Summerslam 2005 On Limewire
Summerslam 2005 matches are already up and available on Limewire, inc. Hogan/HBK and Hardy/Edge

Ric Flair To Be On Carlito's Cabana On RAW Tonight
Here is the updated RAW preview from Just one day after SummerSlam, there's no telling what kind of fireworks will be seen on RAW. "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair will b...

That the leader of the Klingon EMPIRE is the CHANCELLOR? If it's an EMPIRE, WHY isn't he an EMPORER??? (Look at 'Star Wars'. Palpatine didn't continue to...

MARKOUT!!!! Flair to be on the Cabana tonight!

Top 5 Most Painful Situations You've Been Involved In

Why is Christy Hemme so painful?
Something about her is so painful its like a painful like thing.I think there is a lot of pain there.

Christy Hemme on the Matt/Edge/lita thing
"I didn't really know what to make of it so I just rolled with the punches and let it happen. It's a painful situation. There's a lot of pain there between all of them. We don't see much of ...

Stop crying, Chris Jericho isn't retiring
The man has been on WWE TV nonstop for years now. He hasnt much time away from the ring at all, He reminds me of Angle and how he was injury free for so long. These guys get burnt out just l...

What does Matt Hardy have to do to win RSPW over?

Idea to save both Hardy and Eugene
Just have them switch characters. Eugene changes his name to Matt Hardy and begins fueding with Edge. Matt becomes Eugene, wears the white and red jacket and acts like himself. <...

Welcome to RAW is Chris Jericho's Farewell
--The talk backstage last night is that tonight's Raw would be Chris Jericho's farewell. Credit: Da Meltz

Hulk Hogan Interview
Hulk Hogan interview by John Pollock HULK HOGAN ON THE LAW *Hogan said that wrestling is a political shark tank and you always have to be ...

Bob Moog dead RALEIGH, N.C. - Robert A. Moog, whose self-named synthesizers turned electric currents into sound, revolutionizing music in t...

Gayda & Hass To TNA
Source: Various Former WWE Diva Jacqueline Moore will be appearing in a movie called "Sin-Jin Smyth". The synopsis says, "Every HALLOWEEN at MIDNIGHT, the devil simultaneously app...

Harry Potter Trailer

Bubba Ray Dudley Talks About Hardcore Homecoming, TNA, WWE, Tommy Dreamer, And More
BUBBA RAY DUDLEY TALKS ABOUT HARDCORE HOMECOMING, TNA, WWE, TOMMY DREAMER, AND MORE by Voice Of Wrestling @ 2:36:00 PM on 8/22/2005 Chris Cash went live with the Voice of Wrestlin...

Has anyone seen a place to pre-order 360s yet?
I haven't seen anywhere to pre-order, and was wondering if anyone has noticed anyone taking pre-orders yet. Anyone seen anything anywhere?

What does Matt Hardy need to do tonight to save his WWE career?
Other than give Vince and HHH a blowjob peep peep!

ESPN Writer Rips On Summerslam
>From ESPN.Com By Bill Simmons Page 2 After a long and illustrious career, I retired as a wrestling fan about five years ago. Once they added that second weekl...

Re: Name That Theme #8
Here are the original lyrics: "They always catch your eye and pretend they don't care. Running wild and free my imagination takes it from there." And now I add more! "All yo...

Johnny Cash Biopic
Joaquin Phoenix is supposed to star as the man in black, and I can see him pulling it off. June Carter Cash is beling played by.....Reese Witherspoon! Am I the only one having a ...

(DoH) USA Weekend Box-Office Summary
USA Weekend Box-Office Summary 19 August 2005 (Sunday Estimates) Rank Title Weekend Gross 1. The 40 Year-Old Virgin (2005) $20.6M $20.6M 2. Red-Eye (2005/I) $16.5M $16.5M ...

(Poll) Jericho will win WWE Title again?
I would say yes after last night he must next year, He'll probably be gone till Royal Rumble.

Who's been fucked by Vader recently?

Oh and Matt Hardy v Edge was gay
I forgot to add this was the worst booked match ever. Why on earth would they book Hardy that way after returning and whatever chance of getting over he had as a main eventer has been ruined...

Nick Hogan At Summerslam
>From Thanks to Lee Petry for sending along more live notes and thoughts from Summerslam: In addition to what's already been reported, here's a few more ...

Alba Still Committed To FF2
>From Imagine stumbling upon a bottle with a wish-granting Jessica Alba inside? That's what Hollywood's got planned for the forthcoming "I Dream of J...

Matt Hardy's Future In WWE Not Looking Good
Credit: Newsletter Since his return to the WWE in July, many watchful eyes have been on Matt Hardy within the company. Some feel his push could be greatly reduced foll...

More Detailed Live Notes From Summerslam
More Detailed Live Notes From SummerSlam Submitted by Carl Walsh on Monday, August 22, 2005 at 8:38 AM EST Thanks to Feguzman for sending along the following......

WWE Continues McMahon For President Gag
WWE continues "McMahon for President" gag, Video clips, more Submitted by Brian Cantor on Monday, August 22, 2005 at 5:16 AM EST - Continuing the joke from last...

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