Funny Wrestling Pics
Check these funny pictures out!!!

FS: 2001 "CHYNA If They Only Knew" 1st Edition Hardcover Book
2001 "CHYNA If They Only Knew" 1st Edition Hardcover Book I have for sale the 1st edition, hardcover book "CHYNA If They Only Knew" by Joanie Laurer (Chyna) (2001). The 1st edition har...

So when Nick Dinsmore goes to TNA?
Will he shoot on the Eugene gimmick and on WWE? And how long until he's buried by Dutch Mantel and Jeff Jarrett?

Tag line for Chuck, Life and Journeyman
Catch them quick, cause by november, they'll be gone and it'll be "Deal or No Deal" four nights a week and "To Catch a Predator" the other three.

hey robby, would ya do this female luchadore? pic link

eugene released
there goes another talent. all hail john cena. argh i fuckin hate him

An Open Letter To Some Old Friends...and their friends, too.
There is no more Owen Hart. There's no more Davey Boy Smith. There's no more Rick Rude. There's no more Brian FUCKING Pillman. There's no more Chris Benoit....

a problem
Dave has a problem. He hasn't been getting laid lately. Turns out he has a pre-ejaculation problem. Its funny I'm sure, but this is a common problem amongst males. So I wanted to help him ou...

Wow...X-pac has a pretty hot valet in AAA
and he uses the DX entrance music and is actually over down there. Has hell frozen over?

(BB8) Jessbot Would Consider Doing Playboy
Jessica just said she'd consider it. Wanted to paint Eric, just to see what the body paint would be like, in case she ever had to wear any if she became a playmate. Said sh...

Generel Research on Few Life Topics
# What age is appropriate for you? # Which Marriage Agencies can you trust? # When meeting an Asian or Latin American woman, what do you need to know? # How will she be feeling and...

It's the absence of stuff like this...
...that is keeping me disinterested in wrestling.

(BBAD) Drunk Jess Rules
I typically despise the sorostitute/party girl type but, once again, Jess defies expectation and creates a class of her own.

[chat] explain AIM Express to me.
is it a virus?

Rey was named in the Benoit Dr list.. why is he still on tv?
Double standard

Your NEW RAW main eventers!!!
From John Lawson: 1) Cody Rhodes pinned Davairi after a bulldog 2) Highlanders beat David Taylor & Paul Birchall when Robbie pinned Birchall 3) Shelton Benjamin sporting bl...

Suspensions & A Clear Possibly Detected From SD!/ECW
As reported earlier, John Morrison lost the ECW World Title to CM Punk. Given the nature of the sudden title switch on free television no less, one would have to assume that John Mor...

WWE .. We Wish Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore all the best
... in his future endeavors at TNA..

Eugene is gone??
EUGENE! -- --- 8th Funniest Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005 and 5th in 2006. --- 5th Most Improved Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005 and 3rd in 2006. --- Winner of 2006's Worst Feud/Flamewa...

Why WWE Didn't Reveal Suspended Names, 6'4' Jeff Hardy New IC Champ?
The likely reason WWE didn't release the names of the suspended wrestlers is because they wanted to get the titles off them first. If they announced the names as being suspended and then t...

New ECW Champion
The following is from The Punk era has begun in the Land of the Extreme. At a television taping in Cincinnati Saturday night, CM Punk made the most of his No. 1 Contender status a...

**SPOILERS** ECW On SCI-FI Taping Results
The ECW TV show for next Tuesday was taped tonight. Thanks to Amanda Sharp and Steve Gerweck for the following: - The Boogeyman d. Striker via DQ, thanks to Big Daddy V.

WWE Stars Meet with Vince, RAW Stars Pulled, & More
To update you on the WWE suspension story, a press release was sent out yesterday by WWE concerning tonight's RAW show in Terre Haute, IN. The release said Umaga and Mr. Kennedy have been ...

Full List Of All Suspended Stars
Here is a list of WWE Wellness Policy violations & suspensions and the reasons behind them dating back to the implementation of the program in February 2006, at least that we know of. Ther...

MVP Cleared To Wrestle
Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter -- MVP has been cleared to wrestle, thus meaning that he wasn't pulled from SummerSlam due to health reasons. -- Chad Bryan...

Breaking News: Eugene Fired By WWE
The following is from WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Smackdown talent Eugene as of September 1. We wish Eugene the best in all future endeavors. -- <...

Reason #643,768,124,864 why I loathe Gaytor fans...
... so being the Vol fan that I am, I'm already getting the "HA HA VOLS SUCK" e-mails from my Florida Gator fans. Case in point: "TENNESSEE IS JUST LIKE MICHIGAN AND NOTRE DAME HA HA G...

Owen Hart's WCW debut...1991 -- ..."You can really screw with your audience if you're Vince MeMahon and have legions of followers who'll still tune into Monday Night R...

Owen Hart/Liger...1987 (Youtube) -- ..."You can really screw with your audience if you're Vince MeMahon and have legions of followers who'll still tune into Monday Night R...


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