Roddy Piper Signs 5 Year Contract With WWe
Roddy Piper claimed in an article on the Celebrity Wrestling TV show that starts on 4/23 in the U.K., where he is the host, that he had just signed a five-year WWE contract. He also said he ...

Brutus Beefcake Interview
Brutus Beefcake interview by Graham Cawthorn How were you introduced to wrestling? I grew up in Florida and watched wre...

Favorate Flair moment in WWE since his return?
That match with HHH on RAW when we thought he'd win the belt was one of them for me. Also his return to become co-owner was swell. JeffH WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thanks for the m...

Any John Tenta news? Has Wrestlecrap been updated lately?
Please fill me in. SMARK

PTC Goes After The Shield! Mackey's Gonna Be Pissed!
Conservative activist Brent Bozell's Parents Television Council has launched a campaign to urge advertisers to drop sponsorship of the FX cable network hit, The Shield, which it said, "depic...

Flair d. Batista on Raw in 3 weeks
5:09, tapout (Figure Four after Golata) Then Flair picks up the belt, kisses it, lays it down in the center of This Very Ring, and walks off. the Bede /:-)> t...

(Legit) Ric Flair and WWE come to agreement to part ways
RIC FLAIR AND WWE COME TO AGREEMENT TO PART WAYS, FLAIR TO BE FEATURED ON ONE LAST RAW. by Mike Johnson @ 1:35:00 PM on 4/14/2005 It seems the WWE and Ric Flair have come to an ag...

Happy Birthday, Buffy! -- "Get a fucking haircut. Looks like your mother fucked a monkey."- Al Swearengen

Molly Denied Character Change!!!
Here is a post I saw on a wrestling board from a guy who is a Victoria fan and is now wondering whats going to happen to her now. But a very interesting piece of info. from him states that N...

How to book lita/edge/matt story! (featuring bill gates and sony)
Imagine how cool next years wrestlmania could be though. I can see it now. Edge wins the title at wm22. The next night on raw as his title prsentation ceromony edge is dedicatimg his win to ...

This is soooo wrong... Make it past round 4 if you can... THIRLLER MODE!!! -- We're adding a little something t...

Crazy Suggestion! Lets talk about something to do with wrestling!
This could revolutionise sports msg board entertainment forever!

Scandal By Warrior
Scandal by Warrior So the Ultimate Warrior came to UConn to perk up the campus Republicans, and he managed to insult ¨queers,¨ Santa Claus, and just about everyone else by Nathan ...

Whatever happened to that music industry crisis?
FunkyM was in Best Buy a week or two ago and he noticed that all their CDs were suddenly marked up 20%. What happened to trying to keep people away from that *EEEEEVIL* internet?? ...

John Tenta Helth Update From Wrestlecrap
It's now officially one year since I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Here are some of my thoughts and feelings I've gone through. I never realized that being diagnosed with cancer was a d...

Save Matt Hardy!
Judd sent this one. It won't work, but hey, if it makes people feel better, what the hell! ... Fans have set up a petition to bring back Matt Hardy to WWE and/or show their support fo...

Heavy Competition For WWe's ECW PPV
HEAVY COMPETITION FOR WWE'S ECW PAY PER VIEW! By: Andy Cohen 4/14/2005 9:15:42 AM WWE PRESENTS: ECW ONE NIGHT STAND has some heavy competition now on pay per view...

Don't You Hate When...
Your neighbours throw out furniture that's better than what you have in your house. The Wheel's Spinning, But The Hamster's Dead ...

(OT) Screw Wrestlmania, I'm going to the WTS! Thailand to Host World Toilet Summit Apr 14, 8:47 AM (ET) BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) - Thailand plans to upgrade hygiene...

[KORSPW 2nd Round] Deer Rockboy
Well, brah, I've been so focused on my potential 3rd round matchup with Jack Foley that I've completely forgotten about my 2nd round opponant. Now, I know you've already deferred to me, so t...

[survey] fave SCTV character?
I was always a Guy Caballero mark.

OT: 911 offers to kill an unruly child!
911 Dispatcher Reprimanded Over Wisecrack WATAUGA, Texas - A 911 dispatcher was reprimanded f...

I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League #3 Preview "Hmmmmm perhaps that's where we ALL go when we're finally cancelled"!! -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the sta...

Hey Lord Hatred
You did see this yesterday, did you? My news-server sucks ass (my dial-up one was better!) and some posts don't show up. --

[Important] The government looking out for you?
It's a good thing when legal loan sharks donate heavily to your government representatives' campaigns then write a law which protects them from people who need to file bankruptcy becaus...

i just found a free porn site
check this out they are giving away free porn.

Hey Jack Foley...
...have you heard Immortal Technique and/or Jedi Mind Tricks? I wouldn't put either in my top 10, but nonetheless they're unique in an interesting way at the very least (each for different r...

My 2nd round KORSPW promo
So, you all have me matched up against my buddy, Hitman, in the second round. That's all fine and good and if someone has to beat me in this then I'd rather it be Hitman than anyone else....

HHH Injury update!
from Da Meltz: ----- HHH suffered a neck injury on Monday's Raw when Rosey landed on him with an ass bump. The injury was serious enough that Stephanie McMahon didn't stay for th...

(POLL) Di You Ever Have An Ex-girlgriend Named Kim....
Who used to let you sleep on the living room sofa while she fucked her new boyfriend in the bedroom?

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