23 May 2007 04:59:09
Re: GB crews for Linz

On May 23, 12:29 pm, bookie <[email protected] > wrote:
> On 23 May, 12:04, James Elder <[email protected]> wrote:
> > GB Rowing (the new name for the ARA's British International Rowing
> > Office, so I'm told) must like keeping us in suspense.
> > If I understand the FISA site correctly, the entries for Linz closed
> > on Monday, so crews are presumably fixed aside from late medical
> > substitutions.
> > And yet the M4-, M2x, M1x, LM2x, W4x and W2x (which were announced at
> > the end of April) are still the only ones that have been formally
> > confirmed - that leaves a lot of crews unannounced.
> > I can't see any competitive advantage in keeping crews under wraps at
> > this stage. In any case, most of the unannounced crews have been
> > training in plain view (e.g. the women's eight has been training from
> > Thames and I'm told the men's eight has been training from Leander)
> > but it's a bit odd to leave the crew line-ups to dribble out based on
> > sightings and information from those with friends in the boat.
> > Some of these crews may well be medal chances, many are going for
> > Olympic selection and most are sponsored. I'm sure there would be
> > minimal media interest (that stops with the lead boats) but given that
> > Linz is the first World Cup of the year, lots of people within the
> > sport would be interested - there's certainly a good deal of
> > speculation over at Talk Rowing.
> > I'm a bit bemused as to the lack of news - at this rate GB Rowing will
> > be beaten to it by FISA releasing the full entries list.
> I must say, waiting for the full team announcement for Linz has really
> kept me awake at night too. I hope that the powers that be announce it
> soon so that I, and so many others, can return to our normal daily
> activities which we obviously abandoned long ago in order to wait with
> baited breath for The Word from GB rowing HQ.
> i don't really care, can you tell?
> bookie

Yes Bookie, your feelings are becoming clearer and clearer with every

I'm somewhere between you and James on this one; I do feel that if
[whatever it's called] would like to be taken seriously, then some
publicity for any interesting decision it takes, might foster that

Richard du P