Max Faget, Designer of the Mercury Capsule, Dead at 83
This guy didnt get shit as a kid did he? Max Faget? wow.

Could a wrestling company with all homosexuals work?
I know that TNA is trying...

How is Bradshaw still champion?
I mean, I can at least sort of understand putting the belt on him. He's been a loyal company guy for a long time, and Vince has always been big on loyalty. I can see him giving him the b...

Could a wrestling company with no big names work?
You know kids, I think one of the big problems with TNA is that it seems like a place for WWE rejects. Even though I like some of the former WWE guys like D-Lo and Raven, there is still t...

Opie and Anthony: Ripoffs or Innovators?
A friend of mine keeps trying to convince me that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I've yet to hear it. They have some funny bits, but for the most part, are still doin...

Who is your favorite wrestler right now?
I don't even have one, which speeks volumes about the product WWE is putting out. There is no wrestler that even comes close to Austin during his peak or a pre-retirement Foley.

PING: Corey is Naked (and Lord Gow too)
Hey Corey... the voting for the RSPW awards has started... if you, me and Gow step it up a notch, we can win best flamewar for sure! I'll start: Corey, your obsession with ...

(OT) Dean Cain, YOU'RE NEXT!
... to be on God's shitlist for playing Superman on either film or tv. GregoryD

Legal question about wrestling
Could WWE get involved in an antitrust suit since they basically have a monopoly?

Object Under Bush Jacket Identified: 'It's a Spine'
Object Under Bush Jacket Identified: 'It's a Spine' (2004-10-11) A forensic scientist studying photographic evidence has identified an object which caused a bump on the back of ...

Deer John Henry
Thank you for killing Superman with your lame jokes last night. I hope you can live with yourself now.

Old news question
I remember a year or more ago that there was this report about the Bush administration that put everything in a positive light -- but it ended up that there really was no such reporter. Ho...

[META] 2004 RSPW Poster Awards (Call for nominations!)
************************************************ NOMINATIONS ************************************************ It's that time of year again and RSPW looks like it needs *somet...

A "Pressure Sore" Led To A Heart Infection Killed Chris Reeve Reeve was 'Superman' to disabled children Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, THE JE...

(poll) Who (n.N.) did/do you like better?
a) Christopher Reeve b) Superman

Undecided voters
I just really don't get it. You either like the way the country is going or you don't. The Kerry/Edwards campaign in a stunning moment of candor even said this. "If you like the way he cou...

Toledo is NUMBER ONE (in political advertising)
Thank you, Electoral College! Per the Washington Post: ou have been sent this message from [email protected] as a courtesy of Toledo Tube War...

I saw a new book by Fat Ass Foley in Borders this weekend
so I guess that means he's showing up on Raw again.

Christopher Reeve...great guy...shitty Superman.
I thought the guy was nice, sure. But a good Superman? You've got to be smoking crack to think that playing Clark Kent like a retarded Peter Parker was a "good Superman". Clark Kent was "M...

Re : Holy Crap... Christopher Reeve is dead... damn
"Zodiac69 864 w/ HitMan's sloppy seconds from Gail Kim" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<Lvtad.308001$%[email protected]>... >...

Should People With Alzheimer's Be Allowed To Vote, or Why Florida Politics Are So Screwed Up
Addressing the Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues Raised by Voting by Persons With Dementia [Health Law and Ethics] Karlawish, Jason H. MD; Bonnie, Richard J. JD; Appelbaum, ...

John Kerry killed Superman.
THINK about it. Just DAYS after he name-dropped Christopher Reeve, he DIES. Micheal J. Fox is NEXT on his killer agenda.

Jake Roberts outlives Superman
Wow. How did that happen?

Who will stop Lex Luger now???
Now that Superman is dead, Luger will go to end to wreak havoc on the world with his buddy Doomsday (Jake Roberts?).

[Exhibit #1] How The Bush Administration Killed Chris Reeve
When the administration funds garbage like that described below instead of legitimate scientific topics like stem cell research, the Administration's "faith-based" approach to science reveal...

Why can't Dave Chappelle die next?
Why Chris?? Why not that annoying little jerkwad Dave Chappelle?

What sort of asshole remark will Chad make about Christopher Reeve?
I'm betting it will have something to do with stem cell research to fit with his political "agenda."

Did anyone catch the wrestling show on Discovery Channel?
"No Opportunity Wasted"? Last night's was this guy's opportunity to be a wrestler. I tivo'ed it, but haven't gotten to check it out yet.

(864 FanFic) In honor of Christopher Reeve...
... I hereby present the condensed version of Superman III. Clark: Hey, I'm back in Smallville now. Lana: Hi Clark, this is Brad and here is my son. Lois: I'm Jealous Rich...

Christopher Reeve ain't gonna walk, dammit.
He dead. --Milhouse LiveJournal = derekfz Winner - 2004 March Melee Final 4 - 2004 KoRSPW mWo. It's not just the coolest, it's fa lyfe, so survey says wheth...

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