RSPW regular in the NBA?
<> Bun, was that you brah? DEP

KFC's Famous Bowls!
WTF were they thinking when they came up with that shit?

Prime Minister Koizumi is a very very huge dork (Bede was right)
"It's like a dream," Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi of Japan said to President Bush in the Jungle Room of the Presley home here. Amid the faux leopard print chairs and green shag carpet co...

I hate Lashley
He has zero personality and gets pushed cause of his steroid body. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy is underpushed even though he has 10x the personality of Lashley and 10x the wrestling talent than La...

Big Triple Threat Tag Team match scheduled for RAW this Monday night
RVD/Sabu vs Foley/Edge vs Cena/Orton

Original Sheik/Subu Fire Video Japan Mark Ferrante

If I could book the WWE starting this Monday Night I would....... (answer)
Have Vince McMahon come out and tell everyone he has asked the wrestlers of Smackdown to show up on RAW for an announcement. That being the Brand Extension is officially over and both roster...

(OffT) Russia announces response plans to hostage killing....
<> Wow...

What would happen if a there was a set of Conjoined twins and one of them murders someone and is found gulity?Would the non-killer twin have to stay in jail the rest of his life? ...

[ot] Awesome Arcades Looks like Curt Vendel, the guy responsible for the Atari Flashback 2 and the Atari onlime museum ( has come up with a MAME ma...

All hail King Booker!
All hail King Booker! -- This was not the greatest ESB post in the world... this is a tribute.

OMG! A Pajama Prison Match!!
So Taker and Great Khali are going to have a Pajama Prison match! That is soooooo COOOOL! I've seen these. They're a lot like pillow fights, but it's done in a mock-up of a li...

I've been trying to remember the last time Matt Hardy won a match...
...But I don't think I'm old enough to remember. -- --Acolyte of Glorious La Parka~---After ALL, I'm ONLY 42. -- $$$$$...

Deer The Miz
Please die. Sincerely, The world. -- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ...

Is rey mysterio the worst booked 'champ' ever?
Man i have no problem with rey mysterio but i think hes been a joke of a champion. If hes not curtain jerking, getting squashed, jobbing then hes getting beat up by bigger guys. Imo his titl...

Let's experiment this month on RSPW
posting suggestions? -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW history.... .....NEVER SHIT A SHI...

[flood-of-tears poll] most maudlin song of the 70s?
Alone Again, Naturally ("And when she passed away / I cried and cried all day / Alone again, naturally") or Shannon ("Shannon has gone away / She's drifting out to sea / She <...

The New Zoo Review.
........would you? ........would Mr. Bi-gun?

PING Mr. Bigun
YOU SUCK -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW history.... .....NEVER SHIT A SHITTER! *...

Famous vids of yesteryear mk II
Sorry but this one also deserves an airing....the Shockmaster - priceless....

BEARHUG CLIP Pic of Day: Death of John Cena in Bearhug
BEARHUG CLIP Pic of Day: Death of John Cena in Bearhug 1 Photo, June 30, 2006 .....Safe pic for all ages, as always! To view photo go to following link (Copy and paste link into browser if...

Famous vids of yesteryear
I do believe this features the infamous neck breakage of a jobber whos name escpaes me by Big Van Vader back in the early 90s WCW. Ouch.

the ECW on SciFi angle that could save ECW
BamBam Bigelow comes out of retirement to stalk Heyman for the $300,000 he owes him. "Get Vince to write me a check, or I'll take 300,000 drops of your blood."

The reason I hate my fellow RSPW'ers
What makes you mark for a fellow RSPW'er? Him/her replying positively to your posts? Or just the sheer enjoyment you get from reading theirs?

England MUSTN'T win the World Cup
Sure Im Scottish, and many will chalk it up to jealousy, but NOONE is a worse winner than an English person. Thats what makes it so great when they lose. Its funny. Does the whole world ...

Vinnie is a hypocrit
He let Austin and the Rock off the leash when times were dull back in the day - why doesnt he apply this tactic to nowadays? He cant even let the ECW reprisal run its purpose!!!

Chris Leben Should do a Shamrock/Severn
Hes cocky and arrogant and gets a reaction out of the fans, but he aint no UFC future champ - maybe the time is right for a switch to TNA or WWE. I know I couldnt handle too much of getting...

08 Update
I've kind of lost interest in politics over the past year...nothing personal against either side, I just like don't care and stopped investing emtional interest in elected office positions w...

Independence Day.
Free yourself from that damn fool perkoff and his stooge: wavy~g!

If RSPWers were in the NBA... Suit: NBA Player Watching Porn, Drunk Before Crash Claim Targets Minnesota Timberwolves' Eddie Griffin (CBS) MIN...

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