Happy New Year to the CST peeps
And to the MST peeps. I'm going to bed.

Happy New Year to all my EST brahs
Girl you know it's true oh oh oh I love you

The AOL message boards
Wow. Just....wow. Their explanation of the "laser shining on airplanes" problem? Christmas lights.

a Happy 2k5 for me!
my ball just dropped! no, wait. . . .

Happy Piledrivin' New Year~!
Yes, we are on-topic, even if we are a bit perverse... http://sinon.cside.biz/TKM/plutof/plnew112.htm ----- D-Chance. RSPW's 2004 Most On-Topic Poster. W.

The Worst Films Of 2004
My best of list won't be ready til mid-January as I'm busy rushing to catch up on all the films I've yet to see. Being in Australia but organising a best of list by US release dates makes it...

Keen to jump into the fourth season premiere of "Alias" this coming Wednesday but worried that as a new viewer you won't understand what's going on? Don't panic. According to an interview up...

Happy New Year
Happy New Year to all my brahs at RSPW.

Goodbye RSPW 2004....
Well, my DD is here and we're off to see (and possiblt score) some chickas downtown.....c-yaaa ---- The Urban Terrorist Version 5.0 - 2004 was an okay year, I mean I lived through ...

More Smackdown Feedback
Josh Macala of Houston, TX (8.5) Best Match: Main Event. Worst Match: Spike Dudley goes for Cruiserweight Gold again. In a "night of champions," I didn't really expect anyone to lose their t...

Smackdown Feedback
Chris Hicks of Montebello, Calif. (5.0): It is pretty simple. That fishbowl JBL held up is probably the most accurate representation of what is wrong with WWE right now. All those fish with ...

WWe House Show Report 12-30 Houston
WWE house show report 12-30 Houston by Thomas Diehl Jr. WWE RAW House Show Houston, TX 12/30/04 7:30pm Toyota Center --Christian & Tyson Tom...

Rock, Austin, & Foley @ WM21; Heyman Update
Thanks to Pwtorch for the following: -While there has been no official talks up to this point, it is expected that The Rock, Mick Foley, & Steve Austin will all appear at WrestleMania ...

Why do RSPW posters celebrate New Years?
I thought they had no lives. And if they have no lives, 2005 will be the exact same underachieving, no life having year as 2004 except they'll be older.

No Taboo Tuesday In 2005
Thanks to Pwtorch Newsletter for the following: -A restructuring of the WWE writing teams has taken place under new managing editor Tom Chehak. Before the teams worked separately, but ...

Latest Card For WWE Royal Rumble
The following is the latest card for next months Royal Rumble pay-per-view: Triple Threat WWE Championship Match John Bradshaw Layfield vs. The Big Show vs. Kurt Angle. Cask...

Latest On Brock Lesnar's WWE Return
Credit: PWTorch.Com Newslettetr Sources within WWE say that management within the company have "no interest" in bringing back the former WWE Champion. The general feeling backstage is ...

Wrestlemania Update; Will Hulk Hogan Be There?
Credit: PWTorch.Com Newsletter Hulk Hogan is reportedly expected to appear at WrestleMania 21, although no apparent deal has been agreed yet. It looks as thought Hogan will be ind...

[2k4] Troy or Alexander?
which sucked the bigger suckity-sucko???

Weekend TV Preview: Ric Flair On Heat
WEEKEND PREVIEW: RIC FLAIR ON HEAT, CHAVO VS. KIDMAN ON VELOCITY, AND ECW ON PPV by Buck Woodward @ 8:00:00 PM on 12/31/2004 WWE Fanatic Series: The Rise And Fall Of ECW

Recap Of Vince McMahon On Kudlow And Cramer On CNBC
Recap of Vince McMahon on Kudlow and Cramer on CNBC Submitted by Calvin Martin on Friday, December 31, 2004 at 7:30 PM EST Erick Smith aka RollerJam sent in the...

The Soldier & The FrenchWoman
The train was quite crowded, so the U. S. Marine walked the entire length looking for a seat, but the only seat left was taken by a well-dressed middle-aged French woman's poodle. The war-we...

Hey Squad
Just finished reading dark tower book 7,and get ready to be majorly pissed -- Double T the legally blind referee mWo 4 a long time baby rea...

That Dodge Truck commercial with the Motorcycle and the Dresser
Where the girl slugs the guy in the gut at the end... I wonder why they didn't make him cold-cock the bitch afterwards? After all, domestic violence is KEWL~~~! -- C The S...

Leaping Lanny Wrestling Rhymes!
I just got this book by Lanny Poffo from Amazon and it is HILARIOUS. I was expecting an autobiography but it's full of Genius-style poems about WWF wrestling from the 80s. Check out this...

Weapon of choice tonight?
Beer -- Rockboy Sit on your hands for the new national anthem It sounds a lot like shit but it goes on and on

The spirit of giving lives
If you ever wanted proof that humanity has SOME hope for the future, here it is: Beslan, Russia. This is the town that suffered that horrible school siege. The citizens have donat...

Cruiserweight Championship History
WWE has added an official history of the promotion's Cruiserweight championship, which interestingly enough, includes the old WCW Light Heavyweight championship held by the likes of Jushin L...

Jesus's Injury
At the request of WWE management, Jesus is scheduled to have a CAT scan and MRI done on his neck this Monday. He's gotten two opinions from doctors about rehabbing his neck and not having su...

12/30 Smackdown Brand Results From San Antonio, Texas
12/30 SMACKDOWN BRAND RESULTS FROM SAN ANTONIO, TX by Branden Dross @ 2:15:00 PM on 12/31/2004 I just got back from the Smackdown show at the BSC center in San Antonio. It w...

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