angle idea for a Diva named Dee:
an interview/profile segment called Dee's Nuts.

workers catch "mad pig" disease
MINNEAPOLIS State health officials said Monday they were investigating neurological illnesses among 11 workers at a pork processing plant, but that there was no evidence that the public w...

9 teenagers stomp woman on bus [look at the picture accompying the article; she got beat until you could see the white meat] BALTIMORE (Map, News...

re: bands of lawless women thugs roam india in search of men to beat
They wear pink saris and go after corrupt officials and boorish men with sticks and axes. The several hundred vigilante women of India's northern Uttar Pradesh state's Banda area proudly ca...

Re: can I put placenta on my pizza? In the first few days of her baby’s life, Devorah Shalev was weepy. Then giddy. Then stressed. Then hungry. But mostly, overwhelmed — the 31-

NEOCON NUT arrested, fired from teaching job MADISON, Wis. - A Wisconsin teacher who posted an anonymous comment online sarcastically praising the Columbine High School...

Re: 5 DEAD BOYS IN A HOUSE,22049,22879614- 5001028,00.html FIVE boys between the ages of three and nine have been found dead in a house in the northern German ...

Indy Wrestler Mean Marc Ash Underwent Surgery Today!
Indy wrestling star Mean Marc Ash underwent surgery this morning at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Ash had a deviated septum repared, not just a normal deviation, the septum had a tu...

Re: Paxil chomping burger flipper goes apeshit at da mall
Cousin Asscandy wrote: > Almost makes you wish it was an Islamic Jihadist from Saudi Arabia in > here on a Green Card bent on killing as many citizens of "The Great > Satan". <...

Star Wars World of Warcraft style game?
Why not? It would have huge built in fanbase. I could see it being huge. Plenty of Star Wars themed MUSH type games have been around for years. Then again maybe George Lucas would worry it m...

New Nebraska coach will stay with LSU through BCS national championship game
LINCOLN, Neb.: LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini has Tom Osborne's "full support" to coach the second-ranked Tigers in the BCS championship game. Nebraska's interim athletic dir...

Les Miles Officially Signs New LSU Contract
BATON ROUGE — Michigan, it’s over. LSU football coach Les Miles signed a newly amended contract on Thursday afternoon that extends his deal from 2010 to 2012 but does not award hi...

LSU's Glenn Dorsey wins Lombardi Trophy as top U.S. college lineman, linebacker
HOUSTON - Louisiana State defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey won the Vince Lombardi Award as U.S. college football's top lineman or linebacker Wednesday night, his third individual honour in thre...

Russo with another brain fart.
Why does this guy still get work in booking? Because TNA is WCW 2008? "For the few people who order TNA pay-per-views, if you recall at last month's Genesis pay-per-view, Tracy Brooks...

Dear ...
Do you think we could have started off the front page article with a little better phrasing? Wake Up Call "Because we have a little Dickens in us......

WWE News: Lita added to the short list of dignitaries returning for
Lita has been added to the list of wrestlers from the past returning to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Raw. Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, and Eric Bischoff are the others listed a...

WWE Really Is In The Shitter
In Michael Cole’s latest “Cole Report” on he reveals that the bunk where WWE talent is staying is setup in what used to be a bathroom. The video report shows the area where they ar...

Lita Replaces Trish For RAW 15 has updated the preview for this Monday's RAW Anniversary show and apparently former Women's Champion Trish Stratus has been taken off the show. They have replaced her name with Lita...

Top Money Making Programs To Earn online
Top money making ideas! Money Making Ideas and Tips from The Money Zone Work From Home Based Business - How To Make Money At Home For More Details Check the Links Belo...

The man behind Santino Marella
The man behind Santino Marella By The LILSBOYS Published: Today rigTeaserImage WWE newcomer Santino Marella is no stranger to the wrestling business. H...

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?[WWW]_12.6.07_Ross_Report_-_J.R.'s_Superstar_of_th?= J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Tribute-Bound Superstars December 6, 2007 Greetin...

When will robby attempt to improve as a poster?
Now that he's the Certified Worst Poster on RSPW, you'd think he'd be up for a little self improvement?

Big Name Removed From RAW Anniversary Show; More
Big Name Removed From RAW Anniversary Show; More 12/06/2007 by Ryan Gray has updated the preview for this Monday's RAW Anniversary show and apparently former Women's Champ...

should I get Windows Vista for christmas?
Or just have the new computer with XP on it? Currently using a really old (but nevertheless reliably workable PC from my college) Opinions welcome. James aka ...

Sri Lanka rural e-learning project seeks corporate support
Sri Lanka rural e-learning project seeks corporate support Dec 04, 2007 (LBO) - A Sri Lankan e-learning initiative for rural students is seeking corporate sector support to expand and ...

Looking for 1/4/08 WWE Tickets
I am looking for tickets for the 1/4/08 WWE event which will take place at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY. If you have tickets for this event for sale, e-mail me. Thank yo...

NWA Empire Corporate Holiday is this Saturday (Dec. 8th)
If you happen to live in or around the Buffalo, NY area, come on out to North Tonawanda this Saturday night for NWA Empire's Corporate Holiday. Corporate Holiday is being held this coming S...

Hawaii Returns 4000 Suger Bowl Tickets
Hawaii's athletic department decided to accept an allotment of 13,500 tickets instead of the 17,500 they were entitled to. Hawaii said they were afraid they would not be able to sell all t...

Fred Ottman Reveals The Original Plan For "The Shockmaster" Had He
Fred Ottman Reveals The Original Plan For "The Shockmaster" Had He Not Fallen During His Debut Submitted by Errol Leigh Farrell on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at 12:44 PM EST ...

Austin promotes Raw anniversary
BY SCOTT FISHMAN Miami Herald Writer In 1996, Stone Cold Steve Austin began his career in World Wrestling Entertainment and eventually became a top attraction on Monday nights.

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