Brock Lesnar To Court Over WWE's Legal Strategy: "Enough Is Enough"
BROCK LESNAR TO COURT OVER WWE'S LEGAL STRATEGY: "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" by Mike Johnson @ 3:05:00 PM on 1/23/2006 In a five page filing with the United States District Court of Conne...

AWA in the 70's had better production than WWWF
>From what FunkyM has seen on the Billy Graham DVD. Looks like Vince Jr. had the better grip on presentation in that family. Did Vince Sr. have a better handle on giving his shows substan...

I'm back bitches...sorta
Well turns out when I'm on the office wireless, I can still access Google Groups through a different proxy, so won't have much free time to post, but I'll at least be able to keep track of t...

Former WWE Tag Team Champ Seriously Injured?
Eric L. sent this in regarding a major Rene Dupree injury: "I was at the Ohio Valley Wrestling house show last night (which was pretty good) and in the second match, former WWE World ...

Ever see a fight between 2 people on acid?
They try to use weapons that arent really there. Like the time I was throwing moon drippings at Steve. That was great fun.

Major Inside Update On Raven & TNA Wrestling
Source: In a retraction to an earlier report here on the site, Raven is not on his way out of TNA. In an earlier report, it was said that Raven is on rocky ground ...

Vince Russo On Wrestling Observer Live Recap
Wrestling Observer Live radio report with Dory Funk and Vince Russo by Robert Fahrmeier Hello Observer Live Fans and welcome to the Wrestling Observer Live report.

what should the Titans do in the draft?
everyone is assuming that they're taking whichever QB falls between Leinart and I crazy in thinking that would be a huge mistake? McNair wants to come back, and I'd ima...

The Matt Hardy Show Season 1 on DVD
For the 3 MFers still out there! -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards an...

Scrubs Getting Sillier
PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - His colleagues at "Scrubs" wouldn't let Zach Braff get a big head after the success of his movie, "Garden State." "I was at Sundance feeling very proud o...

Lost Cast Gets Pay Raise
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The cast of ABC's "Lost" has even more to cheer about beyond the show's recent Golden Globe win for best drama series. "Lost" producer Touchst...

Buttafuocos, Amy Fisher TV Reunion
NEW YORK (Jan. 23) - More than a decade after 16-year-old Amy Fisher had a sexual relationship with a much-older car mechanic and shot his wife in the face, the one-time "Long Island Lolit...

GLAAD Kooks Out On American Idol
Bosses at America's leading gay rights group are demanding a summit meeting with the producers of TV talent show American Idol after claiming the program is "increasingly homophobic." Offi...

The Matt Hardy Show is selling a DVD of the "first season" of the series. The producers of the Hardy show are actually being sued by the Ultimate Warrior over his "Always Believe" documen...

Updated List Of Stars Entering The Royal Rumble
As we go into the final WWE Monday Night RAW episode before the Royal Rumble, here is Sunday's Royal Rumble Pay-per-view lineup. Royal Rumble Participants: - Bobby Lashley (annou... --

Guild Wars > World of Warcraft
Because camping doesn't make the world work.

Regis Philbin NEW Welch's grape juice spokesman!
Larry King can suck it.

WWE's "Official" Finishing Move List
From WWE Fantasy. I'm surprised at some of the people who don't have finishers, but more surprised at some who do. Antonio Tandem STO Ashley To-be-established Ba...

Kobe 81! Record # of 3-pointers...
... And I STILL don't care about the NBA.

(81pts?!) Kobe's celebratin' tonite!
All the white girls in L.A. better wear their tight pants and buttplugs for the next 24 hours.

Happy Birthdays 1/23
Happy Birthday if today is your birthday! Your special day is shard with these special people: Randolph Scott (1898, RIP) - Western movie star, subject of a Statler Brothers song...

(Bookdocks) Notice the tributes they give to dead Black celebrities?
This is not a shoot. I think it's nice they do this. They did one for Wilson Pickett last week, and one for Richard Pryor weeks ago. I missed a few episodes between then, so I wonder: did...

Kobe is the HHH of the NBA.
EOM, yo.

Question about roddy piper.
I have always been a big piper mark for several years now. Even though i didnt watch wrestling in the 80s 'i know sucks' i have seen alot of his matches,promos etc and i think even though he...

To my Canadian brahs...
Is anyone else worried about our country's future? HitMan333

Teddy Hart is alive and well and still quite off his rocker...
Three reports from a recent Hart event... wild stuff going on: ----- Aguilera/Mercury went to a no-contest when Teddy Hart showed up and set up the main event of Hart/Evans vs Agu...

For the Glory of the Empire
I'm just the messenger, so here we go: -- Jabroni Inc. Bringing you the CRAP since 1995!!!

TNA: Sting speaks live next week
Is Impact live next week, or is this just false advertising? And has Don West always sounded like "Jiminy Glick" when he tries to talk too long without taking a breath and I just never...

The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior
The DVD quit halfway through... must have wanted more money! peep peep!

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