now this is a tag team

Reaction to Matt Stryker's promo on ECW
Many WWE employees were said to have been rubbed the wrong way when Matt Striker was allowed to take a shot at the death of Steve Irwin on ECW last night. It truly didn't serve a huge purp...

Remember brahs...
WWE presents MSG Classics is on at 8 ET tonight! -- rwa2play, The Northern Lariat Marks for da Classics

Ever done the work jerk?
Have you? -- ---------------------------------

Remember how I said I wouldn't buy a PS3 until next year at least?
Looks like I won't have much of a choice now: PlayStation 3 delayed in Europe [UPDATE] Sony announces next-gen console pushed back t...

CM Punk slapping Shannon Moore
Sissiest of the sissy slaps ever? I think so.

(BB7) Will starts a fashion trend -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- 3rd Highest Vote-Getter in KOR...

your most recent Bo[oooo]olean search?
??? the Bede in Exile /:-)> studying your Google Fu

When will flying nude be mandatory?
hopefully the next time i use hooters air.

Deolition has a website for you..
I did it for Eddy!! -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder ...

(OT) The saddest part about Steve Irwin dying...
No Croc Hunter / Wildboys crossover. Seeing Steve-O and Pontius work with Irwin would have been kick-ass!! But now it will never happen. And the world is sadder for it.

9-6 births deserving a push
DAVID ALLAN COE Jeff Foxworthy Marquis de Lafayette JILLIAN HALL

The jobbers of September 6th
1522: The globe jobs to circumnavigation by the remainder of Ferdinand Magellan's crew, who jobbed in a local Philippines war. 1620: Pilgrims job to religious persecution and leave Eng...

Yor Raw from MSG preview
Umaga and Lita team up to get any reaction from fans other than coplete SILENCE!!! -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." ---

Trailer park to rich people...Suck it -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and c...

Finally a reason to watch 20/20 -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder

Yes?? -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder

I might not watch the WWE but i'll still play SD v RAW 2007
Just read about it at IGN and it sounds good at least. I'll create all the NWA guys and have them show up in the season mode and job out all the WWE guys to them. The season mode sounds lik...

Even Australia has wacko liberals! 'Crocodile Hunter' exploited animals, critic says Feminist author Greer says 'It's no surprise that he came to grief' SYDNEY, Aus...

HHH vs. McDick...????
I quit watching wrestling 4 years ago... My brother had a free ticket to a recent RAW.... So...I started catching Raw, ECW & the occasional TNA episode. HHH vs. Vince? ...

Adebisi went to jail
The Lost crew certainly know how to find themselves in traffic court. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who plays the possibly deceased moose wrangler cum doctor Mr. Eko, was arrested early Sa...

You Know the WWE Women's Divison And Title will Be Around For Another 18 Years
So that Aurora Rose Levesque can be a future champ.

TNA needs to go head-to-head with RAW, PERIOD...
Yeah, sure Angle going there would help but no one is gonna look at them as competition as long as they come on 11:00 on Thursday nights... They need to put on a TWO HOUR wrestling sho...

(OT) Kung-Fu Fuck You I have something for your master in my pocket. -- . . . --------------------------------------------------------...

John McCain is SOFT on Teh Terrorists!
"Administration officials have said allowing coerced testimony in some cases may be necessary, but McCain said the committee bill would ban it entirely." I can't think of any goo...

More Kim Jung Il Kookery....
According to the head chef at Kim Jung Il's household, who defected to South Korea a while ago, North Korea spends some of its hard currency earned by its counterfeiting and drug smuggling o...

Bio-TERROR in America: Aerosols for HARM and Torture!
AMERICA IN DANGER of its own out-of-control Bio-Terror: Is 1984 here? God help us! Originally Secret Bio-Aerosols are misused to HARM and Torture in U=2ES.A. ...

Sheiky kooks out on Nikolai

Iran's President Proposes Debate With Idiot Bush
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's president proposed Wednesday that he and President Bush should hold a public debate, and suggested that the U.N. General Assembly later this month would be the perfect ...

(iTunes) Insturmentalists sure like to cover "Black Hole Sun"
I like it but it's not THAT great of a song...

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