Rico as President
He's been a cop. He's beaten the American Legionnaires as a Gladiator. He is tough. He is smart. He is old enough. And God damn it he has charis...

Favorite line in Team America: World Police?
"I'll cut your balls off and shove them up your ass so then the next time you shit you'll be shitting on your balls!" A great and hilarious movie and MATT DAMON!!!!!111oneoneone was in it. ...

Bad news for RSPWers
October 12, 2004 -- Scientists shattered a major drinking myth yesterday as they revealed that women are better at holding their alcohol than men. A study by the Kentucky University found m...

Great news www.ashdvd.com
www.ashdvd.com is currently using E-Bay as their storefront while the website is being built! But the good news is...you can save more on DVD's with Ash than you can with Geico on insurance!...

RSPW not installing cell phone jamming devices
when youre posting on RSPW, there cant be any distractions.

Last time a woman "bitched up" on you
like hulking up.....what was the reason? ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

Next song I should illegally download?
what are your picks.... ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

WWe Notes & News On Carlito Carribean Cool, Updated Lineup For Tommorow In Minnesota
WWE NOTES & NEWS ON CARLITO CARIBBEAN COOL, UPDATED LINEUP FOR TOMORROW IN MINNESOTA AND MORE by Mike Johnson @ 1:30:00 PM on 10/17/2004 Devin Cutting sent word that accord...

Those reservists that disobeyed orders: Probably Dummycrats
You know what happen. Some hot chick in that regimen decided that she was too good for the military and isnt use to not getting her way. So she bitched and nagged so much that her fellow s...

RSPW: The TV Show
C'mon kids, lets get it done. Reality TV is still hot. I know I'd tune in to see some of RSPW's finest living under one roof. So who would be the cast?

What wrestling promoter do you most respect?
past or present. you may need to think awhile... ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

Smackdown = RAW
Well, early to mid 90's RAW, anyway. You see, it's real simple... JBL = IRS Carlito Carribean Cool = Razor Ramone John Heidenreich =...

Just watched the torrent of Jon Stewart on Crossfire.
Best...appearance...on a pundit show...ever.

WWE News: Triple H, More On Cena, Wes Sims Cut, Tough Enough
Triple H is set to be a guest host at Mr. Olympia weekend. The event is thought to be the biggest in professional bodybuilding. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone ...

Ever threaten someone with a gun?
HMMMMMM? ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

Bigger troll-like dork: Jay Glazer or Kenny Albert
I take albert cause he looks like an RSPWer

RSPW needs a streaming audio 24/7 show
Each hour can be slotted for an RSPWer that can have his own show. It can be discussion about anything....wrestling, politics, sports, etc. But you have to be an RSPW poster to have your o...

Craziest thing you would do to get punani?
would you get plastic surgery? go to a prostitute? use roofies on a chick? how desperate are you willing to get?

Tributes III: Profiles in Enlarged Hearts
Meltzer is salivating thinking of Gene Okerland's second kidney transplant.....

Kerry lesbianism daughter comments costing him election
Bush now up by 8 points. Kerry supposedly won all three debates according to the liberal media, but his out of line comments about another persons daughters personal life have cost him ...

This is where I got that Bush by 8 points from:
CNNUSATODAYGALLUP: BUSH OVER KERRY BY 8 headline on today's Drudgereport

How many of you got lasik eye surgery?
you fools! there will be better technology in the future. I dont want to see halos at night either. OUT

Cambell Brown or Soledad O'Brien
Soledad is younger and has the fresher chocha (even postpartum) but Cambpell has more pizazz

64% say Kerry's comments were OUT OF LINE re Mary Cheney
Most agree that you do not bring up another persons children in a debate...they can bring it up...but you cant. Just like when Kobe invoked Shaq's hush money with the cops...you just dont ...

Fagboy John Henry talks about killfiles
What is this prissy little piece of garbage doing talking about killfiles? Is John Henry too stupid to realize he is the most annoying poster on RSPW? John Boy has a writing style that I wo...

Squad: the first to lose two rounds of Concentration
you suck! learn English and stop fantasizing about tough enough! ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

(OT) Red Sox announce a new lineup
In a hastily assembled news conference Saturday night, Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona has announced a new lineup to go up against the New York Yankees in Sundays Game 4 to avoid bei...

White trash faggot John Henry misses the point on Chad Bryant
But that's not hard to do. After all, the worthless, drama queen faggot, piece of shit said Chad was "showing every outward sign of becoming a kook", as if Chad hasn't been a kook for years....

The perfect rspw TV show. For real.
http://www.amctv.com/section?CID=113-EST Film Fakers. It's Joe Schmoe meets Horror Film. Everyone's in on it *except* the three actors who think they're filming "Croc Park"...

ET host Maria Mennounos wants to be Mildred Burke!
Menounos would also like to take on the role of Mildred Burke, a female pro wrestler from the 1930s who wrestled men at fairs across the country. “That would be one I’d really have to bulk u...

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