Is Your Name So Lame You Post As The Superstars Of This Group?
Are you so unknown and un popular that the only way you can get a person to glance at your posts are to post using a superstars name? the only superstar in RSPW hist...

(POLL) Why Is Perkoff A Superstar
Face it you guys over react when I call myself the only superstar in this group, why? It's the truth. I'm well known and you all know me, and who are you again...

(List) Make A List Of RSPWers Whose Name You Know
Just wanting to test something out, gonna watch all these posters I never read before typing my name, I'll be like "Who are you and why am I so special that you'd remember my name and I have...

It Hurts Me When Non Superstars Don't Like Me
It'd be like Hulk Hogan acknowledging some unknown jobber. How come I'm so well known and all the people replying to me I have never heard of before? I think it has to do wi...


(Poll) Biggest Superstar In RSPW
It seems the one poster in RSPW that everyone knows about is me. Everyday I got unknowns talking about me. So who do you think is second to me?

(Poll) What New Name Should I Use?

Who Should I Obsessively Stalk Next?
I've stalked Incubus all over Usent for years but he's boring and sucks now. I've obsessed over Mottola for about as long as Incubus but all he ever does is post about shitty T...

(Video) Freddy In The Fridge Part 6: The Final Fridgemare
Well hey guys, guess who's back again? That's right Freddy Kruger, just when I thought he was gone for good he comes back. Check out the video.

free!!!Cable television included 5000 films It is a website of television have included 5000 can free watch all the filmes.

free!!!Cable television included 5000 films is a website of television have included 5000 can free watch all the filmes.

[WWW] 10.13.07 Ross Report - Tons of Bar-B-Qed Feedback From Your Resident Sooner Fan Who is Looking Forward to Arriving in the U.K.! Tons of Bar-B-Qed Feedback From Your Resident S...

WWE Fires Robert Gibson, Re-Hires 'Eugene'
Mike Johnson is reporting that WWE has released Robert Gibson from the company. Gibson, best known to fans as a member of Rock N Roll Express, had been working in WWEs Ohio Valley Wrestl...

How Are You Celebrating This Day Of The Bede?
I know there's one RSPWer that will definitely be having a Bede frenzy today `,,`,,`,,``,,`,,` ...

Brah, what happened to the RSPW Awards? -- rwa2play, The Northern Lariat The vanguard of RSPW. I <3 joshi puroresu. "Don't sing it, BRING IT!" -- Scott Hall. ...

Deer Andy Atkinson
Christy Hemme IM'd me and told me you won't stand a chance if Alabama beats Ole Miss. `,,`,,`,,``,,`,,`

[Sounding] your favourite PPV of 2006
- Your favourite PPV WWE of 2006 My is Wrestlemania 22 and Unforgiven 2006 - Your favourite PPV TNA of 2006 My is Touring point 2006

If you aren't eating ham and cheese on a toasted bagel, I've got two words for ya...

Deluge of Tears Boyd Anthony Thompson's Finishing Move
Boyd Anthony uses the tears of his despair to drown his opponent.

WHERE is the neo-con love for Gen. Sanchez?
they were all up inside his colon when he was Lord High Torturer, but now that he's grown up and decided to call a spade a spade..........

I'm Pretty Sure Joe Slater & Torrey M. Spears Are Sexually Attracted to Each Other
The homoerotic subtext to their passionate argumentation is glaring. Fuck already you two.

Ever challenge Kyle Boller
to some ten-pin action?

If Joseph Addai could count....
would he fall over dead?

(poll) Do you know any Duane Johnson fans that never saw him wrestle?
They just like his movies?

(poll) Willie Survive mark-out moments?
When he almost died in the fire.

(poll) Did you work for the weekend?
Da da da da da da da.

Elvis movies that were jobbers
Flaming Star Wild in the Country It Happened at the World's Fair Fun in Acapulco Roustabout Tickle Me Harum Scarum Easy Come, Easy Go Change of Habit ...

The Soup on E! is on topic this week!
While showing the lesbians and guys that want to sleep with the bisexual chick on that one MTV show, they were showing other things on that show like gays and centaurs and Chris Crocker an...

Justice alive and well in the south.
Yes, mr. Farva, it sho' nuff be! PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Tensions ran high after eight former boot camp workers were acquitted of manslaughter in the death of a 14-year-old inmate who was v...

(fantasy) UWA All-Star Action, 10/12
Taped 10/5 in East Lansing, Mi.: 1. UWA TV title: Kevin Thorn def. Steve Lewington (OVW) in 2:44 with Original Sin. Much better than Thorn's match vs. James Curtis (KC James) on E...

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