(Poll) Next WWE Champion?
I'd like Umaga to get a title run, but I'm thinking they're just gonna give it to three initials.

John Cena's Muscle Tear Result Of Steroid Abuse
Muscle tears like this are common amongst abusers of steroids.

Why Sandman was released..
There were several incidents which lead to The Sandman’s firing. In early September on a flight during WWE’s African tour, Sandman and some other wrestlers got drunk prior to takeoff and had...

Judge to O.J.: Gimme Dat Watch, You Stuff Is Goldman's Stuff
A Los Angeles judge has ruled that the Juice must hand over a fancy Rolex to the Goldman family, after they saw him wearing it on TMZ. Time is up! At a hearing today, the judge ruled ...

Great News John Cena Out 6 To 8 Months!!!
Hell yes, I just read the news. Hopefully they'll push someone that doesn't get boo'ed by 50% of the fans. Hopefully it won't be Triple Suck.

(Spoilers) WWE SD! Taping Results
Thanks to PWInsider.com for these: Nutter Center Wright State University Dayton, OH WWE taped Smackdown before ECW tonight. Through the hard shot, the place ...

Some great music out there recently
new atreyu album the operator album kicks all sorts of ass.. download "live your way" 7 min track which has very cool ending. the new from autumn to ashes is really good as well <...

Undertaker/Michelle McCool Dating?
To update on the Undertaker/Sara rumor I posted yesterday, several of you sent word that Michelle McCool is married, which doesn't really confirm anything. SkaterPrincess56 says she has se...

(OT) Clear Channel replies to Harry Reid:
http://download.premiereradio.net/guest/rushlimb/pdf/reidletter_071002.pdf The text won't copy/paste, but the nutshell is a more polite version of "Piss off!". LG -- ...

TNA Invades RAW Last Night
TNA aired an ad during RAW last night for the two-hour debut of iMPACT! on Thursday. The main thing pushed in the commercial was Pacman Jones wrestling. The spot ran twice in New York and ...

Hogan To Host New "American Gladiators"
Hulk Hogan has signed with NBC to host the new "American Gladiators" remake that will be filmed next month and air as a midseason prime-time replacement. -- Chad Bryant

(Meta) Faggot
When you read the subject line you knew that only three particular words would find themselves in the body(anagram) of this message. I won't insult your intelligence by typing those three ...

how to save Raw by the end of October
bring The Raw Zone and Raw Is War as separate shows and have them compete.

Which movie would be best cast with RSPW'ers?
Pick one from each category: 1. Bill Murray Movies A. Caddyshack B. Stripes C. Groundhog Day D. Lost in Translation E. Ghostbusters 2. Star W...

Bruno Sammartino Irate At Vince's Rehab Letter
Former WWF Champion Bruno Sammartino was one of the 500 or so ex-performers to receive a letter from Vince McMahon offering to pay for rehab. When he received the letter, apparently he wen...

'Ivory' Hates The Current WWE
There is a brief interview with former WWE Diva Lisa "Ivory" Moretti in the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated where they ask her about random things. In the interview, Moretti take...

(BB8) Attn All Jensa Members
From Jen's blog (suck it, ED): I home and happy and busy as usual!! :-) Jen Current mood: touched Category: Life Hey everyone its Jen! Just wanted to let you know that...

(OT) Hey Torrey...
Are the liberals douchebags NOW? LG (just askin') -- The shining beacon of truth in a newsgroup full of liberals. - rafiki

Ken Burns - The War: Okinawa, Liberation of the Death Camps
Worth a watch. Seriously.

Boston Legal in HD
We have Shatner in HD and it is good. John Laroquette too.... Hm wish it was Markie Post too.... J/K! Then again maybe she will do a guest appearance... hmm....

If Boyd Anthony Thompson Was a Cave "Person"...
book that. I imagine he would be human toilet paper for the alpha male, but maybe others have a different point of view. Maybe manly nutsacks needed swaddling or something...

Smackdown spoilers - Enter: Festus
http://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.asp?id=26855&p=1 Nutter Center Wright State University Dayton, OH WWE taped Smackdown before ECW tonight. Through the h...

Does farva enjoy lawn mower racing?

Does farva go in for swamp buggy races?

Tractor 'Pulls' deserving a 'push'.

CAp'n pimp to get tha WWF belt at Tha show this sizunday
Along with his Pimphand!!

VKM: Cena out 6 months to a YEAR!!
Crowd was extremely happy!! Clapping cheering and yelling YAAAAAY!!

HAHAHHH "Dr's inform us that Mr. Cena may be out for 6 months to a Year"...
.. crowd.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!!! hahhahahhhah!!

Ken Kennedy to be granted title shot tonight at No Mercy..
After putting the champ on the shelf for the next 6 to 8 months, former money-in-the-bank winner Ken Kennedy stands ready to get what his money-in-the-bank suitcase granted him... a title...

Lets hear it for the man that FINALLY took the belt off of Cena.. MISTERRRRRR.. KENNEDY!!!
.... KENNEDY!! About damned time..

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