congrats to Rower's mom's daughter
If Rower's mom is still on RSR, pass on contrats to Caryn. She earned world champ gold in the USA W4-, her college team won ended the season with a 1st in the collegiate championships, and ...

Another "freak"
Yet another tragic drowning in the UK. A boy got swept away in Lyme Bay on Wednesday and one of his rescuers was drowned. Again, nothing to do with rowing but the wave which swept the boy aw...

deck tape
we are redoing our eight decks and are looking for a source of colored tape for the edge. know of any tape supplier

Variability in Coxless pairs
Im searching for measurements of coxless pairs. Does anybody know about investigations concentrating on variability and stability of movements?

Speed coach?
Hi all, I thought I'd do a quick survey of those of you who train in a single and use a speed coach. I'm training on my own right now (have coaching about once a week), and don'...

Rowing in London
I'm going to London on a school trip from 23-30th of september. We'll get some time for ourselves so can anyone tell me where I might have a chance to row as a guest? Just for an hour or so....

FISA website
I just cannot believe how poor the FISA website is for World Champs results. The main showcase for the year and the last Champs before the Olympics and I can't get ...

Technique on Rowperfect
Just a quick question which has probably been answered before (although it wasn't immediately obvious on searching from Google): Is the "aim" to prevent the seat from moving, both duri...

Canadian Masters Request
Anyone from the Boston area heading up to Montreal this weekend for the Canadian Master's? If so, do you think you could pick up a rigger from Fluidesign to bring back? If not, do... - 600 sport websites in Belgium is a new belgian search engine for .be websites only. Here is a list of more 600 sport web pages in Belgium:

Sciatica and rowing
Anyone out there suffer from sciatica and managing to row? I had a bout of it about five years ago, long before my return to rowing. I confess there's been some very slight lack of streng...

rigging question - oar length for teenage girl
Not like me to be fussing too much over rigging. I just get in the damn boat and row it! But this ain't for me. I have had a request for sculling oars at 284cm for a teenage girl rower...

new C2 erg monitor
I assume people saw this: includes force curve. That's something, anyway.

Wanted: Maas 24 or Peinert Dolphin
I live in Massachusetts and would like to find a used Maas 24 or Peinert Dolphin to cartop and row. Thanks, KC King 508-785-1377

Worlds results
Plain text results up at

Rib Fracture
Unfortunately, after many years of sculling, I am currently sidelined with a rib stress fracture. In searching for recent information on causes and suggested prevention, I'm not finding much...

Webmasters add you site to A1Sites is a free site directory, have a surf Herc -- >>add this link to your sig for $5 a month<< I chat at ...

For Sale: 2003 Alden 18 Rowing Shell - Row as a Double or Single Scull
I am selling my 2003 Alden 18 purchased brand new in March 2003. The boat is in excellent like new condition and has only been rowed 5 times in a lagoon. This boat comes with two drop-in rig...

FS: WaterRower in Minnesota
6-month-old WaterRower 'Natural Ash' with monitor for sale in Twin Cities area. Unit is in excellent condition and I will deliver anyplace within reasonable driving distance.

Start sequences--Thanks
Thank you to all who gave me suggestions concerning start sequence strategies. We will be working on these! Cordially, Gordon WYRA Gordon L. Pizor Head Coach and Associat...

Racing start sequences
Can all of you racing rowers give me some suggestions for racing start --sweep-strategies, e.g., 3/4, 1/2, 1/2, 3/4. F, etc. vs others, with pros and cons? I realize it is "head season" c...

Public interest at any price
A video of the swamping US eight is now available on One for slow connections, one for higher. The video costs 0,99 EURO. ...

Picture of Junior Worlds mens quad?
Can anyone please provide a means to get hold of the excellent picture of the GB mens quad which appeared in the Telegraph, Times and Mail on 7th August? It is apparently by Getty Images', a...

Hello, Has anyone tried one of those rowing bikes ? they look fun. It is sort of bikes where you row to make it advance. Look at these two sites, for some pictures.

2004 Olympic rowing
Why Denis Oswald, by the way the FISA president, tries to convince everybody, that in Athenes all is OK? He wants to live without problems. But the Athenes have destroyed a Junior World Cham...

Why do I have pain behind the knees?
Ok... this seems really bizzare to me. I'm not sure what is causing it but maybe someone here will have some ideas. I just started rowing this summer (mostly sculling). So I'm pretty much ...

Worm attachment attack!!!!
I have been sent about 80 emails containing a .pif attachment today. All appear to be from rowing contacts (including RQ, hudson, etc...), and it only affects the email address which I...

London UK clubs?
This was posted on the US Rowing yahoogroup ... thought someone here might be able to help out ... Note: DON'T reply to me. Reply to the address at the bottom of this note! In a...

Oxford photos
Photos from Sunday of Oxford Royal Regatta at - mainly local crews though. -- Edd

Ergs vs water
I've just been reading through the new Concept 2 training guide and I came across this statement: "Training based around the rowing machine is far more efficient than training on ...

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