Mr Black's RSPW Top 10 for the week of the 8TH - 15TH JAN 2006
In the ongoing celebration that is my 10th year on usenet, I will begin posting a RSPW top 10 on a weekly basis. This is based on all, some or one of the following criteria. Number of p...

(NFL) The New England Patriots were just absolutely screwed.
That might be the worst call since the Luckeyes/Canes National Champeenship game.

Patriots = Cocky, egomaniacal team with no discipline
That is why they won't get to the Superbowl.

Farmhouse was brothel, officers say Lexington County Sheriff's Department arrests five, seizes records By CHRISTINA LEE KNAUSS Staff Writer Not long after an aromatherapy and "soft...

[3*8] What Jack Bauer needs for Season 5 to toally pwn:
A sword. Don't front. You know you would all mark if JB was running around with Excalibur just decapitating fools all day.

I'm bored, it's raining like a mofo out, and I need something to do...
Any suggestions?????????????

I don't know what "Lazy Sunday" is, but I guarantee that RSPW posts about "Lazy Sunday" are worse than "Lazy Sunday"
It's like how people that complain about cigarette smoke are worse than cigarette smoke.

Lazy Sunday doesn't deserve a sequel
It wasn't funny the first time and it's not going to be funny a second go around. Since I live in NYC and just a few blocks away from the Magnolia Bakery it's all people I know can talk ab...

Buff Bagwell Interview About TNA, AWE, And WWE
Buff Bagwell interview about TNA, AWE and WWE Buff Bagwell was the first guest on In Your Head which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern. Also downloa...

Da Meltz On TNA PPV
TNA PPV preview FREE PREVIEW MATCHES *The Naturals vs. Homicide & Apolo *Kenny King & Lance Hoyt & Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams & A-1 & Eric Young PPV MATCHES (in this order) ...

Mr. Bush, You Can Stop Protecting Me Now
by Susan G, reprinted from DailyKos.Com [[[Bush Says Gitmo Is 'Necessary' WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2006 (CBS/AP) At a joint White House news conference, President Bush reje...

More accurate comparison:
"B-A bay, B-E bee, B-I bicky-bye, B-O bo..." > "NIAGRA FALLS~!" or "NIAGRA FALLS~!" > "B-A bay, B-E bee, B-I bicky-bye, B-O bo..."

"The Hot Commodity" Mark Jindrak - Exclusive Interview!
In the next few months, you'll be hearing a lot more from wrestling's hottest commodity, former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak! Find out what his plans are for 2006, and who his mysterious new...

[4!] Least favorite angle (n. geometry)
I admit: I only started this poll in order to express my deep and profround hatred of the "Warner Wedding" storyline early in season 2, "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Very Very Very White"....

A Bush invented the World Wide Web?
Apparently GW Bush's grandfather is responsible for coming up with the idea of hypertext: "Many consider Bush to be the Godfather of our wired age often making reference to his ...

Deer... Sean... Taylor...
karma's a bitch, ain't it. Nice job of cheering him and his injury, too, Seahawk fans.

(POLIO) Can you speak Bocce?
Or understand the binary language of Moisture Vaporators? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Now just throw your hand...

Hacksaw, Harry Smith and AMIL on 1/17 TTRS
Last week we had a couple of great interviews from Mark Jindrak, Matt Morgan & ROH Prez Cary Silken . Check them out in the archives. Tune into for t...

Why didn't YOU think of this? $1 million.

Attn: Smart Ape
<> DEP

(Poll) Are you left ventricled or right ventricled?
Me? I'm left ventricled and, for the most part, right ventricled. Pump blood to the legs left ventricled.

$.99 Nitros and RAWs from 1997

IDEA: Have the Royal Rumble be for Money in the Bank
Instead of a guarenteed WM title shot. That way they don't have to have a main eventer win the Royal Rumble every year, which will make the winner a bit less predictable. The Rumble winner c...

Running for office in the Post-USENET age
Someone mentioned e-postings and archives with politics. Would they help or hinder? Or would they be mentioned? Would reproters even thing to check for whether someone wrote any e-postings, ...

(Seahawks/Redskins) dear officials...
... it's called "Holding." Feel free to call it whenever you like. Just because Alexander is out of the game doesn't mean you need to cheat the 'Skins out of a potential win.

(POLIO) If there were no Jar-Jar
Would you have thought Episodes I & II were good movies? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Now just throw your hands...

Scarlett Johansson is not "with it"
for not knowing about "Lazy Sunday." But she is Hollywood's second hottest actress after Alba. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and seve...

Attn Threshold fans
The last, unaired episode is making the rounds on torrent sites. I'm downloading it as I type. FUCK CBS! -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW P...

[OT] NBC Hinting At Possible "Lazy Sunday" Sequel On Tonight's SNL?

Don't Mind Me Mind Your Manners
Why you have to hate on me for posting a message? Instead of exhibiting your lack of self control, why not just keep your thoughts to yourself? If you don't like me why egg ...

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