Justin Timberlake In Die Hard 4??
Justin Timberlake to Die Hard? Posted on Mon, 4-Apr-2005 Had a chat to SFX guru Alec Gillies ["Superman Returns"] recently, who gushed about a litle flick called "Alpha Dog" that ...

Rambo 4
David Morrell, author of 'First Blood', has come out in support of a U.K companies' pitch for the fourth "Rambo". Alpha1Media met with Dimension Films recently, and discussed the direc...

The Rock Was Too Good To Show Up On The Pay Per View?
SURPRISING GUEST ARRIVES AT WWE'S POST-WRESTLEMANIA PARTY by Mike Johnson @ 2:10:00 AM on 4/4/2005 Former World Heavyweight Champion, and current movie star, The Rock has just

List Of WWe Stars Left Off Wrestlemania
List of WWE Stars Left off Wrestlemania Submitted by Daniel Pena on Monday, April 4, 2005 at 8:13 AM EST Here's the list of WWE stars that were completely left ...

Breaking News: WWe Inks 3 Year Deal With The USA Network; NBC Part Of The Deal
Breaking News: WWE inks 3-year deal with the USA Network; NBC part of the deal Submitted by Richard Gray on Monday, April 4, 2005 at 9:42 AM EST NEW YORK &...

When Hassan came out
I thought the Rock was gonna make a surprise appearance. You know because last year he saved Eugene from quitting the WWE. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that...

General Calzone is my hero!
The only person with the guts to correctly predict #16 Scott H over #1 Triple W in KORSPW!!!

[TNA] [PPV] Final Resolution - Hack-Thoughts - 2005/01/16
Here's my review of the latest WWE PPV, based on "how much money was this match worth?" At the end, I add it all up and see if the PPV as a whole was worth the sum of its matches.

WWE'S RAW Returns to USA Network (it's official)
http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20050404005548&newsLang=en ---- WWE'S RAW Returns to USA Network NEW YORK & STAMFO...

Wealthiest billionaire living in Britain
Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal has a fortune estimated at =A314.8bn.

Not counting Shawn/Kurt, what was match of the night?
Uhhhh..... I guess UT/Orton? Maybe? I guess HHH jobbing was good.

Was I the only one who marked....
When Bob Orton came out with his cast on his arm and hit Taker?? And then had it OFF again during the HOF inductee segement? And people say WWE have no sense of continuity. ...

(Fox News Opinion Poll) When Will Edge Use His Contract?
...? I hope he screws it up and uses it tonight, but more likely at the next PPV? Batista / Edge .... that has $$$$$ written all over it. Torrey M. Spears ht...

Hogan and Piper on RAW!
Hopefully anyway.

(NBA) Why I Love The Laker Apologist Media....
... it's the subtle things, boys. >From ESPN.com: "The loss put Los Angeles 8 1/2 games behind seventh-place Memphis and Denver with nine to play." When we cou...

Where was Mr America?
his music was playing but Hogan came out instead. -- ------------------------------------------------------ "The Best Surprises Always Sneak Up From Behind" www.hornetude.co...

Don't Just Hit The Penguin Smash The PENGUIN
http://adorablebunnies.com/LOADER/UPLOAD/ARCHIVE/2004-Feb-WEEK5/pinguxtreme.swf ----- My parents were wrong to name me No, especially when they knew our lastname was Name. You g...

Anyone Have WWF VHS Tapes?
Like those Saturday Nights Main Event or Pipers Pit compilations you see every once in a while on ebay before they are taken down? Anyone wanna sell or trade? Let me know. I'm looking for ...

Wrestlemania 21 sucked except for Angle/HBK
The whole PPV was filled with short matches and nothing was really that great except Angle/HBK which was one of the better matches on a PPV in sometime! I was really upset with the Eddie/Rey...

Will The Attitude Era Be Remembered Fondly?
Do you think, say, 15 years from now, wrestling fans will have the same nostalgia for guys from the Attitude era as they obviously have for guys from the 1980's WWF era? I can't see either...

Wrestlemania X8???
Just been reading a few reviews of Wrestlemania XXI and Wrestlemania X8 is taking quite the beating. Is it considered one of the worst Wrestlemanias? I can't see why as it had Hogan-Rock a...

Who's Going To Wrestlemania 22?
I am, it's in Chicago which is very close to my home. I can't wait to see Hogan Vs Austin at Wrestlemania 22, you know that's what they are building up. It's going to be...

Cena and JBL should be ashamed.
that was a disgrace of a match. One of the worst of the year, IMO. It was very anti climatic and had little drama throughout. JBL- when Triple H laughs at you for calling yourself a w...

The only match I guessed wrong was...
...the ladder match. I didn't think they'd be stupid enough to give Edge the win. Got the other eight right. I'm guessing Droz got one or two right, since he tends to try to sound like th...

Savior of the PPV
Hemme's ass, and Paris Hilton. its true, its true!

How many popes does it take to fuck Sabu?
3! One to fuck him, one to die, and one to waste media attention on the act. -- ---------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------...

Arrested Development ruled it as always tonight.
Wait, Wrestlemania was today? -- Rockboy We've brought someone in to shut you up It's a life's work

Well I'm glad for one thing.
I didn't waste $50 on WM due to my Warcraft guild. My money will be better spent on the UFC PPV coming up.

Sumo match
Wait a minute... Was I the only one who appreciated the sumo match? I thought it was pretty good. I'm enjoy watching sumo wrestling every once in awhile, and even though

I'd mark if Taker tombstoned both Ortons on a steel chair

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