(Katrina) Want An Idea On How Many Are Dead ?
My mom's retired but is helping transport state officials and such to/from New Orleans. She's just called me after dropping off a group that had one of the cadaver dog team's. The leader of ...

Why can't Smackdown be live?
What would it hurt?

Will Shep Smith get beaten to death by lotter gangs before this is over?
That would be a cool way to end this.

Fucking Nazi bastards.. "The hurricane happened because The US didnt sogn the KYOTO treaty"..
no.... we dont need the fake science driven loonies dictating government policy.

BRAHS.,.lets get some scuba gear and go hit some underwater banks in N.O.
gots to be several underwater.. and no one guarding them!! HMMMMMMM........

(OT) What percentage of people will be f-ed by the insurance companies.
I'm guessing somewhere in the vicinity of 100%. -- Jack Foley, Esq. "Works on Contingency? No. Money Down!" -Lionel Hutz (Phil Hartman, RIP) <...

(OT) What's the problem with looting?
Those people most likely are STUCK with no telling when help will arrive. Get what you can; you have to survive as long as possible. If it means just taking things so you can barter late...

$5.87 a gallon for unleaded regular.. ATLANTA BABY!!
gotta love those "price gougers" that "will be investigated".. bullshit

(Katrina) Something That Happened Today
One of my conductors from New Orleans showed up today with his family. He lives between the Gulf coast and New Orleans and told me this. In one area in South Plaquemines parish he said there...

Admiral Ozzel jobs to the Grim Reaper :(
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/4200884.stm Actor Michael Sheard, best known for playing teacher Mr Bronson in long-running children's TV drama Grange Hill in the...

It's time to put an end to FunkyM's reign of terror
I encourage everyone to put him on your ignore list or better yet report him to the authorities. He MUST be stopped, we CANNOT allow such a menace to continue on a path of destruction and a...

A Look Back At WWE On Friday Nights
Welcome back to Pro Wrestling Torch LOUNGE Flashbacks! I'm taking a break from the Bret Hart LOUNGE Marathon this week, but I should be back with the edition later with Bret Hart vs. R...

'Revenge Of the Sith'-NOT to be issued on VHS

The Tulsa "Golden Hurricane"
knee deep in piss! -- Never shit a shitter. *RULER of alt.pro-wrestling.nwo *********************************

(Poll) Closest WalMart to you?
6 miles

N.O. mayor just called 1,500 cops off search/rescue...
...to go help contain the lunacy in the city. There are people still on roofs out there.

The New Orleans Hornets mascot
The mascot of the New Orleans Hornets, "Hugo the Hornet" was named after Hurricane Hugo when the remnants of that deadly storm (which the ZodiacMan lived through at ground zero when he was...

Carolina Hurricanes
Do they change their name this year? And they are a hockey team for the ignant among you.

O'Reilly sticks it to the levee planner guy
O'Reilly : These levees were built in New Orleans for a category 3 hurricane?? you knew there was a possibility for a category 4 or 5, why wern't they built better? You just expected peo...

"The City of New Orleans is under its own filth tonight"
Another wonderful quote by the great Shep Smith.

How long till Daniel Carver updates his message with reports on the looters!!

PING: Anyone who has a web page or a blog
Those of you who know me, know that I'm not a particularly rich guy. I don't have a lot of cash to give. I do, however, have web space and bandwidth. I have created a grap...

Did you hear about the shitass in Mississippi selling gas for $7/gal?
I heard that on Fox News this afternoon and he was rationing it to 5 gallons per person. The woman who they interviewed said she was about out of gas and there were no stations open due to t...

Mick Foley Pitches Idea For Eugene And The Rock And Sock Connection
Mick Foley pitches idea for Eugene and the "Rock 'n Sock Connection" Submitted by Stu Starrs on Wednesday, August 31, 2005 at 5:17 PM EST Credit: The LAW ...

Are TV Forces Working Against WWE?
World Wrestling Entertainment will return to its original cable television home, the USA network, with its Oct. 3, 2005, episode of Raw. However, of the other three hours of WWE programming ...

Gail Kim Signs On With TNA
Gail Kim Signs On With TNA Submitted by Daniel Pena on Wednesday, August 31, 2005 at 6:19 PM EST Asian sensation Gail Kim has come to an agreement with TNA as t...

Mottola to do a "if you could say fifty two words to Katrina" thread
and "Katrina comes into your bed, what do you do"

Scott H to do a top 5 list about Katrina

(New Orleans Memories) Remember when Zodiac said New Orleans was
He was off by a day, the levee didn't break until late Monday night/early Tuesday morning hence the city wasn't actually destroyed until Tuesday.

Thieves Plotting to Bugularize Lawler's Home Sentenced
http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/local_news/article/0,1426,MCA_437_4039953,00.html The girlfriend of a crooked Memphis cop who plotted to burglarize the home of professional wrestl...

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