HBK is a Great Heel
so why show a little hint of remorse? Why cant he just be full fledged evil?

[Matt Hardy] WWE creative worked all of RSPW
you are such suckas - he was never fired, and Lita never even cheated on him

IMO HBKs turn is too sympathetic....
Didn't really come across as heelish at all in his interview.

(TMB) Matt Hardy Owned The Night.
Congratulations, WWE. You finally put together a RAW worth saving.

They Bleep The Crowd Now?
That sucks. - Can we stop fighting, and start living?

Piper is ashamed of HBK?
Has Piper looked himself in the mirror lately? HAHA Sweet chin Music! Take that Piper! HBK RULES!

It's Kinda Obvious He's Gonna Superkick Piper
- Can we stop fighting, and start living?

Can HBK carry old Hogan to a watchable match?
I don't see how

wwe & roh have a working agreement?
Do WWE & RoH have some kind of agreement going on? Kinda like how they had with ECW... some evidence: Hardy has been booked for RoH and TNA, but instead shows up tonight. ...

Question about HBK interview
Why isn't it Maria conducting it? -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper has no friends, and by the end, he has some. Yet, in the ne...

(Poll) Hardy/Edge/Lita
It's obvious that this has turned into a worked shoot but exactly when did the work start and the shoot end ?

[Raw] If only Layla would've said
"and that's for screwing Bret!" She would win hands-down

Shawn really is Jesus!
He's wearing all white!

[Raw] I thought the Snitsky foot scene was the worst thing I ever saw on Raw
until the skanks came out Mae Young's hand birth was easier to watch than either of the above

Taking bets
Matt Hardy Work or shoot?

HOLY SHIT.... THY'RE GONNA MAKE HARDY.. the clone of the loose cannon Pillman.
he'll be at random matches and attack edge..

Matt Hardy was trying to promo his appearance at ROH when tackled..
and arrested..

Okay, since I'm on a prediction hotstreak...
...I say Eugene comes out to confront HBK, and a match between the two is scheduled for next week. If it happens, I'm going to Vegas. (I won't forget to post,...

What was Matt babbling about, anyway?
After calling Adam a bastard, Lita a whore, and telling the WWE to kiss his ass, what the heck was he mumbling afterwards?

why do they only show the part of GOG's leg drop where he hits the mat?
And not the parts where he jumps up past venus and mars and drops back down with drops of jupiter in his... well.. on his scalp? Allways wondered about that.. also.. i understand ...

Matt gets injured in four months
Not sure if that bulk was the juice or chocolate cake but there was way too much bulk on his frame.

Matt Hardy's new gimmick
I bet he's going to be a psycho nut who spouts off a bunch of non-sensical crap like "the scar shall become a symbol!" -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the s...

Matt Hardy Returns................
With the greatest shoot angle I've seen since the day's of "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert

Matt Hardy is the next Stone Cold
He gets arrested and defies the WWE. When he does the Twist of Fate on Vince, you'll know it's true.

What RAW needed this week
- Maria - Kerwin White - BIG VIS - Lillian -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper has no friends, and by the end,...

Thats how you do a angle...
I've always wanted to see a "fight" in the wwe like that b/w edge and hardy. it was obviously a work but that's how real fights are: punches flailing, not wrestlers going "blow for blow". a...

How much ice cream did Matt Hardy eat while he was off crying over Lita? Any guesses? peep peep!

Matt Hardy > Brian Pillman
That was surreal. And congrats to DOI for being the ones to break the news about him being backstage. ----- D-Chance. RSPW's 2004 Most On-Topic Poster. W. ...

to all the "called it" folks..
*ahem* rafiki Jul 11, 3:44 pm show options Newsgroups: rec.sport.pro-wrestling From: "rafiki" <[email protected]> - Find messages by this author ...

Umm... have we seen this?
Demolition maybe. Ominous Corey should love it tho (humor. no wang involved): http://www.nakedzombie.com/productpages/prodpage-wrestling.html LG -- "What is our ...

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