Cryme Tyme's Shad Comments On Return To WWE
Reader Steve Luongo sent this in: I was on my Myspace where I added Cryme Tyme's Shad as a friend and this was posted up on a bulletin regarding his and JTG's return to WWE: ...

J.R Blog: Robbie/TNA, 'Mania, WWE vs. TNA, More
Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website. Below are some of the highlights: - Floyd Mayweather created many fans within the WWE as a result of his perform...

Match Listing & Details For New WWE The Rock DVD
Match Listing & Details For New WWE The Rock DVD Posted by Ashish on 04.03.2008 3-Disc set packed with The Rock matches, promos, and more... Here is the promotional informat...

Feds lie about link between software piracy and terrorism..Shocker!
Feds lie about link between software piracy and terrorism The U.S. Justice Department seems to believe that if you tell a big enough lie, people will listen. Here's the latest: Attorn...

Well, YOU DEMANDED it?? 'Bill & Ted' Remake Planned Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter's cult comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ...

PLONK PLONK PLONK PLONK PLONK PLONK PLONK PLONK Much better now that I see only 74 posts today worth reading

Hey Chris Henry, expect a call from TNA pretty soon...
Bengals cut Henry after WR surrenders on assault charge CINCINNATI (AP) -- The Cincinnati Bengals decided Thursday they've had enough of Chris Henry's legal problems and cut...

i like this time of year, i can lay out on my patio and nap....
in summer u can lay out about 2 minutes 5 if u are soaking wet, before u have to go in..

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ive got 20 minutes of porn on demand left, they have like 100000
waqtch a few minites here or there.. anyone have any recomendations?

Picture McCain ad the RNC Convention
Talking about respecting allies and not going at it alone, about taking environmental issues seriously, and abou thow immigrants, legal or illegal, are human biengs too. Etc. It'l...

My Great Grandma Just Passed Away
Sorry if I'm not acting as wild and crazy as usual, but I am feeling kinda sad now. RIP GREAT GRANDMA

Death of 2-year-old linked to WWE Smackdown wrestling ---- 4-year-old may be responsible for death of toddler brother 07:55 AM CDT on Thursd...

Introducing DishFAMILY Package at $19.99- Get 3 Months Free.
DISH Network offers the best family-friendly programming on satellite! DishFAMILY, our family-friendly base package, provides something for everyone. FOX News and CNN for mom and dad, Nickel...

am ordering some chinese food for lunch, how much should i tip the

TNA has reached a ceiling in ratings without more advertising IMO...
.. The rating of the LIVE Impact got me to thinking, everyone who watches TNA already, already knew about it. The net geeks who read all the dirtsheets knew, and maybe a few peop...

hey farva .l.(^_^).l.

[no] my problem with The Velvet Underground & Nico
Nico's astonishing inability to stay within key.

do they still make boo berry cereal?

Former Governor Jesse Ventura: WTC Collapse A Controlled Demolition Who's next?(n.Goldberg) "Showtime" Eric Young?

Easy five steps to reduce your belly and burn unwanted fats
Worried about your large belly and over weight. Easy five steps to reduce your belly and burn unwanted fats. No need to be in diet, You can enjoy your favourite foods like fried potato and s...

[Arguement] "Fergie" is a dirty slut
But I'd still fuck her. - C The Shocker Uhhh.. yeah.

[Arguement] The girl from "Jennicam" was hot
Actually she was kind of a dog, but who cares, you could watch her fuck on camera. - C The Shocker Uhh.. yeah.

[Arguement] Tea >>> Coffee
Those Brits got at least one thing right! - C The Shocker Uhhh.. yeah.

[Arguement] "Ren and Stimpy" was overrated
It was new and fresh for it's time, but time has not been kind to it. - C The Shocker Uhh.. yeah.

[Arguement] Paper Towels >>> Kleenex for blowing your nose
Discuss. - C The Shocker Uhhh... yeah.

[Arguement] The worst day Fishing is better than the best day at work
I'm not a big fisherman, but I've heard this is true. - C The Shocker Uhh.. yeah.

[Arguement] Kobe Bryant is a rapist
Therefore negating anything he does on the basketball court. - C The Shocker Uhhh.. yeah.

[Arguement] MILFs are a better fuck than Teens
Oh, this is goddamn true. - C The Shocker Uhh.. yeah.

you want join me
you want join me see than profile **************************************** ****************************************

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