You all love Viscera so much RSPW?
So much it takes heat from me.. We cannot have that! So now the creative team will unveil... Naked Viscera HAHAHA, That will kill off that fat jigaboos heat faster than the Chris ...

X-Pac called the Surreal Life again
On last night's episode, that Marcus guy (the male supermodel) answered the phone and told him Joanie isn't there for like 10 minutes before he finally gave up. It was definetly the highlig...

Hogan Always Knows Best
Standing At The Edge: Hogan Always Knows Best by: Chris Brosnahan on: 4/25/2005 10:52 pm est **I will note before I go any further into this topic, that I am aware how ...

(LMAO) A Must Read About The WWE/Kickboker UK Fight,,2-2005191443,00.html Kash,"I ran out to try to calm things down, but next thing I knew one wrestler had me in an armlock and was throwing me ar...

Kevin Smith Writing And Directing Star Wars TV Series
Kevin Smith writing and directing Star Wars TV series Posted on Wed, 27-Apr-2005 IESB has confirmed that "Jay and Silent Bob" brainchild Kevin Smith will indeed be involved in the...

You Got Knocked Da Fuck Out!
He might be headlining big-banked blockbusters like "XXX 2", but Ice Cube tells Moviehole he's not forgetting about some of the smaller film series' that he cut his teeth on. In particular, ...

Bravo Channel Brings Teh Suck
NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - A reality series featuring singer Bobby Brown and his wife, Whitney Houston, is one of eight new series Bravo will launch between now and Labor Day, in its mo...

Mayor Bloomberg Wants Tonight Show Back In N.Y.
NEW YORK (April 27) - Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried to get a promise from Conan O'Brien on Tuesday to bring the "Tonight" show back to New York when he takes over as host from Jay Leno in 20...

WWe Vs. Kickboxing
Now that's a big fight out By ANDREW PARKER BOOZED-UP kickboxers fought an unscheduled bout with American telly wrestlers - in a posh hotel lobby. Terrified guests dive...

Earth to W: "Tell those dead soldiers 'Ooops.'!". Iraq WMD Hunt 'Has Been Exhausted' WASHINGTON, April 26, 2005 (CBS/AP) Wrapping up his investigation into Sad...

Ok, who (maybe?) is left in the KORSPW?
Casting my vote shortly...

"Why don't ya pull down those pants and show me dat phat ass!"
I'd mark if Viscera stole that line from Tracy Morgan

"RSPW 24" pulls a 0.4 Rating... pulled after 1 episode
"RSPW 24" pulls a 0.4 Rating... pulled after 1 episode

Unrated version of "Darkness" dvd out
To coax folks that didn't part with matinee money to pony up $15-$20 to own it.

Two years ago today:
Moldberg wrestled his first match in WWE against The Rock at Backlash 2003. also: Mr. B (yours truly) made his very first post to RSPW! Both were sad occasions. :...

Funny vid of a guy making an ASS out of himself..literally
Don't know if this is demo or not:

Remember the rumors of Taker/Kane vs. Heidenpoet and Shitsky at Mania?
Dodged the bullet on that one.

What will Big Vis and Trish name their kid?
Trishera? is a funny site
Especially when idiots in banana costumes light themselves on fire.

171. Twenty Fans -- Best Little Whorehouse
wrestling relevance: the paid attendance for ACW...on a good night. -- There's always one fuckhead like you trying to shit in the apple pie. Well you just s...

FS: Jesse "The Body" Ventura 12" Vinyl Picture Disc
Jesse "The Body" Ventura 12" Vinyl Picture Disc I have for sale the 12" Vinyl Picture Disc (1984 PS Records) of Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Side One: The Body Rules, Side Two: Showdown W...

Wrestlers as characters from books?
Big Slob = Paul Bunyan Vince McMahon = Grinch Stephanie McMahon = Wicked Witch Trish = Goldylocks

(Windows) Latest Screenshots Of Windows:Longhorn

[The Shield] "I couldn't have done it without Ronnie."
Mustache Guy, we love you...

wow, the Army really IS setting up an X Division!,12271,1416073,00.html Ecstasy trials for combat stress David Adam, science correspondent Thursday February 17, 2005 The Guardian <...

Former WWE Stars At TNA Taping Last Night
Credit: We mentioned earlier that pro wrestling legend "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan was backstage at the TNA Impact tapings last night in Orlando, Florida. He wasn't the on...

I have to go. My planet needs me. Note: Butters died on the way back to his home planet.

Gimmick Idea: Kennesaw "Mountain" Landis
acts like a baseball expert, but is really a racist, bribe-taking phony.

One more thing that ruled about Raw...
When Regal got to the ring. He lowered his hands for the crowd to quiet down. Once they did--he lifted his hands to get them to cheer again. He alternated between the two a few more times...

He was my favorite poster from Vegas.... ---- The Urban Terrorist Version 5.0 - misses RSPW circa 1998

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