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Make 2008 a memorable year!
Hey all If like me, you're sick and tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, and stressing about money...then its time to change this! No one can do this for you. Onl...

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Child rape suspect forced to wear "Hannibal" mask in court, plans ACLU lawsuit
http://www.wftv.com/news/14792891/detail.html SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- First, a homeless child rape suspect turned violent in a Seminole County courtroom. Then he was forced to ...

'Three's Company' Janet Still Looks Good
http://www.tmz.com/2007/12/07/come-and-knock-on-her-door/ -- Chad Bryant www.chadbryant.net If you can't figure out Mottola's fake posts, you're as retarded and ...

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Sounds like what 60% of RSPW would do...
Photos Show Penn St. Students In Va. Tech Shooting Costumes WRC-TV updated 8:34 a.m. PT, Fri., Dec. 7, 2007 Some members of the Virginia Tech community were outraged on Thursday night ...

Why not? They didn't care what Macgwire and Canseco did
A's the hot pick to sign Bonds (12-07) 04:00 PST Nashville -- If they had decided to rebuild, the A's wouldn't have a spot for Barry Bonds. However,...

Is the spoiler troll one well known person...
I'm sure the spoiler troll is too smart to get identified, but I totally want to TOS them if possible. The fucking ruined Dexter. I want to hurt them for that. If I can. If y...

2008 vs 2007 coming new sports pro-wrestling
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2 posters, 1 cup.
make it so.

Is FARVA a racist?
I just don't know.

WWE News: Plans for Raw Anniversary, Bret Hart Declines, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and More Posted by Larry Csonka on 12.08.2007 Tons of WWE news regarding the Raw 15th Anniversary s...

Your TRUE Hero should be at the Raw15th!!!
http://www.wrestlecrap.com/newinduction1.html -- A big reason why Barry Bonds is facing jail time is because he thought he could treat federal prosecutors like he treats journal...

average iq of states that voted for bush and kerry in 2004
This is amazing http://chrisevans3d.com/files/iq.htm State Avg. IQ 2004 1 Connecticut 113 Kerry 2 Massachusetts 111 Kerry 3 New Jer...

TNA & Indy DVDs---WOMEN & More!
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police wallow into thoughtcrime territory - psych ops for the 21st century
NEW YORK -- Careful what you pick up in the subway -- it could lead to your arrest. Straphanger Carlos Alayo said he learned that lesson when he picked up what he thought was a ...

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Working From Home
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I love you guys!!!
Do you love me? I love you! Let's love each other! -- Rob Cypher robcypher.livejournal.com Usenet vet '96 to infinity....

Michael PS Hayes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Smackdown 12/07/07 -- A big reason why Barry Bonds is facing jail time is because he thought he ...

Punishing the troops with Leyla/Kelly Kelly match
Tribute to the Troops Taping Results (SPOILERS) Posted by Larry Csonka on 12.07.2007 All of the action for the Christmas Eve Tribute to the Troops edition of Raw. Cre...

Jose Rodriguez, this is your indictment calling---------
http://abcnews.go.com/WN/story?id=3971180&page=1 Harriet Miers Knew of Destruction of Interrogation Tapes ABC's Jonathan Karl Reports on Newest Details in the Destruction of CIA ...

there are 5 reasons to watch SmackDown!(tm)

Hogan on Monday's Raw
Will he bring Nick to get driving tips from Sparkky Plugg? Will he bring Brooke to get singing tips from Jillian Hall? Will he bring Linda to get divorce tips from... well, just ...

Is Tammy Stych a MILF now, fellows???? Hmmm, get it while it's hot.
I got a girfriend, too bad!!!!! (she looks like if you gave her a lot of substances she would be fuckable in so many places...) Rob Cypher robcypher.livejournal.co...

Ratings Are In: TNA iMPACT! Demolishes ECW
The ratings are in from last night and TNA Impact soundly defeated ECW in the head-to-head ratings battle. Last night's TNA iMPACT! drew a 1.1 cable rating. On a different timeslot, ...

Newsweek Poll for Iowa GOP...
... Huckabee 39, Romney 17!

Don't give Vince any ideas...
http://www.speechlesswithoutwriters.com I hope Vince doesn't see #18. "For WWE RAW, The Movie, Part 5, press one. For Smackdown, The Movie, Part 8, press two. For Wrest...

Paul Bearer Say's No To RAW 15
by Dave Scherer @ 6:50:53 PM on 12/7/2007 From the "I can't believe he said no file!": WWE Legend Paul Bearer, a.k.a. Percy Pringle III, was invited by the company to attend the 1...

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