Top 5 Night Court characters
1. Dan Fielding (non-Phil Foundation years) *large gap* 2. Bob Wheeler (aka Data) 3. Bull 4. Mel Torme 5. Buddy (he's feeling much better now)

TV Land can go straight to helllllllll!
<say that in your best Vince voice> How can you end the Night Court marathon with an episode that isn't the finale? And if that isn't bad enough, why start the show a...

FS: Best of Starrcade 1983-1987 Original VHS Tape Set in Box
Hi all, Just thought I'd remind you in case you hadn't checked it out - I have an auction running for the Best of Starrcade 1983-1987 two tape set, in pristine condition in the or...

[ot] emulation is cool Just finished downloading the site entire collection of GB/GBC roms.

FS: Jesse "The Body" Ventura 12" Vinyl Picture Disc
Jesse "The Body" Ventura 12" Vinyl Picture Disc I have for sale the 12" Vinyl Picture Disc (1984 PS Records) of Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Side One: The Body Rules, Side Two: Showdown W...

Quick review of "Hogan Knows Best"
Knobbs was hilarious. When he wore Hogan's pants he should've also put on Hulk's feather boas and the bandana and just gone around the house shouting "Brother, Brother". Nick and ...

JBL reads RSPW, and I can prove it.
We all know he's not clever enough to come up with those thinly veiled racial jabs.

A person that can take Cm Punks spot in ROH (CP Munk the straight edge chipmunk)

Cindy Sheehan =The Matt Hardy Of the Left-wing blogs
I gave some of her posts at Dailykos a 4 (the highest number you can give) so I am partly to blame for this.

Im going to to camp out outside Titian Towers if raw sucks.
Eh bede beat me to it.

I've decided to go camp out in Greenwich, Conneckyticut
Perhaps if VinMac sees me suffering the by the side of the road, he will explain why he killed wrestling. the Bede /:-)> hey, it could happen

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Stacy Star In Episode Of MTV's Punk'd Last Night
Torch VIP member Ivan Trembow sent the following detailed report on Triple H and Stephanie's appearances on MTV's Punk'd last night... Triple H was on the season finale of MTV's Punk'd...

Pez dispencers -- Jabroni Inc. Bringing you the CRAP since 1995!!!

Frankie Kazarian's Last WWE Match?
WWE Velocity review August 13, 2005 Taped 8/9/05 Aired on Spike TV Report by Barry Kasten, Torch Team Contributor In what is definitely a first since I've been watching ...

When did Night Court jump the shark?
At one point it was the best sit-com of all time. By the end it was utter crap. So when was the jump? I say it was when Dan Fielding was in the...

I'm Quite Fond of Alex Cain
Dearest Netizens of RSPW, I, The One True Rusty, would like to announce that I am quite fond of Alex Cain. Here are some reasons why, for your consideration: 1.)...

Monty Brown Leaving TNA
Source: The Torch Monty Brown has yet to sign a new long-term deal with TNA as of this month. Brown recently signed Barry Bloom to represent him in any negotiations with TNA. Bloo...

WWE RAW House Show Report 8-14 Ottawa
WWE Raw house show report 8-14 Ottawa Rosey & The Hurricane with Stacy defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch by pinfall. (Not a very good match.) Chris Masters de...

TNA PPV Feedback..
from 1w FIRST BATCH OF FEEDBACK FOR TNA "SACRIFICE" By: readers 8/14/2005 11:28:48 PM From Louie D Sacrifice was awesome! Far better than anythin...

Undertaker DVD contents
On sale Aug .23... Where's the Kamala promo in which the Undertaker has blueprints of Kamala laying in the coffin??? Special Triple DVD Set! A special triple DVD...

Brian Knobbs vs. Shawn Michaels tommorow night on RAW

What the WWEeeee! should do with the US Title...
They should have the champ do an "Angle Challenge" style bit where he faces champions from around the world. They can use local indy guys and have the US champ claim that they are the...

I forgot the Pam Anderson Roast was on tonight. Anyone wanna recap? -- -- "Are you kidding, brother? I love (the wrestling.) It's in my blood, brother. It's also in m...

(Powell, Herb) SummerSlam Prediction
Based on the card alone and WWe's current track record, will SummerSlam be... A craptacular suckfest? A Rool Zall event? Meh? just wondering.

Andy Dick is foddling Pam Anderson's tits on Comedy Central as I type this...
There truly is no God. -- Sean

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe..
....great match!! I give it ****!!!! I'm glad I bought this PPV!!

a Dominic-on-a-Pole Match would, in fact, rule all.
Mainly because, just as Rey was climbing the pole to claim/rescue him, he would "accidently" fall off and be badly injured. Phil Mushnick would object, which would make Vince happy, and tha...

What is Jerry Sags Thinking Right Now?
Any guesses? -- "Wha'cha gonna do, brother... when the Hulkster comes at you, Shawn Michaels? At Summerslam, brother, we're gonna hook up, brother! You and me, for the fir...

Remember the 2000 Smackdown Challenge?
Linda McMahon challenged Bush and Gore to appear on Smackdown and have a debate moderated by The Body. JBL woulda bust a but if Dubya was on Smackdown! -- --- "Damn dirty f...

Rey/Eddie match at SummerSlam
What type of match is it? A Ladder match or a something on a Pole match? If its either one of them, what would be the 'prize' to be held atop of the ring, documents or Dominic himself? ...

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