I Mark for Kazarian Wishing WWE the Best in Their Future Endeavors
If Vince holds any kind of grudge b/c of that, then I truly pity him. -curious It's a POTYC, for sure.

Who (nN) Do You Side With, Kazarian or WWE?
Kazarian was easily one of the highlights of Velocity this last month, and despite how he got it (i.e., him bitching or them feeling it was time), they WERE pushing him. And they were pushin...

London 2005 = Jericho 1998
EOM -curious Only, London sounds really insincere in his whiny promos.

On-topic Night Court post
Dan Fielding == Ric Flair Early in their careers, they were main event heels you loved. Late in their careers, they were shells of their former selves, but could still brin...

Ego doesn't pay the rent, Frankie.
Any jobber that needs to make a public statement to say he is leaving a fed has serious, SERIOUS delusions on his place in the pecking order. Those 50 cheering fans in whatever big top indie...

(RSPolitksW) Howard Dean favors rape rooms -- torture -- denying women civil rights?
http://washtimes.com/national/20050814-115425-7424r.htm For goodness sakes, you brahs still don't claim Dean as one of your own, do you??? This guy says more stupid things on camera t...

WWE RAW House Show Report: Kingston, Ontario
Kingston, Ontario Saturday, August 13, 2005 Submitted By: Jamie and Chris Burger, rajah.com readers Crowd was about 2/3 full in a 4000-seat arena. Heat wave in Ontario and <...

(POLL) What if Anakin was gay?
He would have NEVER fallen in love with Padme, and NEVER turned to the Dark Side to save her & become Vader. He could have killed the Emporer and the whole mess would have never happened. <...

WWE Smackdown House Show Report: London, Ontario
Report by: Mike, rajah.com reader Just got back from the Smackdown house show in London, Ontario. Believe me when they say card subject to change, on house shows that's most likel...

WWE RAW House Show Results From Ottawa; No Cena Again
WWE RAW HOUSE SHOW RESULTS FROM OTTAWA; NO CENA AGAIN by Mark Ouellet @ 12:21:00 PM on 8/15/2005 I generally enjoy Raw. I won't go into the reasons why here, but I understan...

so, is FrankieTehFuture going back to TNA, or what?

Great American Bash Buyrate
Source: PWInsider The early numbers are in for the Great American Bash PPV and they are about what you would expect, not too good. The show did about 235,000 buys, which is down ...

[no] this is aboot WAFFLE HOUSE
http://www.detnews.com/2005/business/0508/13/biz-279101.htm Waffle House, turning 50, still dishin' diner food and personality By KRISTEN WYATT Associated Press Writer ...

Low Crowds At WWE Shows Affecting The Wrestlers
LOW CROWDS AT WWE SHOWS AFFECTING THE WRESTLERS, HHH'S NEW ROLE BACKSTAGE by Dave Scherer @ 11:39:00 AM on 8/15/2005 One thing that I keep hearing every time I talk to WWE w...

Top 5 Charlie Sheen Movies

Top 5 James Spader Movies

Top 5 Will Ferrell movies
Must be starring, not cameo 1. Anchorman 2. Old School 3. Elf <gap> 4. Kicking & Screaming 5. Night at the Roxbury (still better than Bewitched)

Three Matches Announced For RAW Tonight, Diva Hopeful's Playboy Connection And More
THREE MATCHES ANNOUNCED FOR RAW TONIGHT, DIVA HOPEFUL'S PLAYBOY CONNECTION, AND MORE by Buck Woodward @ 11:07:00 AM on 8/15/2005 The final Raw before Summerslam is tonight, ...

Interview Recap With WWE Hopeful Simply Luscious
INTERVIEW RECAP WITH WWE HOPEFUL SIMPLY LUSCIOUS by James Walsh @ 9:54:00 AM on 8/15/2005 Show: Wrestling Epicenter's Internet Show Guest: Simply Luscious Date: August ...

Full Inside Story On WWE Superstar Asking For His Release
Full inside story on WWE superstar asking for his release Submitted by Brian Cantor on Monday, August 15, 2005 at 2:09 AM EST Sunday might have featured a TNA P...

Frankie Kazarian Announces He Is Leaving WWE
Frankie Kazarian Announces He Is Leaving WWE, Will Make Statement This Week Submitted by Daniel Pena on Monday, August 15, 2005 at 10:27 AM EST The followi...

Name That Theme #4
"He loves his wife and son and does the best he can" -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper has no friends, and by the end, he has s...

(HBO) Did anyone catch the Kirk and Michael Douglas special?
I forgot the name of it ("Father and Son" maybe?) but I TiVoed it and watched a few minutes of it and I marvel at the relationship between the two of them. From seeing clips of Kirt as a yo...

[Moron Watch] nice job, Joe Allbaugh!
http://www.drudgereport.com/flash3.htm Lott Singles Out Frist, Nickles, Allbaugh For Criticism In His New Book Mon Aug 15 2005 10:05:29 ET In his new autobiography HERDING C...

[Pohl] How many episodes of Night Court did you see this weekend?
I'd say around 12-15 myself.

Top 5 worst ingriedients on a taco salad
1. Black beans 2. Avacados 3. Olives 4. Guacalmole 5. Corn (corn is good, but not on anything to do with tacos)

New WWE Series
Based upon the success of "Hogan Knows Best" (when compared to WWE programming) WWE creative has gone back to what they do best - stealing ideas from the past - to propose a host of ripped...

Top 5 most disgusting fast food joints
1. White Castle 2. Taco Bell 3. Burger King 4. Wendy's 5. Sonic

Top 5 food items at Long John Silvers
1. the crunchy batter stuff that falls off the fish patties 2. Hushpuppies 3. Clams 4. battered shrimp 5. fish pattie

Top 5 items on an All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Buffet Bar
1. Bacon 2. Donoughts 3. Sausage links/patties 4. French Toast sticks 5. Scrambled Eggs with cheese sauce

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