which rspwer did this? incubus?
Man Accused of Licking Woman's Toe By Associated Press 5 hours ago STUART, Fla. - A man with mischief afoot entered a home and licked the toe of a sleeping woman over the wee...

who do you guys think will win the champion of champions match?
i'd like for you guys to tell me who you think will win the champion of champions match. i am hoping its cena's title that is put on the line. a friend of mine said there might be a big inte...

online payday advance cash loan
The process for acquiring payday loans online is simple, hassle free, and almost instant! The application only takes about two minutes to complete! Once you submit your cash advance request,...

(OT) (NEWS) Lie By Lie: The Mother Jones Iraq War Timeline (8/1/90 - 6/21/03)
http://www.motherjones.com/bush_war_timeline/ -- Chad Bryant http://www.chadbryant.net/ - http://solipsism.cjb.net/ "Every word I said is what I mean." - Soundgarden, "Slave...

Smart Ape has his own TV Show? WTF!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Is3Z5q5o8U -- --------------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/araxen "The worse part about the Yankees losing, is we can't watch the...

What in the Hell is an SCD?
Sexually Caught Disease?

Raw-ten Thoughts (late), 10/30
I didn't feel like doing this last night, so I'll give you a short version of this week's report. Cutting Edge opens the show, with Randy Orton as a guest co-host, subbing for Lit...

why all the hatred and lack of respect for the bears and colts?
i can't believe how all of you are so against the colts and bears. you've got san diego beating the colts in the playoffs and the bears losing to the falcons or giants. newslfash, all of tho...

Extreme Action Zone, 10/31
Just when you think Rob Van Dam is finally getting a fair shake in reclaiming the ECW title, along comes Paul Heyman, professional snake oil salesman, to throw another curveball. The Elimina...

Can someone explain the rules for the Yahoo Fantasy Basketball league?
I'm not understanding any of this scoring, and the Yahoo "Rules" page is of no help whatsoever. Anthrax442 - Darko's gonna have a break out year. Now maybe if I just keep telli...

how is C.M.Punk in two places at once?
that's weirding me out, man :(

[OT] What were some of the better costumes you saw today?
Best under age 10: A little boy wearing a Winnie the Pooh costume with a grizzly bear mask. Best group: The four kids (maybe 13 years old?) dressed up as Michael, Pam, Dwight an...

Test Finally off the 'Roids
Good to see. -- God wrote a script, and we are His actors.

These Extreme Divas Should ...
... go into the audience, and rub their boobs into kids' faces. NOW THAT WOULD BE EXTREME. -- God wrote a script, and we are His actors.

(POWL) If Bill Gates bought the WWE...
...What changes would he make? -- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ "You pity the fool because ...

(TPIR) Bob Barker To "Come On Down" for the last time
http://news.aol.com/entertainment/tv/articles/_a/bob-barker-retiring-after-50-years-on-tv/20061031162109990001?ncid=NWS00010000000001 Bob Barker Retiring After 50 Years on TV

ECW to Be Renamed WWE Tuesday Extreme
Bets on this happening? -- God wrote a script, and we are His actors.

House just got totally pwnd
First Foreman steals his money and chick. Then in a huge swerve that asshole turns out to be a cop and throws his crippled ass in the slammer. Tough night for Dr. Greg.

(FF) Greatest Video Game Commercial Ever
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnlft5E8S8c Well, maybe that one Zelda SNES commercial from Japan and that one with the naked chick and the car, but that's about all.

DEER Miami Heat
You raelly, raelly suck. Thanks for taking the pressure of the Lakers, as they can't possibly lose as bad as you tonight. Anthrax442 - THIS team won the NBA championship last year? ...

Bulls whipping the monkey-asses of the Heat
Up by 22 with 3:30 left in the half

(FF12) God Bless Circuit City
$38! Sure I had over $100 worth of gift cards to use at Best Buy, but I couldn't pass up $12 savings. I got the super thick strategy guide at BB with gift cards for $20. I'm set to go k...

[post-ECW tv] don't forget to leave it on Sigh-Fye all night
six hours of live, televised boredom as the Ghost Hunters dick around in the original "The Shining" hotel. I wonder who'll pull the put-peeled-grapes-in-a-bowl-and-say-they're-eyeballs gag ...

Group Proposal: rec.arts.tv.heroes.no-spoilers.moderated
it would certainly be worth the effort. YATTA!

Let's Be Honest about Frank Gotch
He was notorious for not wanting to do the time-honored tradition, and kept convincing bookers to have him hold the belt for far longer than he had any right to just so he could feed his alr...

What Incubi does on Halloween
pump kin

The Bitch is back!!!
Well, almost. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Stephanie McMahon-Levesque will be returning to the road for WWE at Cyber Sunday following her recent pregnancy and giving...

Friday Night Smackdown's final rating
2.8 Best on the new CW evah!! ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- http://www.newsfeeds.com The #1 Newsgroup Service in t...

(RSPoliticsW) Last Post Tonight ... Pinging JSlater, JTodd, rwa, teh Bede
I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but I keep forgetting until tonight. I have a challenge for each of my RSPW lib brahs. I'm curious to see how this works. Th...

Gosh, I missed this post in RSPW...
while purusing the MSNBC website... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15081807/site/newsweek/ Reconstruction: An American University A bastion of U.S.-style higher learning arises...

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