[ot] Dr. Steve-O: Judged, found.........
Meh. I've seen better. I give this show no more than 3 months. Using the ***** scale, I give it **.

Did you know they're makin a Friday the 13th remake???
What I want to know is how long before the crappy Scream remake??? - I never wanted to be a product of my environment... I want my environment to be a product of me......

Hold up... Cena's injured...
So I can finally start watching RAW again??? SAVE US JERICHO!!! - I never wanted to be a product of my environment... I want my environment to be a pr...

fuckin' China! bitches!
http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5huoKF09I2X_o73N5OJOp2IXazn-QD8RVP0E80 China Bans Bra, Underwear Ads 2 days ago BEIJING (AP) - China has banned television and radio ads fo...

[Artificial Intelligence] Kellie Pickler k00kz out!
from http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071002/COLUMNIST0501/710020355 Nashville Predator Jordin Tootoo may have just learned an important country music lesson...

Here they Go Again...Damn Libruls...
They actually think it would be a good idea to pay for Iraq and Afghanistan NOW. Dumb Shits! Don't they realize that's what grandchildren are for?? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/2007...

Give me a "Hell Yeah"!
How aboot them ROCKIES!!!

$11.6 million
is Isiah Thomas now officially the most disastrous front-office person in the history of professional sports?

NO posts about Raw last night?
Apologies if I missed something, but I can't find ANY posts about "Raw" last night. I missed it myself, but isn't anybody who posts here watching it?--Joe (n.j.) [mWo]

John Cena Appreciation Thread
-Hard worker -Charismatic -Intense promos(even though he's given childish material by the writers) -Carried freakin Great Khali to something you would call watchable You...

Legend Ballistic Over McMahon's Letter, Ivory Rips WWE, Puder Rips OVW Fans
Legend Ballistic Over McMahon's Letter, Ivory Rips WWE, Puder Rips OVW Fans Submitted by Daniel Pena on October 2, 2007 - 11:26am. Posted In: * News [Previous ...

Test rob
rob sux cox

Reason #453,231,583,103,931 Why Black Folk Hate White Folk
http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2007/1002071jena1.html Students In Blackface "Jena 6" Reenactment Photos, video of "attack" posted, then yanked from Facebook page ...

Crimes against humanity in France ?
Crimes against humanity in France, High Savoy 74 and more precisely with gangsters of Chamonix-valley? Des crimes contre l'humanit=E9 en France, en haute savoie 74 et plus pr=E9ci...

Cena Injury Update - Will Compete At No Mercy
The following is from WWE.com: CLEVELAND ?" No matter how serious the injury, one way or another Ill be ready to compete on Sunday. ?" John Cena in the locker room after Raw <...

Nash's In-Ring Return, Angle/MMA, Lots Of Backstage News
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling sent out a text message alert to their "TNA Mobile" subscribers yesterday afternoon. Here's the news along with some of my comments: - Kevin Nash ...

How WWE Is Handling John Cena's Injury This Morning
WWE is proceeding this morning as if WWE Champion John Cena does indeed have a torn right pectoral muscle that he suffered during his match last night on RAW against the returning Ken Kenn...

saveus_75 im beating farva
Top posters This month 75 [email protected] 74 [email protected] 40 [email protected] 37 [email protected] 36 The New FARVA 31 [email protected]

i have a small penis.

Quote Of The Day
I came right up against the Madonna thing. Maybe it's my paranoia but she had a lot of my looks. If you look closely, sometimes there's pictures of her and me that completely overlap. She (M...

WWE has a perfect chance to debut Jericho due to Cena's injury
They can go three ways with this on Sunday night: 1) Early in the night, Cena gets jumped backstage by a masked figure. Fast forward to the match. Cena's winning when the masked perso...

im rob the 4th place poster last month
and i have a small penis.

Why Britney lost the kids
Other than for being Britney http://www.tmz.com/2007/10/01/why-britney-lost-custody/ TMZ knows exactly why Britney lost custody -- she ignored the Commissioner at every turn.

Details on John Cena's Injury from RAW
Source: PWInsider.com As posted earlier, John Cena appears to have been injured in the match with Kennedy last night. The word coming from backstage is that Cena is believe...

Cena Injured on RAW New Details Revealed
WWE.com has updated with a story saying John Cena has suffered some sort of injury to his shoulder. No more details are available but they say Cena is heading to Birmingham, AL to see Dr. ...

New Theory On Save_Us.222: Is It HBK?
The video tonight seemed to be more about HBK than Jericho. It said 8-2-11 alot. H being the 8th letter of the alphabet, B being second, and K being 11th. It also said grand slam, HBK bein...

'Saviour_Self' Video On RAW Now On WWE.com
A new mysterious video, similar to the "Save_us.222" video, has been put up on the WWE.com website. It is located at the bottom of the page, next to the Save_us.222 link. This one is calle...

News On The Miz-Mahoney Storyline
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter The Miz-Mahoney storyline was booked from start to finish by Dusty Rhodes. He has been known to be very hands on, doing all the filming for the ...

DVD releases for October 2, 2007
http://www.dvdjournal.com/extra/releasecalendar.html a.. 1408 (2007) a.. Blue Planet: Seas of Life: Special Edition (5-disc set) a.. Caligula: Unrated Imperial Edition (4-disc set...

[WWW] 10.2.07 Ross Report - J.R.'s Autographed Cookbooks Selling Big Time.. OU vs. Texas is Finally Here.. Today's Special: Bar-B-Qed Feedback!
http://www.jrsbarbq.com/blog/2007/10/02/jr%e2%80%99s-autographed-cookbooks-selling-big-time-ou-vs-texas-is-finally-here-today%e2%80%99s-special-bar-b-qed-feedback/ J.R.'s Autographed Cookbo...

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