Nicolas Cage Drops Out, Mickey Rourke Joins Upcoming Wrestling Movie
The following comes from Mickey Rourke is getting into the ring with "The Wrestler," the indie drama that Darren Aronofsky will direct in January. Rourke will ...

Jaaawjuh Athletic and Entertainment Commission Pushing To Regulate WWE
Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter The Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission, plans to push state legislators to allow the commission to regulate the WWE. The commissio...

TNA Knockout Passes Out At Genesis
Traci Brooks passing out at ringside during the Samoa Joe/Robert Roode match at the Genesis PPV last night was legit and not scripted. The belief is that Traci was overheated and she was s...

Deer " robby "
Hey cocksucker, how about those Colts? ROFLMAO rob sux cox

this picture of lita

Is that pic of Amy Dumas with her tits out a fake??
Probably is, but hoping it isn't!!!

Another example of TNA being second rate
You just had one of the biggest defections in the war with WWE make his debut at your PPV last night and when someone goes to your website, there isn't a single picture on the homepage of ...

Super Mario Fans
The Super Mario Shoot Interview is now available by clicking Here! Mario discusses working in Memphis for Jarrett & Lawler. What it was lik...

Take your pants down!
Let us introduce ourselves: we are Nenad Mili=C4=8Devi=C4=87 known as Raul Endymion, and Milan Popovi=C4=87, known as Kiovva. Most of you already know about our spamming, canceling and flood...

anyone reccomend a few kick ass mucic vids from youtube for me
im burning a few cds later today, and need some ideas anything but rap...

News on Divas, Special WWE Shows & Triple H
News on Divas, Special WWE Shows & Triple H Posted By Iain Burnside on 11.12.2007 Related Topics: | News | WWE | RAW | ECW | Wrestling According to the Wrestling Observer, t...

hey barnett..
ever bodysurf the wedge? how far is it from your home break?

(fantasy) a new beginning
Beginning today, we will begin fantasy booking for TNA. They certainly need the help. No, "Action" Jack Hunter isn't headed down to Orlando after he finishes with WWE (he will remain gainful...

watching wrestling online
I don't have Sky TV and its a pain waitin for my mum to tape stuff for me. Does anyone know which sites are best for watching WWE/TNA up to date on for free??

new Kimbo video

CNN Edits Wrestling Documentary Again
The following is from Adam Lebow: Wanted to pass along that I was just watching the CNN special Death Grip, and it appears as fi they have gone and edited the special to include Cena now r...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Has Baby Boy
TV talk show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck has given birth to a baby boy. The 30-year-old co-host of The View celebrated the birth of her son with American football star husband Tim on Friday ...

Winona Ryder To Play Spock's Mother
Hollywood actress Winona Ryder has signed up to star in the new Star Trek movie - as the mother of Mr. Spock. The Heathers star will join Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, British funnyman Simon...

cnn fucks cena
truth MrB -- <><><> ANNOYING USENET SINCE 1996 <><><>

Fiddy Cent Quote Of The Day
"I don't know if it's possible for a rapper to retire, rappers are like fighters. They condition themselves to be the best. All rappers think they're the best. And they are just waiting for ...

Pulse Wrestling's Top 100 Wrestlers of the Modern Era: #70 - Bad News Allen
Pulse Wrestling's Top 100 Wrestlers of the Modern Era: #70 - Bad News Allen Posted By Michael Fitzgerald on 11.12.2007 Related Topics: | WWE | Features | Other | Top Wrestlers

just wondering...
I see a lot of people calling each other arrogant or elitist fat fuck in RSPW and was just cuious about something: who do you guys think is the biggest arrogant elitist fat fuck in RSPW?

Tips to attract the Males and Females!!!!!
Dear All, Please find my new posts on my blog which helps you to make your life with enjoyable moments and let me know ur comments on this !!!!1

Sharmell T v. Karen Angle
I'd subscribe to that cam feed.

(Meta) RSPW's worst naive manchild?
DEP? Mottola? Perkoff? robby?

Mantaur squashing a jobber!! -- Now gamers everywhere can get their girlfriends to dress up as their favorite video game babe for Halloween. Oh wait http://...

Your president's legacy????
The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush The next president will have to deal with yet another crippling legacy of George W. Bush: the economy. A Nobel laureate, Joseph E. Stiglitz, sees a

A Castlevania movie...?! Maybe 2 hours long and at its conclusion it plays the same movie again but with the screen flipped vertically upside-down ;)

(OT) The best Black Sabbath song you've probably never heard -- Chad Bryant Posts from "Chad Bryant" are not me - STBY, Greaseball Mottola!

Thrillseekers (Jericho/Storm) vs. Heavenly Bodies ..FROM SMW

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