You want to build your body, you need information...
Guide for cheap gym and house fitness equipment

In honor of Thanksgiving
I give you Turkey TV.

(RSPoliticsW) Won't see this articule in the main stream press
Maybe on the back page somewhere... US reports 'phenomenal' drop in Iraq violence Violence in Iraq ...

Bad News for Chad Bryant and his stalkers? Mo. City Outlaws Internet Harassment DARDENNE PRAIRIE, Mo. (AP) - City officials unanimously passed a measure Wednesd...

These Emo Fags on NFL Halftime right now
Anyone have any idea who the hell they are? Maybe they are Jim, he could have lost weight. -- C The Shocker Uh.... yeah.

I declare Friday, Nov. 23, 2007 to be "No Politics" Day on RSPW and RSFC
For God's sake, people... especially in RSFC, where college football is having maybe the most memorable season in decades... can't we just have one day of rest on the political arguments? ...

[WWW] Professor Wrestling 11.18.07 Orton, Batista, Punk Risk Gold Professor Wrestling: 'Survivor Series' Results Orton, Batista, Punk Risk Gold By Professor Wrestling, The Grapp...

Dinheiro facil
Voc=EA j=E1 imaginou ganhar at=E9 R$ 20.000 em menos de 4 semanas? Acha imposs=EDvel? Leia este artigo e comemore!!! Por Favor leia este texto para entender, =E9 muito f=E1cil, simples...

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?[WWW]_11.22.07_Ross_Report_-_J.R.'s_Nuts_are_Huge.?= J.R.'s Nuts are Huge.. Gift Buckets are Ready to be Shipped Bar-B-Qed ...

The big post-Thanksgiving dinner poop thread
Only reply if you can be DECENT. But the issues are... 1) When? 2) Volume?

Glenn Gilbertti Starts Big Debate Over Bret Hart Comments
Glenn Gilbertti Starts Big Debate Over Bret Hart Comments 11/22/2007 by Chris Cash Glenn Gilbertti opened up a major debate for his comments on Bret Hart in his latest editorial h...

Who (m.N.) in hell likes dark meat better?

The Big List of Obscene Fake Names Use one for your next fake sock. ---Foo Kyu -- $$$$$$$...

(poll) Ever been served a turkey with the little booties on it?
I have not. Am I ghetto?

The guy drawing the turkey in the UPS commercial
It looked like he was drawing a penis for a minute.

Happy Thanksgiving to my brahs from RSPW - from the Spears Family
Happy Thanksgiving friends. - TMS Turkey Bowl VI - My team wins 27-26 on the last play of the game - TMS goes for 3 TDs and 1 INT

Where to find wii hacks
i found these so far. any other good sites?

[flashback] Happy Thanksgiving from J-Lo!
'Jennifer Lopez, playing a soon-to-be-ex-lesbian, woos the tracksuit-sporting and accent-mangling Ben Affleck into servicing her nether regions by spreading her legs and declaring, "It's tur...

WWE Raw Greatest Hits CD Track Listings
WWE Raw Greatest Hits CD Track Listing 1. The Time Is Now John Cena, Trademarc 2. I Won't Do What You Tell Me, Jim Johnston 3. If You Smell, Jim Johnston 4. The Game, Motörh...

25 ferrari photo gallery
25 ferrari photo gallery - Ferrari 612 F1/ Grigio Alloy/ Black/ RHD (2006) <> - Fe...

Mean Marc Ash Radio Show
Mean Marc Ash will host a call in talk show this Saturday at 1pm (EST). All aspects of Pro Wrestling will be discussed in this 60 minute braod cast..visit the following URL for more info &...

Antonio Inoki goes into shoot mode on an opponent
Watch Antonio Inoki get his fill of an inept tub o' lard and then go batshit insane on him with the kicks! a) You don't no-sell I...

MLE Chowdown: The Turkey Bowl
8 minutes to finish off a 20lb turkey! Only on Spike TV.

Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD To Be Released Days After Broadcast
A special two-hour episode of Battlestar Galactica, will air this Saturday on the Sci-Fi channel, then become available on DVD just days later, on Dec. 4, the New York Times reported today...

Red Hot Chili Peppers Suing CBS/Showtime Over Californication
Writers were scratching their heads after learning that CBS's Showtime pay- TV channel apparently did not bother negotiating with the Red Hot Chili Peppers rock group before airing the curr... 2008Olympic games ---only Cooperation can we earn much
The website was aimed at that all the people in the world can buy Olympic souvenirs anywhere anytime," The website was exclusively authorized by BOCOG...

Movie Reviews: 'The Mist'
The reviews for Frank Darabont's The Mist aren't half bad. In fact, that's what Manohla Dargis calls the movie itself in the New York Times -- not "half bad." She does indicate that the fi...

Movie Reviews: 'August Rush'
August Rush, critics generally agree, is the kind of sentimental family film that may have particular appeal to the majority of moviegoers -- that is, teens and young adults. The problem i...

Movie Reviews: 'Hitman'
Movies based on video games rarely receive much applause from critics. Hitman is no exception, although it receives less drubbing than most of its genre and a few high scores. Jack Mathews...

The Office Star Angela Kinsey Pregnant
American The Office star Angela Kinsey is pregnant with her first child. The 36-year-old actress - who plays uptight accountant Angela Martin on the hit TV comedy - and her husband Warren ...

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