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flights to thailand september flights bangkok to india flights from auckland to bangkok air flights to bangkok flights from bangkok to thailand flights from bangkok t...

hey robby/scot/rspw, should i buy this bottle of wine?

The Hickeys or MILF Island?
I'd watch both.

Remember Wince Rouseau?
He, along with the OTHER Wince, re-imagined (i.e. RUINED) pro rassling for the modern era. ;)

Porn producers arrested for filming in a Japanese McDonald's
You assignment, RSPW, is come up with as many one-liners about this story connecting McDonald's and porn as possible. (Bonus points for including anything about Japanese tourists and camera...

is robbie that mayor of simpleton..

Oh snap
Did ODB just threaten to remove Saeed's burkha? That's going to cause some complaints. Or it would, if anyone watched Impact outside of people who have to because they're review...

Vindris' favorite place to be with Robtard - Message posted using More information at http://www.talkaboutsports...

Smape: I now demand footage of Billy Gunn....
on sabrina the teenage witch - Message posted using More information at

Web Site Traffic
Traffic - Truly the currency that the entire Internet is fueled by... Are you really getting enough of it to survive, sustain, or thrive? Download and try out any of the custom marketi...

Remember Kai and Tai?
They jobbed CLEAN to Val Venus in their DEBUT HANDICAP match, fer Gawd sake! That just shows you how much Wince HATES Asians and will bury them at every opportunity. ;)

Remember Ty-Jerry
Even though he had an English name, he was Asian, so he never got a real push from Wince (Wince HATES Asians). Stone old tried to give him the rub by calling him a "wise man" but that was h...

TNA Signing Former WCW Director?
Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter -- There is talk that TNA is trying to bring in Chris Leathers to help direct Impact and PPVs. Leathers directed WCW Nitro during the Monday ...

Anyone else ordering a "MILF Island" T-shirt? They only go up to XXL, though. (Sorry, 60% of RSPW) -- The Citizen "And ho...

We should plant land mines in RSPW
one wrong move by a spammer and BOOOOOOM - Message posted using More information at http://www.talkaboutsportsn...

THE OFFICE is back!!!
And better than ever? -- --- Tied for 4th Best RSPW Poster of 2007. --- Co-Winner of 2006's Worst Feud/Flamewar/Thread. --- Winner of 2007's Most Deproved Poster (with everyone el...

Central Hockey League teams deserving a push
Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees Amarillo Gorillas New Mexico Scorpions Odessa Jackalopes Lubbock Cotton KIngs El Paso Buzzards Topeka Scarec...

Posters that suffer from morning tongue?
it's only natura - Message posted using More information at ...

Is it possible to intentionally acquire "vitiligo"?
Botulism injections are now commonplace and have become affordable for the hoi polloi; will it be possible any time soon to use vitiligo for similar cosmetic purposes? - TMS

Remember Tiger Chong Lee?
He devastated jobbers for about a month after his arrival in the Whiff then he formed a jobber tag team with Mr. Fuchi then Fuchi beat him up for being a loser and then he became a singles...

Robtard gets the Bogut treatment from RSPW
no high fives - Message posted using More information at

Highest grade octane for sale....
in your town - Message posted using More information at

Remember Hakushi?
He helped Jeri Lawyer beat Bert Clarke and then did nothing else of note for the rest of his tenure in the Whiff. ;)

Last time you got ill in
Illinois - Message posted using More information at <...

Has Smart Ape ever posted a youtube link featuring.....
funny cats - Message posted using More information at ...

If Bret never fed Shawn his leg in Montreal....
how would the attempted screwjob have turned out instead - Message posted using More information at http://www....

Worst thing someone has ever done to you?
did you avenge the deed - Message posted using More information at

(Tourism) Come to America & see the world

Flair Will Whooo Flair Will Whooo Viewers on Secret Talents of the
From Steve Beverly's He's considered either the ageless wonder or the Johnny Unitas of pro wrestling. Ric Flair, who at 59 maintains a following of loyalists who ...

You know who might be able to fight Awesome Kong?
Rakha Khan.

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