Scientists: "Rising sea levels could flood historic settlement of Jamestown, Virginia." Politicians: "Yawn." Scientists: "And your fancy beach homes." Politicians: "We must do something" <...

Deer KOTH animators
Why is Buckley still in the credits? He died like 8 seasons ago. -- --- 8th Funniest Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005 and 5th in 2006. --- 5th Most Improved Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005 and ...

(Poll) New Fall TV Season = Fall of RAW?

Farva's favorite musical actress:
Ethel MERMAN! Ha ha!

If you have free time ,you can chose the product of you like
Hello every one: very sorry my dear friend ,Our company web had been change ! you can visit our web , and chose the product of you like, and the price is...

Will tonight's RAW get a higher rating than 3.3??
-- ..."You can really screw with your audience if you're Vince MeMahon and have legions of followers who'll still tune into Monday Night RAW every week no matter how shit...

Largest Steroid Bust In U.S. History Takes Place Over The Weekend
Source: Yahoo Sports is reporting that a huge undercover investigation took place this weekend. “Operation Raw Deal” by the DEA seized "massive amounts of anabolic...

The New Hart Foundation should do a Star Wars gimmick instead
Harry Smith can be like Han Solo and Teddy Hart can be like Luke Skywalker. Nattie Neidhart would be Princess Leia, all with the hair in the buns and everything. ...

New Site
Good afternoon everyone. A few months ago I posted my site here and I got tons of great feedback about the look, flow etc etc.. I took a lot of these comments into consideration and r...

four words for ya:
Meg White sex tape!

(OT) BREAKING NEWS: R.I.P. General Motors...
Idiot UAW walks out on struggling company... "This is about our future, not whether we have a job or not!" (developing) LG (glad EMD escaped this mess) -- ...

Harry Smith Debuts On Smackdown!
- Harry Smith, the son of the late Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog), made his WWE SmackDown! debut last night at the SmackDown/ECW show in St. Joseph, MO. Smith teamed with Dave Taylor to...

So, I'm thinking of doing Randy Savage for Halloween...
The Early Nineties version, complete with long slim jims. Any ideas on things I can buy to make the costume that won't cost over $100 bucks? I know I can probably find a cheap jacket and h...

(Jena 6) Barkers say they were duped in white supremacists's interview
JENA -- The victim in the racially charged "Jena Six" case has given an interview to a group that has been labeled as white supremacists. But his parents Friday strongly denied any ti...

(Jena 6) Robert Baily's Attorney Pulls His MySpace Page
After Baily shows off pics of himself rolling in $100 bills donated for the Jena 6. Archived links:

how did you celebrate the autumnal equinox?
was there any sort of blood sacrifice?

Mel Gibson Ignores Kidnap Warnings
Hollywood star Mel Gibson has ignored safety warnings from the US government and is going ahead with his move to an isolated part of Costa Rica. The Mad Max actor, 51, plans to move his wi...

Salma Hayek Gives Birth to Baby Girl
Actress Salma Hayek is celebrating becoming a mother for the first time - after giving birth to a girl. The Frida Star and fiance Francois-Henri Pinault welcomed Valentina Paloma Pinault a...

[meta] Let's be honest about: Shitty Posters
All of the good posters have long since gone from this newsgroup. The main exodus is ancient history in tech terms. Any vestigial posters of quality have been shaken out in the years since t...

That new show "Chuck" is on tonight..
It look like a cross btwn 'Johnny Mnemonic' and 'Flight of the Navigator. It should be funny. Good luck, Chuck. I'm ditching Prison Break for this.

Spoilers Are Unleashed For NBC's HEROES!!
Source: AICN Spoilers Are Unleashed For The Return of NBC's HEROES!! I am - Hercules!! I fear for the second season of "Heroes," which launches tonight. The ...

Quote Of The Day
"Certain bloggers said I cancelled because I was hung over and they were right... I was." - Justin Timberlake told the audience at his San Jose, California, concert on Sunday nigh...

WWE house show report 9-22 Champaign, IL
WWE house show report 9-22 Champaign, IL by Tony Khan and Floyd Fisher >From Tony Khan Hi Dave, WWE returned to the Assembly Hall in Champaign, IL on Sat...

Shelly "Ariel" Martinez To Debut At TNA' Bound For Glory
Shelly "Ariel" Martinez To Debut At TNA' Bound For Glory Submitted by Mike Shalik on September 24, 2007 - 12:38am. Posted In: * News [Previous Article] - [Back To R...

WWE Heat Special To Return To TV
WWE Heat Special To Return To TV 09/24/2007 by Keelan Balderson USA Network CEO, Bonnie Hammer is pushing for the return of Halftime Heat. The concept is to produce an episode of ...

(META)(OT) DEER 'Gooserider' sockpuppet:
We get it. Your personality as expressed through the Gooserider nym has complete racial myopia. It's a pretty one-dimensional gimmick, but since the one-dimensionality is the point of the gi...

YouTube video about the Jena 6 So, either these boys are spending donated money on bling---or they're drug dealers. No way poor black kids from a little country town like Jena...

Launch of a Bollywood community, everyone is invited to join!
Hi There, Are you interested in the lastest Movies and Music? Would you like to be a part of an upcoming community revolving around Bollywood Entertainment? Then please join us at http://www...

Family Guy Star Wars: not funny AT ALL

Pride has been exposed as fixed.
Really, I don't see how anyone could argue against it. It was already known as fact that early Pride shows had completely *worked* fights - outcome predetermined, both fighters and bo...

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