Top 5 guys that will never return to WWE
1. Bret Hart 2. Brock Lesnar 3. Who (y Jim) 4. Ultimate Warrior 5. Goldberg

Top 5 Actors/sports players that might run for President
1. Arnold (need that ammendment, though) 2. Bill Bradley 3. Jim Bunning (wacko) 4. Jesse Ventura 5. Christopher Walken

101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler
DVD REVIEW: 101 Reasons Not to Be a Pro Wrestler -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted on 8/18/105 by Mason Raige If ...

Spiderman 3 Villians
About those SPIDER-MAN 3 villain rumors... Hey guys, Quint here. We've been getting email after email demanding why we're not covering this huge revelation recently regarding SPIDER-MAN...

15 Things We Learned This Week
15 Things we learnt this week Posted on Thr, 18-Aug-2005 with Clint Morris Much like the space shuttle Discovery I've learned to earth, so how about we do a 15 things t...

Lost Cast Interview
LOST!! Herc Chats Up The Cast In Hawaii!! I am - Hercules!! This is likely the saddest Ain't It Cool Coaxial News post you will ever read: my final dispatch from the fabulous...

Indy 4 Update
>From Aint It Cool... Which old flames will Indy possibly see in his fourth outing? Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a little more kindling for the rumor bonfire regarding Indian...

Princess Leia Joins Smallvile
Carrie Fisher Joins Cast of SMALLVILLE!! I am - Hercules!! Great shades of Elvis!! Turns out the former princess will play the editor-in-chief of The Daily Planet! TV Guide's ...

Backstage News On Future WWE Smackdown! Feuds
Backstage news on future WWE SmackDown! feuds Submitted by Brian Cantor on Thursday, August 18, 2005 at 2:46 AM EST Prior to UPN's decision to ban Muhammad Hass...

What will Walken say at his Innaguration speech?
I put my pants on just like the rest of you - one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I'm the President of the United States! Guess what? I got a fever for National Healthcare...

WEHT the 3 I's?
I miss Angle preaching them.

Footballer in bar fight
Netscape Sports: Chiefs' kicker charged with felony after alleged bar fight ELLSWORTH, Wis. (AP) - Kansas City Chiefs kicker Lawrence Tynes was charged Wednesday with ...

Randy Newman or Don West
Which would you liquidate?

(Walken 2008) What you can count on the GOP doing.
Sending postcards to all black families in America with his "True Romance" diatribe about Italians and that "nigger gene" because they know that the majority of the rednecks that will vote a...

Backstage Heat
Im gettin some. MrB

Frankie Kazarian's biggest problem
from his official site's bio: "Sean Waltman, and various others, gave Frankie the inspiration to fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a professional wrestler." X-Pa...

"Halle Berry would have won DivaSearch 2"
Defend or Bash.

Quick note to all aspiring songwriters:
The "Want/need" dichotomy (i.e. "Everything you want/none of what you need") has been beaten deader than Sean Combs' chances of ever being relevant again. Pleased to stop using it unless yo...

Ever purchase a cd and forget about it for... 6 years or so?
I bought The Electric B.B. King years ago... it's been through 4 moves since then, and I still never took it out of the plastic wrap. Until today. Ripped it to iTunes and put it back in i...

We need names for TNA and ROH fans
On other boards they call ROH fans rohbots. What should TNA fans be called?

RSPW, your dream come true. -- C The Shocker 2005 King of RSPW Apathetic Member of The Cult Of Meh You Eat Pieces Of Shit For Breakfast?

PICKLES - The Hardcore Feline Icon.. starts a band..
First hit video can be seen....HERE!!!...

new ring music writer for WWE

I do not understand the Conway
What the fuck is that guys gimmick? whats the reason that fans should boo him? " I really hate that guy with the randy newman music god I hate Toy Story"

And Spider-Man was never the same... -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper has no friends, and by the end, he has some. Yet, in...

Reading the TNA tapings results
It sounds a lot better than WWE .I think becuase Tenay is one of the people booking it now (so there are more farts in TNA)

The Situation with Tucker Carlson is such a success
Its always a great sign when they move you from 9 to 11 on a cable news network.Its also a great sign when the host takes a week off a week after the new timeslot starts and the show is bein...

Kerwin White was on Heat!
He had a whole big spiel, too! While the screens at the door showed his new entrance graphics (lots of white picket fences), he drove a golf cart to the ring. He gave a long in-ring promo an...

Val should have given the towel to Lita
Then Lita should have looked really turned on by it, causing Edge to get jealous, and further establishing that Lita is a slut who will cheat on anyone.

any one get the NEW Vanilla Ice joint today?

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