$45us/pc H.I.D Conversion Kit
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee check the quality before you pay In www.housinghouse.com you can check the quality before you pay,The detailed information following: 1...

Worst part of indy wrestling on DVDs---
announcing I can overlook production values, because sometimes under-produced stuff is better than the glossy film of a professional organization. I can get past everyone looki...


McCain in a blowout
Robert Novak said recently that McCain would win Super Tuesday in a blowout. I checked RealClear Politics and looked at the most recent polls and, sure enough, McCain is leading in just abou...

J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" will suck.
I guaran-DAMN-tee it. --T.H.H. -- "Star Trek" has had its time. Enough already. ;)

Hot Sexual Health Guide For Men, Women and Teens..Solve Your All
Hot Sexual Health Guide For Men, Women and Teens..Solve Your All Problems Related To Your Sex Life And Sex Organs....Make Your Sex Better and Have Fun @ Night: http://sexualhealth...

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair at WrestleMania
Fucking WWE. They have a chance at making a new star by retiring Ric Flair. They have a chance to create a mega-heel. But instead they are going to do a face vs. face match? I underst...

has so183616 ever been to a college basketball game?
if so when, and who was playing?

Inside The Microsoft --Windows Vista Speech Recognition + Bill Gates
http://softech-vision.blogspot.com/2008/01/windows-vista-speech-recognition.html http://softech-vision.blogspot.com/2008/01/windows-vista-speech-recognition.html http://softech-vision.blogsp...

robby = the jan 2008 post count champion!
i have once again won the post count war for the 4th straight month! i am beating so183616 1950 -1245 with only 1 hour left in january. farva is a distant 3rd nearly 1,000 posts behind me! o...

FWF: Fictional Wrestling Federation
Go to my blog. And read it and see how wrestling should be done. It is basically writing matches that would be good to watch. It is the future of Blogging Wrestling

has so183616 ever rode a horse?
i havent, you can get kicked off and wind up like superman did.

does so183616 like 7 up?
i do. cherry 7 up is good also.

does so183616 like duke?
i sure as heck dont. i hate that college! i hate unc also.

[lulz] declassified military code names
from http://blog.thebudgetgraph.com/2007/04/27/hilarious-interesting-and-disturbing-classified-military-codenames/ ACID TEST III - Joint U.S. Canada winter tactical deployment exercise...

1 year ago today
http://www.boston.com/news/globe/ideas/brainiac/moondev.gif NEVER FORGET

You know...
... I can't help but notice that I get more racial epithets from the "liberal" thinking RSPWites than the others; I can't help but appreciate the irony - if I were as fervent in my beliefs f...

You're welcome
Google Groups killfile: (Firefox) Release: http://www.penney.org/ggkiller.html Update: http://www.penney.org/google-groups-killfile-update.html From the Google Archive:...

Which RSPWer is this?

Lord Gow / Torrey Spears in '08!
That would get my vote. Torrey don't worry about Britney, Roger didn't hurt Bill. --rafiki Thank you drive through.

(OT) Oh... my...
Just saw a Hitlary TV ad... Words fail me. She's promising the same things she promised in her Senate run eight years ago, but of course hasn't delivered on because, ... (e...

Chris Berman with an epic meltdown LMAO
SIAP http://withleather.com/post.phtml?pk=4911

"just by looking at us... you can tell that we're not more of the
Hillary Clinton. Not playing the racism or sexism card in this campaign. - TMS

Funny response to the "sex and violence" in Hollywood...
Obama: I think it's up to the parents to decide what their kids watch. So... when it comes to what to watch on TV, it's my responsibility, not the government. Spending my ta...

CNN closes the deal with ... Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton?
.... CNN disgusts me as a network. If Fox News pulled the same stunt with the GOP, they'd be crucified. This debate has been a joke. - TMS

Did I just hear this correctly????
Did Hillary just say essentially that Clinton and Bush both had the same intelligence, both believed that Saddam could have had WMDs, both made reasonable decisions at the same time - but it...

I think we can safely say at this point...
... Clinton and Obama are going to run together. - TMS They are waiving the Democrat flag against the mean and nasty Republicans to the Left Coast California crowd.

Seriously. Obama and Romney were created in LABS. This is an XFILES
..if I ever saw one. I feel like I am stuck in a Scientology convention with these two and they are going to "audit" me when I'm not looking.

Let me recap the CA Dem Debate for Trij and Co.
So he doesn't accuse me of regurgitating the other talking points Clinton: Bush is a failrure. <applause> Obama: This administration sucks. <applause> Clinton: The R...

TNA is putting Petey Williams and Scott Steiner together? MCMGz RULED
..blasting Team 3d. Is PEtey gonna be Scotty's mini me?

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