Don't know about you...but screw RAW tonight!
I'll be watching Falcons/Saints. -- rwa2play, The Northern Lariat "To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, r...

APWNWO has worked the entire time
be lucky i revived it.

Best movie/show in/about Rhode Island?
outside providence?

Google is working us , rspw breaks down as kurt is singned by tna!
how exciting is rapw after it has not been working for 2 days Goggole know how to get heat, It breaks just as tna signs angle, strange conincidence i think. Still cant reply to posts yet!

Google, RSPW, still not right.
I can't reply to topics. Lucky bastards! -- TMS

Vince must be loving this.
When Kurt Angle dies in the ring or in his hotel room, or is found wandering around naked on the side of an interstate in a painkiller induced haze, 1) he doesn't get the bad pres...

Anyone have any sleeperkid's videos for sale?
I will be glad to pay cash for any sleeperkid's wrestling videos.


(poll) What did you do while RSPW was in exile?
a) Check RSPW every five minutes to see if it was back yet b) Sit around wishing you could be making "Kurt Angle to TNA" posts c) Post anyway, hoping it would somehow show up ...

Latest Breakdown On Kurt Angle & TNA Wrestling
Here are some bullet points Kurt Angle joining TNA Wrestling: # TNA went after Angle as soon as WWE released him. # Angle was not at the PPV last night. His video was filmed on <...

ESPN Poll : Madden Curse
Does Shaun Alexander's injury change your opinoion of the Madden Curse? 27% Yes, I believe it now 47% No, I always believed 25% No, I still don't believe the curse

(NFL) The Madden Curse Strikes Again!
Are there STILL any doubters?

The Perkoff Forum
If you want to sign up on my forum go right ahead. Only thing is I only want nice and cool people to post there. If you're a jerk I'll probably just make you wish you were not so jerk...

I'm tapping out to Google, can't read any posts. Adios! Auf Wiedersehen! Laters!

Deer Hitman's Roomate
I think you may be just a weeeeeee bit too obsessed with pro wrestling... * Now talking in #rspwtalk * Topic is 'Kurt Angle Joins TNA, <HitMan333> My roomate said this was ...

(RSPW in Crisis) Alternatives to RSPW via Google?
Any free or inexpensive alts for getting RSPW? I've been using this thing under various socks since the DejaNews days. I might have to tap out of RSPW due to Google actions. This non-archivi...

Google sure has a lot of new posts
Mondays mus be busy.

I Told You Sting Sucks
Did anyone give a fuck when Sting showed up in TNA? Didn't think so, some WCW marks from 1992 still post here and were acting like anyone but them still gave a fuck about Sting. ...

Why Hugo Chavez should STFU...
Poverty rate in Venezuela when Chavez became president....43% Poverty rate in Venezuela today....52% Barrels of oil Chavez is sending to Cuba and Bolivia each day to be his ...

The Reason YouTube Exists...
This is probably demolition but fuck you anyway. -Vin

I am excited about wrestling for the first time in YEARS!
TNA is making big moves and getting publicity, and WWE is pulling out all the stops in response. The wrestling wars are back, people. Prepare for a new era of wrestling awe...

SNME Cancelled ?
Whussup with that ?

Details On Kurt Angle's TNA Contract
Kurt Angle was not in Orlando, FL last night for the No Surrender PPV, and isn't expected at tonight's "Impact" tapings. Angle was on the phone with Dixie Carter during the PPV Sunday ...

Bischoff Backstage At RAW Right Now
The following is from Former RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff has been seen wandering around Ford Arena • the site of tonight’s RAW. What is so surprising about Bi...

'Saint Reggie' Latest Savior for Saints
NEW ORLEANS - In a city trying to bounce back from Hurricane Katrina, he is known as "Saint Reggie." His No. 25 jersey is the hottest seller in New Orleans. Fans chant his name whenever he s...

Do any of you even read or care about wrestling newz posts anymore?
>From where I sit, you don't. Neither do I. I'd rather read what's going on behind the scenes at Studio 60. --The Mott

When The TNA Staff Was Told About Angle
It does appear as if all of the talk from Kurt Angle and his people last week about doing something in MMA was part of the plan to keep his TNA deal a surprise. The Kurt Angle vid...

TNA Takes Shot At WWE, Russo Update
TNA has put up some comments from their wrestlers regarding the Kurt Angle sign, all putting it over as a huge move for TNA. Interestingly enough, the article also takes a bit of a shot at W...

Jericho Screwed Again
The USA Network has decided to pass on the pilot "Ebaum's World", which Chris Jericho was the host of. The pilot was based on the website, which features extreme clips, prank...

Joe-Jarrett Angle, Scott Steiner's TNA Contract, & More
Lost in the hype of the Angle announcement last night was the fact that Samoa Joe walked off with the NWA Title after defeating Jarrett in their non-title match. That angle will progress at ...

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