whats the best april fools joke you've ever played on someone???
so, what is it?????

SEO - Search Engine Optimized Blogs
http://yourseoconsulting.com/blog/category/seo-press-releases/ - The Australia seo and web design consulting blog, eBrand marketing has announced its latest in-house tool, Wordpress Link Dir...

oh no! farva was by robby's house distributing flyers about the kkk!
Several homeowners in St. Joseph County got a surprise Friday morning when they found packets of information about joining the Ku Klux Klan. Neighbors say they have heard about the KKK...

Deer WWE, While Watching The Hall of Fame..............
I can't help but ask, "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PERFECT DVD?" You guys need to get on the ball and get that DVD done soon

*sniff* deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer hall of fame *sniff*
It's Hennig.

APRIL 27th.. MEMPHIS.. Lawler vs. Hogan!!
Lawler just announced the date!!

how to get people to patronize RSPW
HEATED Outdoor Pool! FREE Wireless Internet! NO CHARGE for a Rollaway! FREE Continental Breakfast! PPV MOVIES Discreetly Billed!

scarlett johansson sleeps with eddie griffin
i m sure u saw this too EDDIE GRIFFIN CRASHES http://www.teenwag.com/playvideo/2973 http://www.teenwag.com/playvideo/2972 http://www.teenwag.com/playvideo/2971 http://...

(Video) A Saturday In The Life Of Perkoff
A Saturday in the life of Perkoff(that's me). Check out the video. http://perkoff.com/2007/03/saturday-in-life-of-perkoff.html

(NCAA) Dear UCLA...
Thanks. Thanks for showing up. No, seriously. Couldn't have saved that performance for last week against Kansas, huh? Had to go ahead and bust my bracket all to Hell, and then go out ...

Dead RSPW posters get to review movies in heaven?

Sanjaia has me considering experimenting with the gay
Like I'm a straight guy and everything but Sanjaya is so dainty and cute and shit. I'm pretty masculine so I'd be on top -probably- and I guess we would just start with cuddling and maybe a ...

So funny add
http://teenwag.com/playvideo/3313 so funny i m sure u saw this too http://www.teenwag.com/playvideo/2973 http://www.teenwag.com/playvideo/2972 http://www.teenwag.com/playvideo/297...

Needs more Mr. Sparkle
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9_Q4z37B6s -- Milhouse Guidry of the mWo Empty barrels make the most noise. mWo. It's not just the coolest, it's fa lyfe, so survey sa...

OT: Vista back to XP possible?
Is there a way I can go back to XP from Vista? My machine came with XP, I then got a Vista upgrade disk in the mail and installed it. How cam I go back to XP? Thanks.

People that watch children's basketball instead of pro hockey are pretty gay
I guess maybe if your kid is actually playing in the game I could understand.

Online Wrestling Videos
www.websitewrestling.com -- www.ashregister.com & www.prowrestlingdvds.com And as always www.marcash.com

Walter the Bud Light squirrel and ballerina Burger King commercials back-to-back
Please... terrorists, wherever you may be... nuke us now.

I'm no Georgetown fan, but...
damn, Ohio State could bring weapons on the court and not get called for a foul. Georgetown's center is fighting 5 players and 3 refs out there.

my grandmother
my grandmother is 103 and she enjoys participating in backyard wrestling and she once went out with uncle joe from pettiecoat junction and she also dated a man with no thumbs.

[Hack Notes] WWE 2007 Hall of Fame report
A lot of audience members seem to be snickering about the "important/fanfare" music playing in the background. Applause (and some boos for heels) as WWE names fill the front rows. ...

Da Meltz On Mania
--Some notes from Wrestlemania: 1) Melina vs. Ashley - This match was originally designed to give Ashley the best heel for her to go over in her title win. The problem is, Ashley hasn't...

Carlito hates being a face...
http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/OtherSports/2007/03/31/3879489-sun.html -- There is the right way, the wrong way, and the Jack Bauer way. It's basically the right way but much...

Final ?? WM XXIII card.....
Still no Raw Smackdown tag title matches (obviously Cena/HBK won't defend tag titles) No IC title match(Umaga to hold belt til Summerslam??) No Cruiserweight match The follo...

I follow Tom La Pont's real estate secrets and now white women DO me
I used to clean the poo and the pee and the vomit from the toilet but then I find Tom La Pont and he tell his secret for cut off the penis and the balls. Now I ride the white woman express. ...

what happened to all those posts about Iraq?
I'm not seeing any more of those dozens of "See! The Surge Has ALREADY Worked!" posts that were all the rage for four days.

Carlito speaks up...
Carlito realizes that if you kiss ass like MVP, you'll go places... WWE News: Carlito Not Happy, SD! Rating, Austin Posted by Ashish on 03.31.2007 Carlito speaks up an...

JR and HHH
With HHH not wrestling, maybe JR will make it through his HOF ceremony without being jumped/beat up/bathed in BBQ sauce.

[WWW] Warrior 12.12.06 column
http://www.ultimatewarrior.com/Pages/WarriorMind_lateFBcomm.html December 12, 2006 After reading my comments denouncing all politicians, many of you wrote and asked me to co...

any rspwers getting smoked by allergies right now?
they are kicken my ass!!!! i cant take those meds either..

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