Don't Call Me a "Flash in the Pan!"

John Cena Blindness Angle
This angle is absolutely obvious. They could do the standard "pro wrestler goes blind" angle with Cena where some wrestler blinds him. I think Muta could be good for this angle. He could h...

Which Wrestling Journalist Looks Like the Toughest Guy?
Just saw the Pro Wrestling Torch website and saw Wade Keller's and Jason Powell's pictures for the first time ever. has had pictures of Meltzer, Alvarez, and Marvez

Tonights Raw...
Most of the time lately I have come on here to either talk about how bad WWE has been or how much more I have enjoyed TNA lately...not this time. WWE put off an excellent show with a great t...

Time for Buddy Landell to Step Up and Become the New "Nature Boy"
Just like Buddy Rogers passed the "Nature Boy" torch to Ric Flair, it is time for Buddy Landell to step up and be the primary "Nature Boy" of professional wrestling. I've heard this require...

Where Was Buddy Landell at Flair's Ceremony?
Flair was a big influence on him... - Flash

Is Santino Marella Based On "Borat?"
Well, is he? Sure, seems like it. And they always seem to draw on current pop culture for ideas. And Borat sure seems based on Andy Kauffman's "foreign man" character. Is there...

Thank Goodness They Didn't Turn the Flair Farewell Into an Angle
Could you imagine if at the end of the ceremony, Michaels had turned around and superkicked Flair? Or Santino Marella interrupts and does some ridiculous speech while everyone is crying? O...

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What Would Have Been Funny During the Flair Farewell on Raw
They should have brought out some jobber that Flair wrestled one time at a house show early in his career that Flair hasn't talked to since and that looks completely different now.

Flash Rants About "Law and Order"
I want to say a few words about that "Law and Order" show. I am annoyed by the attitude that the investigators have on that show. I'm not saying that they don't arrest some really big slea...

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( The Flash-Back) Flash's Take On Wrestlemania
Now, it's time for The Flash-Back, featuring MEEEEE (flash). Overall, probably will be the best WWE pay-per-view of the year, just because it's Mania. It's worth getting for that reas...

Interesting RAW tonight... Thoughts...
- The Flair tribute was beautiful... It's unfortunate Sting couldn't have been part of it or Dusty (even tho he had a pre-taped message) but what're gonna do... - Real quick... Is...

BANG!!!! said max's AXE!!!!

The one person you thought should have been at the Flair Farewell?
My first thought: Magnum TA. The only problems are, (a) I think everybody there had some association with WWE at one time or another, and (b) it's been what, 20 years since his ac...

how I would have improved the Ric Flair Group Hug
Flair and Greg_The_Hammer put each other in the Figure Four.

WHERE was Paul Roma?
did he help Savage deflower Steff?

Hey was Festus out there clapping for Flair?
I didn't see him.

No Piper?
He and Flair were very close at one point and had great feuds. What gives?

Where Was Mongo McMicheals, Undertaker, and Dusty Rhodes?
Assholes! Also, would it have killed Hogan to be there? Oh that's right he's too busy fucking his daughter. -The Flying Fuck *Red Bones Jones*

Weather Report.. Heavy rains near woodstock..
over an inch in 1/2 hour.... "NO RAIN.. NO RAIN.. NO RAIN" Wonder if Santanas gonna start playin'?

DH Smith is the Canadian Bulldog Dr. Keith Lipinski is at the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida. The good doctor is spending the final night of h...

If Hogan, Bischoff and Nash booked RAW next week
We'd see an nWo parody of the Flair retirement ceremony. -- --- Tied for 4th Best RSPW Poster of 2007. --- Co-Winner of 2006's Worst Feud/Flamewar/Thread. --- Winner of 2007's Mos...

Dave Meltzor marking out on his website over the Ric Flair thing
He is still a kid at heart, God (n.H.) bless him.

Mr. Wildcat no longer shopping at the Rupp Arena snack bar
"Mr. Wildcat" Bill Keightley passes away at age 81 Updated: March 31, 2008 08:39 PM "Mr. Wildcat" Bill Keightley LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Long time Kentucky basketball ...

Best Ending To RAW EVER
I don't think there will ever be a better ending RAW then that one

Flair family titties

C'mon WWE
Pay the Alan Parson's Project the 10 bucks they wanted, for the use of 'Sirius'. Instead Ricky got Ultimo Dragon's theme. -- --- Tied for 4th Best RSPW Poster of 2007. --- C...

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