(POLL) If you could borrow Doc Brown's DeLorean...
...And go back in time and change ANY event in wrestlingsports entertainment, WHAT would it be? (I'm betting on a LOT of trips back about 10 or so years to fire HHH.) ...

I'm oddly attracted to Rita Cosby
Is there something wrong with me? -- Dr. No-Heat, concerned FEEL THE INDIFFERENCE!!!

Just got through rewatching my DVD of TITANIC
Because God knows you can NEVER get enough of Celine Dion singing "My Heart Will Go On".

[OT] back from Iceland...
back from iceland...fun, but expensive.. what did i miss?? ************************ Mr. Lifto Jim Rose Circus [email protected] www.jimrosecircus.com

Brock Lesnar is in Madden 2006
I don't think Bill Eadie is in the game but I could be wrong.

Any of these boys RSPWers?
Weird to have something like this happen locally http://phantomjournalist.blogspot.com/

Deer Smart Ape
Do you get offended when humans call you a monkey? How do you deal with the stereotype that all primates live on a diet consisting only of bananas when you sit down to eat at a restauran...

Do oil companies make too much money?
They DO make shitloads of money, don't mistake me, but they really don't make outrageous profits margins, compared to their overhead and stuff. I think there'll be a one massive surge in co...

[OT] T.O. Taps Out
http://www.nfl.com/teams/story/PHI/8723839 Report: Owens leaves Eagles camp after spat NFL.com wire reports BETHLEHEM, Pa. (Aug. 10, 2005) -- Terrell Owens has left Philadel...

(OT) Dear Philly Iggles fan who "Cheers" #81...
you're stupid. <eom> Torrey M. Spears Million Dollar RSPW Champion the Tuesday Morning Booker dude http://torreyspears.blogspot.com

(Dallas)RIP Miss Ellie

(OT) Genetic Discrimination In The IT Workplace
http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/08/10/1724246&from=rss Genetic Discrimination in the IT Workplace Posted by timothy on Wednesday August 10, @02:00PM from the hide-your-n...

Terrell Owens lost his smile?
Just wanted to be the first to say that. - bill, laughing his ass off at ESPNHD

Crappy Hollywood movies ream Blockbuster
Blockbuster crashes hard into red ink, surfaces, points shaky finger of blame squarely at conveyor belt of suck leading out of Hollywood.... Rental giant Blockbusted By IAN KING ...

Dammit WWE blew the one sure fire Eugene angle!
By trading Regal to Smackdown we'll never see him turn on Eugene after becoming jealous Eugene started listening to Christy more than him! Just imagine it: MAH GAWD, REGAL JUST BU...

[NEWS] Uh-oh, watch out Al Snow.....!
Source: eWrestling News / WWE.com - Al Snow's bio has been removed from the WWE.com Smackdown Superstars page. (He's working solely with OVW now, so I doubt he's getting fir...

Top 5 Starrcades

Top 5 Halloween Havoc's?

General Adnan Interview
Former WWF star Gen. Adnan aka Adnan Alkaissy was interviewed by the Duluth News Tribune today discussing his new autobiography, personally knowing Saddam Hussein several decades ago, and mo...

Is anyone here going to NWA FanFest in Charlotte?
I just got my VIP pass this weekend and I forgot to ask if anyone from here was planning on going. I'm going to stay at the Hilton in Charlotte Friday and Saturday Night, and I was wonderi...

Top 5 video game characters that are jobbers
1. Glass Joe 2. Aeris 3. Wiley 4. King Koopa 5. the Patriots & Colts in Tecmo Super Bowl

First Review Of John Cena's Movie "The Marine"
PWTorch.com reader Stonecoldmark of Hollywood, Calif. sent in the following review of "The Marine" starring John Cena... I just got back from seeing the very first showing in public of...

Come on H.I.V. perkoff!
...push the keys that make Billy Crabs come to life!!! I like him. FM...

Gimmick Idea: Pro Wrestler
He comes out to music, acknowledges the crowd reaction and walks to the ring with a sense of purpose. He poses in the ring for some time..... -- gavri http://www.livejournal....

Top 5 Royal Rumble's?

SmartApe stole my gimmick
and he's not even giving his top 5 in some cases, he's asking others to fill it out for him!

Top 5 wrestlers in 'WWF King of the Ring'
I never even played this game (maybe I downloaded it once). It probably sucked more than 'Steel Cage Challenge'. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start o...

WWE Wrestler Comments On Bad Backstage Atmosphere
Partial Source: PWTorch Newsletter -- Despite one of the most complained about wrestlers, Triple H, being out of the picture for a while, the backstage atmosphere in WWE is appare...

Top 5 wrestlers in 'WCW: World Championship Wrestling'
1. Hawk 2. Animal 3. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat 4. Steve Williams 5. Ric Flair -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper ...

Top 5 wrestlers in 'Tecmo World Wrestling'
I only remember Dr. Guildo. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper has no friends, and by the end, he has some. Yet, in the next car...

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