22 Feb 2006 12:01:47
Jay L
Ergo choice on Wikipedia

Hi all,

We seem to have a lot of non-regulars asking about ergo choices... Would
it not be a good idea for someone with a little bit of knowledge to
write up a wikipedia post to clear everything up (unless it's already
there?). All we're looking for is something to refer people to when they
post questions about it.



22 Feb 2006 04:24:18
Re: Ergo choice on Wikipedia

I wrote a lot about the Rowperfect a while back - will check it is stil
This is a really good idea as rowing widens its appeal and can educate
a larger audience of non-rowers.

22 Feb 2006 04:31:37
Re: Ergo choice on Wikipedia

An ergo is an ergo (or Ergometer to give it its full name). There are
other rowing machines, as Rebecca points out. Some as good or better,
some worse.