RSPW MOVIE IDEA: Faggots On Newsgroup
That would be roughly 80 percent of all of you including my lame ass imposter.. hehehe

My God.. I am being overun by WOMEN!!
Now how is this a bad thing? Oh yeah.. its not.. LOL

I really like Snakes On A Plane
I really like Snakes On A Plane I even added a forum called "Snakes On A (HYIPO) Forum" on Hyipo Forum. It's really a hot topic on the net right now. I give it a 10/10 ratin...

I admit it
I like Da Cizzoach's new theme -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- 3rd Highest Vote-Getter in KORSPW 2005 (I ...

Where Was Chad Bryant on December 26, 1996?
Ooo, the plot thickens...

Darwin blamed for Holocaust and abortions -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder ...

I.R.S./Repo Man tag team!
<> Vince should have booked this years ago! Solid gold, b...

Jim Ross commentates outside of wrestling
The idea popped up after reading a thread in the wrestlecrap forum entitled "What if Jim Ross lived in Biblical times." Can you imagine him commentating World War II? I would imagine som...

Well, here I go... Last year, my first troop (who=B4s gone onto bigger and better things) made it a point to drag me to R=F6ck am Ring. R=F6ck am Ring is this big ass music festi...

My husband wants to shave me!
My husband has informed me that he does not like my overgrown pubic hairs. He says I look like a have a jungle between my legs. So he bought all this weird shaving equipment that looks lik...

Top 10 Places to Eat for the $$$ in Las Vegas...
1. Bellagio Buffet 2. Aladdin Buffet 3. Circus Circus Steakhouse 4. Binion's Ranch Steakhouse 5. Sterling Brunch at Bally's 6. Samba at Mir...

The greatest performance in MTV History Rock Music has been in steady decline since this moment. -- Chris H. of Portland, Oregon Konichiwa, Bitches!

Top 5 non wrestlers who could save Raw from itself..
... 1. Jim Cramer 2. Alton Brown 3. Christian Bale 4. Katherine Heigl 5. Shawn Ryan

Why Steph was so keen to mention the incest angle on the McMahon dvd
She's piling up the evidence against Vince to have him declared criminally insane by the courts and placed in a mental institution. Then it'll be her and HHH in charge of the company (Shane ...

Shane Turns on Vince and reveals himself to be DX at SS..
....then Shane, HHH and HBK drug Vince, haul him to a "facility" where he is declared incompetent. Vince gets his kicks by being in vignettes at the "facility" a la that Adrian Brody movie ...

Don't Drink Kids
I had a pretty fucked up day yesterday, this mother fucker tried to rob my house. At the end of the day I just wanted to wind down with some brewskis, I think I had one too many because I wa...

WEHT the guy that played Switek on Miami Vice..
....Its like he dropped off the face of the earth. I've seen most of the other people here and there, but not him.

Which RSPW'er is this? Guys, seriously, don't take the video route.

THE very latest pic of Chris Masters.....dude .. really slimming down for real.

(OffT) Clint Eastwood is back...
<> and <> A nice write up on both is at: <

I mark for Krusty
He of the gold plated lies! -- Stefan:

nWo's 2nd Horsemen parody
I miss Scott Hall. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- 3rd Hi...

Sci Fi Responds To ECWs Success
Sci Fi released the following press release yesterday concerning the success of ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling On SCI FI Is #1 In Households On Tuesday, August 15th

Vince wanted a very controversial storyline according to Stephanie McMahon
According to Stephanie , Vince wanted a storyline on Raw making him turn out to be the father of her baby . When she sad no to that , Vince suggested Shane being the father. This is taken...

Man Trapped Waist-Deep in Chocolate KENOSHA, Wis. Aug 18, 2006 (AP) It might sound like a chocoholic's dream, but stepping into a vat of viscous chocolate became a two-hour ...

Cast the Solar System with wrestlers...
Use the 9 or 12 Planets if you wish. I'll try a few: The Sun: Vincent Kennedy McMahon (everything revolves around him). Earth: HHH Neptune: Scotty 2 Hotty (What, is he still ther...

If you didn't like Snakes.... take life WAY too seriously. -- Stefan:

Worse place to find snakes?
A. "In My Bushes" B. "On A Plane" -- Andy Atkinson - wonders how many will get the reference "I'm no longer a burnout virgin." - Christy Hemme M...

Tim Allen's "Zoom!" DID IT!! 0% Positive Reviews on RT!!! Polish up the Razzies. Tim Allen's going for a clean sweep! -- The Citizen "What You Don't Understand, You Can Make Mean Anything....

wrestling needs territories
After watchin the Dusty Rhodes DVD, and seeing how things were in AWA, CWA, NWA, etc., I think that wrestling NEEDS territories. When an act gets stale it could just transfer to another pla...

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