Why is Everyone Talking Aboot the San Antonio Spears?
? -curious And why are you using that whacky Kansas City accent to do so?

Kurt Angle Talks About Trying To Top His Mania Match With HBK
KURT ANGLE TALKS ABOUT TRYING TO TOP HIS MANIA MATCH WITH HBK, JOY EXPLAINS WHAT A DIVA IS, AND MORE by Buck Woodward @ 12:55:00 AM on 6/24/2005 Brian Sahlin sent along a li...

FS: 3 wisdom teeth
fresh. bloody. found in a box in an alley.

( Meat ) Ever eat bologna ice cream?
And if so what did it taste like?

Tom Kook is on Letterman
Kooking it up.

Ever Had Your Work On A Blog?
It seems the bloogers like to take pictures I post on usenet and than "Blog" them. http://www.mortystwistedworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10339 I'm becoming more and more famou...

I hate Spurs
<Dragan> JBL am Spurs fan </Dragan>

[ot] Dear Detroit Pistons...
Forget the Undertaker's theme. Here's your new theme song : the TPIR Losing Horns. http://www.80stvthemes.com/ra/TPIRLOSE.ra :P

Culture Clash run-in in the cruiserweight match
Markoot! I hope they bring back the Mex-Men skit. -Paco Supreme Broken English promos rule!

Bushido 7...
Oh yeah...believe the hype. -- Krusty RSP-W Poster of the Year, 2004 Get a fucking opinion. Post it, or don't waste our time.

( Meta ) I am "Archived Chad"
Actually, I'm not. I just wanted to see how much Fatty Face would drool when he read this.

Movie alert: Dead Alive
On IFC, 9pm MDT. If you haven't seen this one.....YOU SHOULD!!!!!

(NBA Finals) Tim Duncan Judged. Found...
... to be the biggest whiner in the NBA. Every time he hears a whistle, his hands go in the air and he has that stupid has that stupid "What did I do?" look on his face. Disgusti...

can the Latino World Order reunion PPV special be far away?

Blue Meanie Comments On JBL Fight; Considering Lawsuit?
In an interview with Alex Marvez, The Blue Meanie reportedly confirmed that he's at least considering legal action over the recent incident with JBL. Meanie, who noted that the pa...

I guess everyone was watching Eddie-Rey?
Good match, way better than last week's snorefest of JBL-Taker. WWE fans love that 619. Cool heel tactics by Latino Heat. I'm glad the feud is over as Eddie is such a great heel that he shou...

Smackdown was better than Raw this week
Not too often those words are spoken. --rafiki

14th Annual Colorado Brewfest...
...in Ft. Collins this Saturday and Sunday. I'll be there Saturday with some friends. Anybody else planning on attending?

WWE News: Detailed Report On CNN Feature On State Of WWE Business
Thanks to PWTorch.com reader Tonydx for sending the following report. Tonight, CNN International exclusively in Europe and Asia aired a 3-minute piece on WWE's international business o...

How many times they gonna recap this Eddie-Rey feud?
Sorta like the Batista-H recap that they show every week.

Great Am Bash - password?
Anyone got the pre-sale password? http://tickets.com/event_info.cgi?pid=5565051

Ha ha @ an apparently fucked up person submitting Smackdown "spoilers" to wrestlingobserver.com
He got the major points right, at least. Go look.

Undertakers theme music...............
Just watchin the NBA FInals and the Pistons came out to the Undertaker's theme! Very strange.

Man I can't wait for the Dukes of Hazzard movie
So I can see Incubus's nephew in it and say I know some one who has been in a movie (besides myself, of course).

Serious question for Chad: Why do you live in Utah?
Here's my thinking. You are probably the most left of people on RSPW. And yet you live in the most "Red" state that there is, even though you constantly bitch about "Red" states, as if t...

I bet Karl Malone is marking over Brooks and Dunn at NBA game 7
...its true!

These SD! Six do not compare to RAW's Six
Hassan/Big Slob/JBL/Benoit/Booker/Taker or HBK/Angle/HHH/Cena/Batista/Edge Pros and cons of each:

Mo and Shouty to SD??!!
I don't remember who called it, but damn if you were right!!

JBL-Asshole to the core
And funny as hell. "I don't even know what 'down' is!"

My 3rd ONLY post about SD! - SmackDown! Championship
Why doesn't WWE just resurrect the Light Heavyweight Title instead? I mean that title was just as useless...especially since the last champ was X-Punk.

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