My Thoughts On RSPW
Acolyte of Glorious La Parka you say your gimmick is that you run fads into the ground and you try to suck, you deserve an Oscar. Chad, can't you just move on? Do you have to obsess o...

Almost as good as Teh Chad vs. Krusty!!! -- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...

Top Ten Signs That You Hired the Wrong Kid to Mow Your Lawn
10.He shows up with a pair of nail clippers and a Ziploc bag. 9. On the side of his mower you notice the stenciled silhouettes of thirteen cats 8. Stops frequently to nap ...

USA gives away raw ending
Here on the west coast, Raw started with Vince standing over Shawn, and then it ended and cut to the start of Psych. Then after a couple of minutes it cuts back to DX talking smack to the M...

Best DVR??
I keep reading about everyone with the DVRs watching raw/smackdown..All the commericials are getting really grating and I'm thinking about getting one... but too lazy to wade through all the...

Like fat Mormon idiot father like son!!!
3:45 am Protected After careful consideration, the decision was made to remove my oldest son (Steven) from his current elementary school. The poor kid has been suffering anxiety attac...

The nightmare scenario
Day 1 - Syria mobilizes troops, makes noises about going back into Lebanon. Day 2 - With news of Fidel Castro's death, an insurgency develops in part of the island of Cuba, and ga...

Oldie but still funny -- ---------------------------------

Bearhug Clip PIC Of Day: Death of Josh Mathews in hot Bearhug
Bearhug Clip PIC Of Day: Death of Josh Mathews in hot Bearhug (Over the shoulder Bearhug) 1 PIC, Aug. 1, 2006 ...Safe pic for all ages, as always! To view PIC go to following link (Cop...

Funky thoughts on tonight's RAW
Some thoughts: Other than the Foley/Flair segment tonight's RAW was predictably poor. Won't bother to go over the problems as most people already know what they are. Bu...

OK, the WWE is perhaps one step away from total 2000-era-WCWNESS
I mean that show was only just less painful than having a thumb jabbed in your eye...... Jason "ONLY JUST" Todd

I heard a rumor that the amount of Elephants has increased in the last 6 months.

POLL: Should Starbuck rape Boomer with a strap-on while Baltar watches?
I think that would be a smashing way to begin season 3 on Battlestar Galactica.

"Flairey" is my new favorite wrestler.
He tastes his own blood and then shoves a sock up his ass.

heath Ledger is the Joker
Let the Brokeback Batman jokes begin! According to multiple sources reporting to Newsarama, including Warner Bros. itself, the n...

CNN airing "Girls Gone Wild:Miami" right now
Big Cuban broads with huge hair and fat asses dancing in the streets.

Flair and Foley aside...
Striker's 30 second promo was genius jobber gold... When he said "homonym" like Dr. Evil... it was AWESOME. though I will admit I haven't laughed as hard at the WWE as when Foley ...

One Ocean View - Who booked this?
Whooo what a worked shoot brothers.

Umaga WON!
He should have carried Armando to the back like Elizabeth though.

(RAW) Time To Vote Brahs
Which is worse: tonight's episode, or the July 4th episode? Other than Flair/Foley, there hasn't been a thing worth watching tonight. Looking forward to Impact on Thursday. ...

Cigars as contraband? WTF?
American laws are very screwed up.

I guess Rebecca is this year's Carmella
And I bet the really blonde one (Erica?) gets voted off.

Okay so I don't watch RAW anymore but...
#talk exploded into markdom during the Flair/Foley promo so I watched it and it was amazing. The best promo for a feud in a long, long time. But there's just one thing I disagree with, neith...

Oh shit... Edge is the WWE Champion???
Wow, I completely forgot... -

Okay, I admit it
The Flair/Foley thing was awesome and so markworthy. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- 3rd Highest Vote-Get...

Flair vs Foley - Total Shoot or Complete Work?q
Perhaps with Foley winning the battle of words by a large margin, they wanted Flair to even things up a bit. Flair is without a shadow of a doubt a bigger legend than Foley, and why would th...

The Big Black Hole of Suck That is Randy Orton
Randy Orton takes his infinite level of suck, and engulfs everything he touches with it. I remain hopeful that he will eventually be fired because of his shitty attitude, or maybe even be th...

Mick Foley and Ric Flair... On their last dying days...
I would still mark for their promos... I dont care what anyone says, that segment was entertaining as fuck... Hell, just for the Christy Canyon references... "Christy ...

wow someone lit a fire under flair's butt
foley kicked his ass verbally when he was prerecorded but flair's promo tonight raped foley in the ring too bad their eventually match will never live up to the build up pee...

Currently the best Youtube ever..

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