what will the message be in the box?
I had lots of theories on this one, but seeing as it was so light that even legs could heft in with one hand, it's got to be something silly and gimmicky a list of people on the...

the return of chris masters
as a background jobber to the masses :) who do you think is going to be the next member of evolution then? or is flair just stringing them along for the ride :) -- pos...

the ric flair pep talk
WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once all this evolution crap goes away, he would make a great gm wouldn't he :) -- poster in disguise *shakes fist* ...

tomko's face
seems to be healing up nicely now but that scar is going to leave a mark isn't it :) probably for the better, he seems to look much meaner with that big smile under his eye :)

the spotlight jobs to hhh
did anyone else notice that all of a sudden the lights dimmed and there was nothing onhhh but a dull glow :) planned of accidental? -- poster in disguise *...

has it really been 7 years since the hospital?
holy shit on a rocking horse, it seems like it was only yesterday when Vince got given an enema by Steve :) thinking about it now, I think him and piper will be the highlight of the n...

Switch nights for RAW and Smackdown
put smackdown on cable on mondays and raw on upn on thursday....maybe that would help the ratings by freshening the product to viewers. -- There's always one fuckhead ...

shortest match of the year?
not counting the non event that was hurricane vs. hhh, when was the last time you saw a match that was over before it even started but finished with a pin? I can only remember 3 match...

I have good cervical mucus today
. -- There's always one fuckhead like you trying to shit in the apple pie. Well you just shat in the one apple pie that knows how to shit back. [Club Dread]...

simon dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a nice return for him in a no brainer of a match I really think they could do something with this guy if he isn't so crap in the ring perhaps it's the gimmick, but I'm sure he would ha...

no more regal music?
don't know if this is a good or a bad thing really he used dopey's tunes when he was tagging with him and now he's using tajiri's should we start a petition to get his music back? ...

raw flood, coming through
if you don't want to know the questions, look away from your screens. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

(POLL) Biggest RSPW story of the week?
1. Tony Schiovane 2. Pickles' (y. Hardcore Icon) surgery (P.S. get well Pickles) ???

(RnR HoF) O'Jay's Turn Heel On Justin Timberlake
A local radio station is reporting that the O'Jay's were upset about having Justin Timberlake being the one to "Induct" them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They asked for a replacement...

This is the perfect weekend to drop "bombshell" bad news..
...for any big name celebrity or politician. Either Schavio dies OR a firestorm frenzy over the state taking her care over will dominate everything...not to mention it is Easter weekend. T...

(Pickles) Finally......................Pickles
Has come home........ The Hardcore Icon is on medication for a week but ok. In fact Dr. Lee said Pickles is in great shape and that he loves having Pickles there because he's well behav...

Have any Terry Schiavo pron?
in coma, of course. -- There's always one fuckhead like you trying to shit in the apple pie. Well you just shat in the one apple pie that knows how to shit back. ...

(NEWS) Daniel Zinman gets worked

Hulk Hogan Speaks On Match With Hassan At Wrestlemania 21, Steve Austin & More
Thanks to Bob Fitzgerald for sending in the following: On the Nationally-Syndicated STEVE & DC RADIO SHOW this morning, Hulk Hogan said the following: * They tried to put to...

JESUS LOVES ME YES I KNOW (your kids should be forced to sing this in school)
Jesus loves me yes I know Cos' the Bible tells me so Little ones to him belong They are weak but he is strong Yes Jesus loves me Yes Jesus loves me Yes Jesus loves me

Terry Funk Coming Out Of Retirement?
Terry Funk interview and announcement he's wrestling again at ECW show and Douglas show Terry Funk on Between the Ropes Recap by Richard Trionfo This week o...

Recap Of Moolah & Mae Young On Conan
Recap of Moolah & Mae Young on Conan by Daniel Zinman Just finished watching The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young on "Late Night" with Conan O'Brien, and for any do...

Reality television has ruined game shows
Remember the good old days of Price is Right, Family Feud, and the Gong Show? Now game shows are all about eating elk penis on Fear Factor and that Survivor living on an island crap. Enough ...

Where can I find all the transactions for the NFL so far
I need all the signs/cuts/trades so i may update my Madden game. Yes, There are many who say just wait till 2006 but I only play that and MVP 2005, I have updated MVP2005 as much as I could ...

Survivor has sucked ever since the first season
and you know it. It was a fun little novelty during the first season, but I can't believe this crap is still on the air.

Farscape was the best sci-fi series in television history
I will refute you if you disagree.

Most biased LIEbral news personality
Dan Rather? Katie Couric? Other? (not counting obvious online ones like Salon and Slate, of course)

[BREAKING NEWS] Britney Spears pregnant?!
http://www.obviousnews.com/stories/obviousnews-00394.html Developing...

if Terry Schavo comes back in Pog form
her ability to think will not change.

RIP Morty Seinfeld
" My wallets gone!!!!"

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