33 Killed in Terrorist Attacks
33? Most redumblicans will say, "is that all?" Why does the press even bother reporting these incidents? The bulk of you people have already proven the only time you care is when americans o...

Former US Diplomat Banned from Flying
Another right gone and another right gone, another right bites the dust. Hey there gonna get you too, another right bites the dust. Who's Watching the Watch List? By John Graham, ...

Prince Edward Island counties deserving a push
Prince -- Never shit a shitter. --------------

They're heading for the medical frigate!
Deer Admiral Akbar, Why the fuck did you bring a *medical frigate* to an all-out attack on the Death Star? Sincerely, Common Sense. -...

Chad spinkicks the Florida panhandle
Already reports of tornados appearing in the area. Wicked awesome, unless you live there in which case it really, really sucks.

Since the "E" is being all non-kayfabe these days....
Why don't they just trot the Diva Sluts out next week and say, "These are your 2005 divas. Enjoy!" instead of insulting our intelligence by making us think we have a choice between who stays...

RIP Destin, Gulf Shores, etc.
couldn't happen to a nice bunch of bourgeosie mooks.

America's Lead in Science and Technology Disappearing
This really isn't much of a surprise since america is still battling over ridiculous ideas like creationism. america is the only industrialized nation where the leaders want to drag it's peo...

Dirk Benedict is now my all-time hero.
Dreamwatch Magazine Starbuck: Lost in Castration Once upon a time, in what used to be a far away land called Hollywood but is now a state of mind and everywhere, a young act...

Deer "Africa brought AIDS upon itself" people
what's your fasting glucose and lipid profile? Squad, marking for uncontrollable urges

Deer "the media is liberal/conservative" people
they just suck. no bias. they just suck. Including John Stewart; and that's a shoot! Squad, whose sources (n. guy in a bar) will remain anonymous ...

RIP Mobile/Pensecola : Hurricane Dennis strengthening at "insane"
http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCDAT4+shtml/092301.shtml? 125 mph, probably Cat 4 before landfall. AFTER DEEPENING AT A RATE THAT BORDERED ON INSANE DURING THE AFTE...

London Terrorist Attacks Would Have Been A Complete Flop
Without the aid of the media. The media, in its present form, is the absolute perfect vehicle for terror.

Book WWE with "Star Wars" characters

Rush Says 40 Dead No Big Deal
Finally a redumblican that has the same attitude towards the deaths of the Londoners as he does towards the Iraqi citizens deaths. Of course it's the exact opposite reaction then it should b...

RSPW as the Village People
The Indian - Rock Boy George The Cowboy - Milqueer The Construction Worker - Gay Lil Timmy aka Suckdickabus The Leather Biker - Poot Pooterson The Cop - Squ...

A pro wrestler that was a former atheist
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bart_McQueary "Prior to converting to Calvanism, McQueary was an atheist. He first worked as a professional wrestler on the independent circuit and w...

Republicans Celebrate Terrorist Attacks
http://mediamatters.org/items/200507070005 Fox News' Brian Kilmeade: London terror attack near G8 summit "works to ... Western world's advantage, for people to experience something lik...

Republicans Want France Attacked
Interesting that I'm chastised for having the audacity to suggest Americans should show the same concern for Iraqi citizens as they do London citizens while this guy says let them kill the F...

These aren't the droids you're looking for.
You can go about your business. Move along.

1PW Press Release
"A Twist Of Fate" 1PW www.1p-w.com 1PW is proud to announce that on October 1st at the Doncaster Dome in Doncaster, UK, Steve Corino will be de...

Attn: Official Mafia Spokesperson
A very important issue has come to my attention that I need to speak to you about. Unfortunately google groups blocks out half your email address so I couldn't just email you like...

(Rush Hour 3)Jackie Chan: "Chris Tucker is holding up production"
Someone needs to...encourage Tucker to continue with the diva ways because RH3 I can live without. http://tinyurl.com/avq8y

Brock should be saddled with Lance Storm's gimmick...
BOOOO-ring! BOOOOO-ring! "If I may be serious for a minute..." Maybe Stonce Cold can come out and nap during his debut match...

TAG TEAM IDEA: Two Lost Souls
would wrestle in a fishbowl-shaped ring....annually. -- Never shit a shitter. --------------

Brock should have to come back under a mask.
"The Yellow Viking".

Greatest Talent released by WWE.... Hardy?
Hey guys, Check this out... I think Test was the greatest talent. http://www.voote.com/jsp/VoteServerPage.jsp?TransID=RVOTES00&VoteID=120 .

I challenge Nicolas Cage
to a cage match...... -- Never shit a shitter. --------------

JBL: most over wrestler in RSPW
hardly any HHH complaints anymore........ -- Never shit a shitter. --------------

Diva Ashley stole Jeff Hardy's gimmick

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