Coach Wanted - East Midlands (UK)
Loughborough Students RC are seeking to recruit an experienced, part time coach to work with our Women's squad, starting from September 2003. Interested parties should contact me via email p...

US Passports for Canada!
Anyone heading to Canada (RCHR?) should be aware that Canadian Immigration will often require a passport of birth certificate as proof of US citizenship. I had a huge problem with...

Preserving old boats
The thread on the Carbocraft 8+ degenerated into a discussion on how to best destroy our old wooden boats. Unfotunately appreciation of old wooden racing shells is hardly widespread in UK ro...

Fitness Equiptment Blowout!!!!!!!!
Rock bottom prices on new fitness equipment w/life time warranties You have to check this sight out best I've ever seen....

End of season?
Noticed on the Slug's page that Thames are holding an end-of-season dinner on 1st August! Is it reallt considred the end-of-season for you soft southerners? :) Up here we'v...

Rowperfect ergometer for sale...
Rowperfect ergometer, computer interface and Polar HRM hookup... Pictures available... In excellent condition... Located in North Carolina... Please email me for more information... $1250 pl...

indoor rowing
What should the damper (I think that is what it is called) be put on. I usually use about 4 on the concept 2 but I see it goes to 10. Is it just a personal preference or should I strive to...

Trying to contact Dick Sims
We are a group of Argo vets who will be rowing in this year's FISA tour. We would like to contact Dick Sims who built boats at the Argonaut Rowing Club in Toronto in the 1950/60s. T...

Quebec Rowing
Is there any rowing clubs at, or near Quebec City. My wife & I would like to row with a masters (old) boat on our visit end of August. Thanks, Murray

EARN$£$600week downloading free software We know it sounds TOO good to BE true, but itís REAL! Our International Technology firm will pay you hard cash each time FREE software is downloaded.

FS: Gloucester Gull Dory
Fixed seat rowing at its finest. Dynamite Payson designed 16' dory. Marine plywood, fiberglassed bottom, bronze and brass fittings, spruce oars with leathers, trailer. Newly painted. Top ...

Any active clubs in the Western Chicago Suburbs?
I'm interested in learning how to scull and am looking for a local club to join. Does anyone know of any active clubs in the St. Charles area? Thanks, Jennifer Scott <...

Backstay v forestay
Hi all, somebody mentioned the new 2 stay tubular riggers made by Empacher and Filippi etc., the bow and main mounted ones. We have such a boat here and someone said that t...

World U-23-Regatta Belgrad
Hi all I'm searching for informations about the World U-23-Regatta in Belgrad (24.7.-27.7.2003). FISA has no Infos, the Website of the Organisers ( ...

Can any historians/statisticians tell me how many World and Olympic medals Vaclav Chalupa has? Remarkably, his bio is not among the 'top rowers' section of the FISA site. Curious...

GB U23 team
Anyone know which boats are being sent and who is in them? I've had a quick search around the web and drawn a blank. Tim.

Fluid intake
The British Medical association issued a warning last week about over consumption of fluids during exercise. details contained within this article from the Glasgow Herald. h...

Wanted to Buy, Alden Star or Alden Martin
I am looking to purchase a used Alden Star or Alden Martin with oar master and oars and in good condition. I am located in northern Ohio and would travel some distance to pick one up. Rem...

anybody want a carbocraft 8+
Need to remove a Carbocraft 8+ from Reading RC to make room for more new boats. Free to any worthy cause. anybody interested? Alex Wilbey

Views on Strathclyde
It was my first visit to SC and I was quite impressed. The facilities were very good and the surroundings were scenic and the course remained fair in conditions where I'm sure HP would be ...

UK blades
Can anyone tell me why the Union Flag wasn't present on the UK teams blades in Lucerne?

Next weekend I will row with four friends in a race from Jersey to Carteret (France). Though we know rowing, it is our first experiŽnce with rowing on the sea. We trained two times here in H...

Concept 2 gates inserts again
Hi At Lucerne, I spoke to a nice chap on the C2 stand who claimed that.... 1. all the blades that leaves there factory are pitched to an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. ...

Sorry for yet another UK-related post but can anyone tell me if there is a GB lightweight eight entered into the World Champs? Couldn't see one in the list. Jon -- ...

MaryAnne McCormick, Portland, OR, USA?
Trying to get in touch w/her. My email is [email protected], phone 617-783-8442. Alex Selvig Filippi importers, USA & Canada Official Equipment Supplie...

hudson in the uk
Just a note to anyone looking to buy Hudson in the UK I am away from England until August 4th and will take up order details on my return. Container due Late August/Septemb...

only rowing photos
look here only rowing photos: see you soon

ISO Trailer, Boston to Master's Nats?
Anyone going out to Sacramento with a trailer? I need to get Filippi 2x/- to the new owners. All info. greatly appreciated! Cheers! Alex Selvig www.EliteRowi...

Canadian Henley Dilema -- HELP
My pair partner and I have been training this summer to compete at Canadian Henley. Our only problem is that we don't have the ability to transport the pair we have been using (or really wan...

Holme Pierrepont / Caversham
Adam, I know you put the argument in about North/South, and as a Northerner at heart I sympathise. BUT, when you look at the competition review's appendices, you get the followin...

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