Wow... The Rupublican Field Is Weeeeeeeeeeak
Very sad when Fred Thompson gives the strongest performance in a debate. Too bad McCain wasn't 10 years younger; it seems he's lost about 4 steps.

Just because Stacy Kiebler was once on a season of "Dancing with the Stars"...
...doesn't mean you can post regular updates about that fuckin' show without looking like a goddamn pillowbiter. -- The Citizen "And how can we win when fools can be kings?" ...

Partridge Porn
Shirley's the best

From the people who brought you the "Hillary Nutcracker"...
...comes the Senator Larry Craig action figure! "Senator Larry Craig is having a bad year -- In June he was arrested for Lewd Conduct after hitting on an undercover police officer in a...

ABC 'Dancing' on Air With Massive Ratings
Catching many TV critics off guard, race-car driver Helio Castroneves danced off with the mirrorball trophy on Tuesday night's season finale of ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Most writers h...

'Dancing' Sweeps to the Top
Last week's penultimate Dancing With the Stars competition show on Monday night hoofed it to the top of the ratings as 22.85 million viewers tuned in. It marked the fourth time in the last...

Even More Bad News For Hulk Hogan; Full Story Inside
Even More Bad News For Hulk Hogan; Full Story Inside 11/28/2007 by Ryan Clark According to a report released today by authorities in the Nick Hogan car crash, Hulk Hogan was with ...

You gotta admit...
... the GOP debates are much more spirited and more entertaining than the Democrat debates! -- TMS Watching Rudy and Mitt sissy slap fight = hilarity

(RSPoliticsW) CNN/You-Tube Debate
Can someone escort Mr. Tancredo off the podium? Or better yet get him a job with the Bush Administration, he'd fit right in with the rest of the k00ks. -- rwa2play, The N...

Civil suit "will be filed" in Hogan crash By: Janie Porter Clearwater, Florida - The attorney for John Graziano's mother says a civil suit "will be filed" in the crash invol...

RSPW Tag Team Posting Idea: The Tommyknockers
Tommies Beaver and Lester team up to deliever verbal beatdowns on their enemies.

hawaii = incubus' worse nightmare.
i've realized the reason incubus hates hawaii so much is because he knows his beloved lsu isnt good enough to beat them.

does farva like amish people?
if not, why doesnt he?

Backstage News On Flair Storyline, RAW's Decline, More 11/28/2007 by Tim Brown Credit: Newsletter -- Here are a few interesting numbers for you: The Thanksgiving...

it's only 4 weeks to Boxing Day!
let's send money to Ron Paul.

Another TNA Knockout Signs Deal, Bad News For TNA?
Another TNA Knockout Signs Deal, Bad News For TNA? 11/28/2007 by Ryan Clark -- is reporting that Talia Madison, now known as Velvet Sky recently signed a long-term...

robby leading farva 1045-643!
only a few days left and i'm still up by over 400 posts! give it up farva, you will never catch me!

"Guitar Hero III", "Rock Band" or both?
I have my Christmas shopping done already so it's time to reward myself with something. Guitar Hero III seems like it could be fun and costs about $50 less than the special editio...

did elvis really steal rock and roll from the black people?
this guy at work said elvis stole rock and roll from the blackfolk. is this true?

any of you guys ever have a bad experience at mcdonalds?
i was there a few mornings ago and this guy brought his breakfast burrito to the counter and was pissed. he said it looked horrible and that the packaging was dirty and that if he got sick h...

Deer RSPW, I Am Now Officially Unemployed
I got the buy out I wanted and took it. The best thing is I have been in talks with UPS, FedEx, and SGS about coming to work for them. I might just kick back and relax until after the first ...

How do you name your pets?
For instance, some people like to name them after alchoholic beverages. Kahlua, Bailey, ect. I name my pets after wrestling characters. Unbeknownst to anyone else in my life. They...

farva will love this!
Police: Couples Held Ky. Woman Prisoner By SAMIRA JAFARI,AP Posted: 2007-11-28 18:09:03 HAZARD, Ky. (AP) - A woman was imprisoned for more than four months by two Appalachian coupl...

Poll: Your Fav Dart Game?
Mine is cut throat cricket. -The Flying Fuck *Red Bones Jones*

"The Rock" returning?
I think we can now put "Is the Rock returning" in the same category as the "When is Bret Hart returning?" cache. It's equally annoying, and people should just realize that Rock do...

Use shortcut to find informations about quality sport equipment?
Find sports equipment, sporting goods and outdoor gear at the best sports shops from around the Web.

RSPW reality check.
What the fuck is up with all these shit posts on this group? Are you losers going for the record of who can post the most trivial drivel on usenet? Who the hell wants to read all this crap on politics...

attention rspw!
testicles. that is all.

Essentials [polydor chronicles. AG]
Glue Film The glue film from Th. Goldschmidt AG was undoubtedly a surprise success. After a patent had been applied for in 1929, it advanced to become the most important product for the...

Quote Of The Day
It is a dog-eat-dog world. People want to know about people's business; no one really has a sense of privacy because everyone is trying to get into your business. And people become jaded and...

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