How Jericho would rule even more
if his promo gimmick was outing DVDVR sleaze on his opponents each week. ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

Best Flair promo I've seen in a while...
... despite him sucking off Triple H, he did an awesome promo... especially the "virgin" part. Zodiac69 the future of RSPW 864's most promising blue chipper

Taboo Schmoosday
WWE needs more matches involving the schmoo.

Deeeeeer Y2J...
I don't like your new haircut. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper has no friends, and at the end, he has some? Yet, in the next...

Y2J cutting a promo on HHH???OH PLEASE>.
....maybe "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity" Mike MST3k

Ah, good ol' HHH still bashing The Rock...
You can always count on that battle of the egos. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper has no friends, and at the end, he has some...

Flair has been hitting the buffet again
His head is almost as big as XXXLH's Remember, you read it here most recently.

you are a virgin at killing legends.

EVERY time Ric praises HHH
His legend keeps getting more and more tarnished. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper has no friends, and at the end, he has som...

Best wrestler potential on Who's the Boss?
Tony Danza .... Anthony Morton 'Tony' Micelli Judith Light .... Angela Bower Alyssa Milano .... Samantha Micelli Danny Pintauro .... Jonathan Bower Katherine Helmond .... ...

Hey Zodiac!
Kerry/Edwards are widely regarded as the better looking candidates in this election... Corey supports Kerry/Edwards... Hmm... Makes ya wonder, doesn't it? <...

JBL Reads RSPW? JBL Makes Pedophila Reference Towards New Jersey @ PPV? One of our longtime hotline callers Nelson let us know...

[RSPoliticsW] I can't believe the LIEbrals out there haven't mentioned

One hour till Shinsky
tic..tic..tic "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we," . "They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither d...

Panaro - your thoughts on the Debate?
Well? -- Majiin - version²°°³ "We have the best players, and I'm sorry if I'm arrogant, but now we have a top manager too" (Jose Mourinho)

[Politics] Question for Righters.
Seriously, I've noticed how ANY time, there is ANY poll showing Kerry doing well, it's immediately dismissed with, "silly you, everyone knows Poll X is fucked up" or silly you, "everyone kno...

RSPW poster that most steals your gimmick?

wonk wonk chicken chicken wonk wonk chickenheads
i walked by a KFC and damn it smelled goooood. But with my new diet exercise regimen that will eliminate all baby fat from my face and make me cut the way Rock is now (compared to when he wa...

'Communists For Kerry' says hello to da LowGenius guy...
> -----Original Message----- > From: J.F.Che [mailto:[email protected]] > Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 4:21 PM > To: LowGenius.Com Feedback Form > ...

Poll: Whats your favorite cytokine?
Im a big fan of IL-6 myself. As a smart fan I have to cheer for the heels so with IL-6's emergence in affecting many illnesses I would say its my fave. I must say that TNF-alpha is a blue ...

RSPW needs to have a snuggle party

JBL Attacks McGreevy
WWE's JBL Attacks NJ Governor McGreevey Written by Ben Johnson on 10/04/2004 WWE ADVERTISEMENT: New Women Galleries; Breaking News, & More! ...

One More For The Good Guys.
Appended to the Fox News article quoting 'Communists For Kerry:' "Editor’s Note: In a version of this article that was published earlier, the Communists for Kerry group was...

Poland will "forgot" Iraq by late 2005
Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski said Monday after talks in Paris that no firm date to complete the withdrawal had been decided yet, but that Poland hoped "to finish our mission at th...

[meat] now marking for:
RSPW's encyclopedic knowledge of asian porn.

US to own outer space
All's Fair in Space War By Noah Shachtman | Also by this reporter Page 1 of 2 next » 02:00 AM Oct. 01, 2004 PT The American military has begun pl...

gimmick idea
vince mcmahon shuld clone himself, and have a 10 year old "clone" be a real asshole to all the fun having everyone calling a 10 year old an asshole, and having the little kid set ...

Did Jay Sherman comment on No Mercy yet?
I'm guessing if he did he said "IT STINKS!". "Hooters, hooters, yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters on a girl that's dumb." - Al Bundy

Shitsky vs. Kane - Diaper full of crap on a pole match at TT?
Right up there with "Viagra on a Pole". "Hooters, hooters, yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters on a girl that's dumb." - Al Bundy

We need to have more wrestlers on Family Feud
Team Eugene vs. Team JBL "Hooters, hooters, yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters on a girl that's dumb." - Al Bundy

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