot and it needs new ...

What's the best way to handicap erg scores for weight?
What's the best formula known today for handicapping erg scores for differing weights? The handicap should attempt to predict relative performance in an actual boat.

WTB used 90 kg or bigger single scull
Hello All, I am looking at buying a used one person scull 19' or so in length.This is all relatively new to me and wanted a level entry boat or a bit better for a reasonable pric...

Simplistic statement?
Okay, I'm sorry to keep starting new threads, but here's a simplification of C2 and Rowperfect - tell me what you think? C2 for fitness fanatics and home exercisers, Rowperfect for act...

Straw Poll Time
Hello I'm sort of thinking of something, and would be interested in the feedback from you lot... :) Imagine, if you will, you are a rower currently with a ratemeter of some ...

Sculls Wanted
If anyone has any medium weight sculls that they would be willing/able to lend to Brasenose College Boat Club for an outing on Wednesday October 1 on the Isis. We would be very grateful if y...

Sliding together
The ‘Shooting the slide' thread got me thinking… Very early on in my rowing career, our coach attempted to cure the problem by linking our seats together with rope. So if stroke didn'...

What's so great about the Rowperfect and how does it shape up against C"2?

Head of the fours 2003
Hi, we are a team from a german rowing club and we don't have a boat yet for the womens quad. Has anyone a quad we can borrow for the race? Best regards Anja

Shooting the Slide?
What is the accepted definition of "shooting the slide"? My impression has been that it refers to completion of the slide motion too soon, that is, before proper coordination with the mo...

PM2+ vs PM3?
Can anyone tell me the basic differences between the old and new concept 2 units? I want to hook up to my PC, and in a response to a previous message, PaulS said the PM2+ offered things the...

highway conditions for 1x
Hi, I'll be transporting a 1x from San Antonio to Philly next week. I'm probably going through Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia to PA (solo trip, what fun!). Other routes are pos...

PM unit capabilities?
I'm looking at getting a concept 2, and know that you can plug some of the PM units into a PC. Obviously this is good for competing across the net etc etc; but what I'm interested in is wha...

The Isis Sculls (Oxford, UK) - Results
Results and photos are now posted on the City of Oxford RC website at Paul.

funny joke
This happened in Mexico, and even though it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it's absolutely true! One night, this guy was on the side of the road, hitch-hiking on a very <...

Used Equipment List Update (USA)
To: readers, Following is an recent update of our used equipment list. (racing shells, sculls and sweeps) Almost of the equipment is in Durham, NH USA excep...

Drew Harrison Racing Shells
I am looking for recent (post Starline) feedback on Drew Harrison Racing Shells. I am seriously considering getting a Mid 1x from Drew Harrison. I would like to know what your experience has...

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