22 Feb 2006 04:40:03

I would appreciae some help. I am currently working hard on assisting
my coxswains to improve their skills.

Does anyone have or know where i can access a coxing assessment form?


22 Feb 2006 07:25:27
[email protected]
Re: Coxing

No forms on offer but we did a little autotest type exercise once.
Coxless four against coxed four on a dressage course around buoys
involving steering reversing turning accelerating.

I think this is as good a way as many for honing skills - competitive
and a bit of fun.



23 Feb 2006 06:22:58
Re: Coxing

What skills are you hoping to improve? There's a lot more to coxing
than just steering the boat. Any assessment should include:

1. Navigation rules
2. Commands
3. Equipment identification and safety checks
4. Getting on and off the water
5. Warm up, cool down
6. Technical exercises
7. Rules of racing
8. What to do in an emergency

That should keep them busy!