Boogeyman and Super Porky in the same segment?
Marktastic!! smackdown is a must see tonight!!

Smart Ape and any other ape expert.
I was talking with a friend the other night and a weird subject came up. Do members of the "higher primates" (apes, orangutans, chimpanzees) have the dwarfism gene like humans do? I have...

$1 Million for the capture of Christian's push.. pennies.

(OT) Fartva's first Lego set? -- Chad Bryant "A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never l...

The proper pronunciation of 'RSPW'
RSPW = Rispywuh

Whose kid is this??????????/
Ind. girl brings gun, pot to school October 20, 2005 GARY, Ind. --A 14-year-old girl came to middle school with a handgun, ammunition and six small bags of marijuana, police said...

WWE needs a mystery blogger like that Rance thing a while back..
...RSPW would simultaneously be secretly capitvated, scouring the net for clues, while outwardly confident it was a "work". Jericho, Christian, Al Snow, Trish would be good candidates....

I may have at one time posted alot of stupid threads
But christ you fucks with this hall of stuff deserve to be kicked in the jaw! Not only are you contributing a shitty thread but you're adding to the already huge amount of crap po...

That fuckin hurricane better not cause my NIN concert to be canceled!
Tuesday night in Orlando FL, I better be watching NIN and not sitting looking out at the rain and wind

If Alex Cain, Chad Bryant and Emett Gully got into a triple threat match
If Alex Cain, Chad Bryant and Emett Gulley got into a three-way fight where each fighter was trying to beat up both other guys, which person would win?

Let's play hangman, RSPW
i've got the rope and the tree. -- Never shit a shitter. RSPW Heel Hall of Famer. #1 ranked RSPW poster every month. #3 ranked in RSP...

Hold the close-up Tony Danza
Count the beer cans on the highway Lay me down next to Alyssa Milano so that we may get busy today -- Stefan http://www.l...

POSTER IDEA: He Who Begs For Death That Will Not Come
i nominate scott h, who must be suicidal at this point of my PWN3RSH1P of him. -- Never shit a shitter. RSPW Heel Hall of Famer. #1 ranked ...

The Rock Number 3 Most Popular Movie Star?
-I have no idea how they compute this, but, which has not given a projection for Doom's opening weekend, does list Rock as the No. 3 most popular movie star in the U.S. ...

TNA Prime Time Special Update
--Some more notes on the TNA prime time special which airs on 11/3 on Spike. The show will be taped on Tuesday night. The plan for the tapings is to tape a lot of interviews on Monday nig...

Gail Kim Interview
Alex Marvez's weekly look at professional wrestling By ALEX MARVEZ Scripps Howard News Service 20-OCT-05 After becoming World Wrestling Entertainment women's cham...

Chad Bryant
He really fuckin pissed me off today. I will second any kook nomination that is made for the fat fuckhead. -- John Henry Look upon my works, O Ye Mighty, and giggle. <...

Farva = Vince Russo
Farva is trying to ruin RSPW just like Russo ruined WCW. The only difference is Farva's attempt is only an annoyance and won't amount to anything while Russo actually succeeded. Farva will...

[META] 2005 RSPW Poster Awards (Call for nominations!)
******************************************************* NOMINATIONS ******************************************************* Looks like awards season has begun on RSPW, so it's tim...

Anyone ever met Bruce Pobanz?
Is he a con or just delusional? He obviously has done none of what he says he has, but why bother saying it if everyone knows better? Seems like just a dumbass, but it's slow...

(META) RSPW Poster Awards suggestions
-Drop the "Best Political Poster" award this year. It's best as an every- other-year award to coincide with major American elections. -Rename the "Most Deproved Poster" award to "Most ...

RSPW Hall of Claims
which of chad bryant's false stories were most ridiculous? -- Never shit a shitter. RSPW Heel Hall of Famer. #1 ranked RSPW poster every month. ...

The RSPW Hall of I Came
which posters legit get the most bootay? -- Never shit a shitter. RSPW Heel Hall of Famer. #1 ranked RSPW poster every month. #3 rank...

The RSPW Hall Of___ fad ruined
Thanks to Farva and as always, Acolyte Of Glorious La Suck.

The RSPW Hall of Tame
which posters are above kookery and therefore boring? -- Never shit a shitter. RSPW Heel Hall of Famer. #1 ranked RSPW poster every month. ...

The RSPW Hall of Same
what posters who has multiple sockpuppets or identities at different points in time has manipulated them best? -- Never shit a shitter. RSPW Heel Hall...

The RSPW Hall of Name
which posters have the best handles? -- Never shit a shitter. RSPW Heel Hall of Famer. #1 ranked RSPW poster every month. #3 ranked i...

The RSPW Hall of Flame
seriously, which posters are best at PWNING flame wars? -- Never shit a shitter. RSPW Heel Hall of Famer. #1 ranked RSPW poster every month.

POLL RSPW small plain jane
i vote for katie p -- ----------------------------------== Double T the legally blind referee ----------------------------------== 2005 RSPW RUMBLE winner #...

I'm starting the Hall of Scott
only the following wrestlers are eligible: starship coyote razor ramon diamond studd -- Never shit a shitter. RSPW Heel Hall of Famer....

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