March Melee particpants that are jobbers
all except me and squad! -- There's always one fuckhead like you trying to shit in the apple pie. Well you just shat in the one apple pie that knows how to shit back. ...

Mark Jindrak Thinks He Will Be A WWe Champion One Day
Mark Jindrak planning on a WWE Smackdown! title By Courtenay Moore March 08, 2005 The road to Wrestlemania 21 began in January and to everyone in the business, it is th...

Goldust Outfit For Sale

Ric Flair
Dan Wahlers says Flair should retire and UFC hurt its credibility Ric Flair: Please Retire Now! Plus thoughts on The Ultimate Fighter [email protected]

what if Alex Cain is really Alex Trabek?
"I'll take 'penis mightier' for five hundred, Trabek."

Interview Recap Of Kimberly Page From The Gerweck Report Hotline
Interview Recap of Kimberly Page from the Gerweck Report hotline Submitted by Matthew Tremley on Wednesday, March 9, 2005 at 2:30 PM EST a.. Steve G...

What does it say on that page with the naked Gail Kim pictures?
I don't speak arab.

New Jack Working ECW PPV
Credit: - Expect New Jack to work the WWE/ECW Reunion PPV. - At the 2/26 Memphis championship wrestling show, Cory Maclin brought in Jerry Lawler's ex-...

WWe Managment's Confidence In Batista And Orton
Source: PWTorch] -- Although Batista has never headlined a major PPV before, WWE management is very confident that he will do fine at WrestleMania. The Batista/HHH match will most...

If A Movie About Alex Cain's Life Was Made, Who Would You Cast To Play Him?
Please limit choices to short people, however they don't have to be sentient beings. -- Nemesis ICQ #4610826

In regards to Alex Cain
So I'm reading this group and see that Alex makes a harmless post and what happens? A bunch of people jump in and start flaming him. The guy has got you all swinging strings like the ma...

Jay Leno's Attorney's To Ask Jackson Trial Judge To Lift Gag Order
Leno's Attorneys To Ask Jackson Trial Judge To Lift Gag Order The judge in the Michael Jackson trial is expected to hold a hearing today (Wednesday) on whether Jay Leno is subjec...

[Poll] Do you listen to Raggaton??
In the DC area that's all thats played in clubs and you hear it in many cars on the streets. The most popular rock/alternative radio station even got converted into a 'raggaton' station.

Bonds should be walked or punked out EVER at bat until..
...he retires. No way in HELL he should get anywhere near Hank Aaron's record. And I'm serious..they should literally walk him every at bat until he retires.

No, Fedor's not scared of Cro Cop...
1. Fedor's deal runs out. 2. Fedor refuses to re-sign with PRIDE after they promise Cro Cop the next title shot. 3. Fedor does not respond when the media call him a chicken. 4. De...

I am going to become a wrestler
I just signed up for training and will soon begin appearing on the local indy circuit. I am looking for some feedback on my character. My character's name is "Chris Bane."...

Rundown of every thin semi-celebrity on the Howard Stern Show
They say hi. She's so hot and she is promoting something. She's so hot Howard wants to do stuff with her. Howard plays a game to reveal she is stupid. ...

First Reply................
Runs me off till Fri/Sat

Report On Christy Hemme Appearance On Howard Stern Show
Report on Christy Hemme appearance on Howard Stern show (adult content contained) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Post...

Wrestlemania XIV
The Black Tiger Review: WrestleMania XIV Posted By Mike Campbell on 03.09.05 Aguila makes his WrestleMania debut. Plus that Austin guy has an important match. WWF WREST...

My Wrestlemania 21 Ad
Heidenreich, Snitsky, and Kenzo Suzuki in a Three Men And A Baby Spoof. That would rule all.

[GIMMICK IDEA] Dayfdd - The only gay in Evolution
For months Dayffd could cut promos about being the only gay in Evolution until he finally catches HHH & Naitch doing it in the locker room, which will lead to a 3 month long Dayfdd/HHH feud ...

The Rock Talks Doom And Johnny Bravo
Wrestler turned action star The Rock spoke with Empire Online yesterday about two of his upcoming projects - the vidgame adaptation "Doom" and a film version of the cartoon "Johnny Bravo": <...

Fantastic Four Sequel?
Julian McMahon, who is playing Doctor Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, told Comics Continuum he is contracted for a sequel. "I'm signed on to do the sequel, but I really have...

The Rock & Van Wilder
New Line is creating the action-comedy "Ride Along" as a starring vehicle for both Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and funnyman Ryan Reynolds says Variety. Roger Kumble has just been set to ...

New South Park!
The First New SOUTH PARK Since December!! 'Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina'!! I am - Hercules!! Mr. Garrison gets a sex change operation in this, the first episode of "South P...

Eugene Set To Return With Character Change?
Thanks to Chris Grebe from Palm Springs, Califorina: I have recentley bought the "Stunning" Raw Magazine with Stone Cold on the cover, and in J.R.'s column, I have found an interesting...

Bill Alfonso Contacted For ECW PPV
The latest name I've heard of being contacted for WWE's One Night Stand PPV is Bill Alfonso, who managed Rob Van Dam, Tazz, and Sabu at different points after an awesome run as a heel refere...

Super Crazy
The word going around is that WWE will be bringing in Super Crazy for the Cruiserweight division once visa issues are squared away.

When You Can Expect To Find WWe DVD's For The Ultimate Warrior, The Road Warriors, ECW, And More In Stores
WHEN YOU CAN EXPECT TO FIND WWE DVDS FOR THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR, THE ROAD WARRIORS, ECW AND MORE IN STORES by Mike Johnson @ 10:30:00 AM on 3/9/2005 The current scheduled for ...

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