Hulk Hogan Involved In Car Accident
Hulk Hogan involved in car accident Submitted by Ben Johnson on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 4:14 PM EST a.. Miami's WSVN channel, while covering the MTV Video Music Awards,...

Ways that certain wrestling personalities will never die
Lets see... Stephanie- drowning ( with those two great flotation devices?!) hhh- anorexia big show- crushed to death at a midget festival Lesnar- cracked sk...

Limerick time...
There once was a Gail named Jim. Everybody knows her used to be him. The docs cut off his rocket, Put another in her pocket, And that's how Gail became Kim. :)

Since she wasn't born in the usa..can teresa kerry be 1st lady?
Arnold cant run for pres cause hes from austria.. does the same rule apply to the women, or is it a sexist rule?

Yank Crankers lose 22-0
Couldn't have happened to a more deserving team. Fuck the Yankees. -- He was here before Christ, before civilisation. He was king here! Rawhead, that's what they called him! RA...

[WWW] Lance Storm 8.269.04 column August 26, 2004 Q: Have you ever been knocked unconscious in the ring? A: Believe it or not I haven't. I guess I've got an extrem...

[WWW] Lance Storm 8.29.04 column The Olympics August 29, 2004 Is it just me, or have the Olympic Games lost their lustre? I used to be a big fan of the Olymp...

[WWW] 7.04 Evan Karagias column Commentary by Evan Karagias July 2004 First off I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and having fun d...

It's Almost Worth Having The GOP In NYC...
just so Jon Stewart has material to work off of! -- Mark van Pelt A Fan "That's not right. That's not even wrong!"-Wolfgang Pauli

[RNC] Closed Captioning is soooooo awesome
"Vas Lov Lovely" I presume from the context that's Vaclev Havel.

Freedom of Speech and the Right to Embarrass
Ahhhh, protesters. The sweet sound of raucous malcontents, determined, however unintentionally, to re-elect George W. Bush! Why am I so happy to see a bunch of unwashed hooligans, so r...

[Comic Geeks] This actually doesn't look half bad... Ed Harris looks wicked cool as Dr. Manhattan. -- I've learned something, too: selling out is sweet because ...

[OT] My one and only post specifically designed for the Craig T. Nelson fad...
And before I go to far, I shall warn you that I will owe Seth McFarlane one American dollar after this post... I actually met Craig T. Nelson. It was about a month after Coach was

[RNC] nice hairpiece, Arnold.
it's almost as good as Bowie's.

THQ Confirm Online Play For Smackdown! vs. RAW
The online feature in its upcoming WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW will indeed make the final version of the game. Known to be a possibility that hinged on the results of the 4000-person beta test he...

[Amazing Race] I'm voting for the black folks.
I hope they win Teh Golden Power Of Veto this week.

(OT) They're Making an Aeon Flux Movie?
I'll have to avoid it like I avoided that awful, awful cartoon. (...though it would be cool in a gross way if they recreated the scene where the dude spread finger wound innards on a c...

Finally Saw "The Butterfly Effect"
I never saw it in the theater, and only saw now it b/c some people happened to be watching it. I went back and read all the RSPW posts about it, so I only have one thing to add: <...

Holy shit! (n.ECW chant)
B5's Michael Garibaldi ran for congress??? MTFO! -- I've learned something, too: selling out is swe...

Re: Sign ideas for Craig T. Nelson public appearance?
Officer Farrva and Anyone but Bush wrote: > damn you are an unoriginal bastard. I think THAT sign might offend him.

Reaction To The Diva Segment From A Fan Who Saw It Live
REACTION TO THE DIVA SEGMENT FROM A FAN WHO SAW IT LIVE By: 8/31/2004 9:09:28 AM From Darren Lewiston Two things really stood out in my mind after ...

More RAW Feedback
Luke Fleeman of Tulare, Calif. (8.5): Best Match: Eugene vs. Triple H. Worst Match: Rhyno/Tajiri vs. La Resistance. The whole show seemed really cool this week. The feud with Orton has been ...

RAW Feedback
Ben Golino of Montreal, Quebec. (7.5): Best Match: Triple H vs Eugene. Worst Match: Flair vs. Benoit. First off, I just have to say that I'm totally not a fan of the diva search (especially ...

[politics] "We can't win" vs. "We will win"
Bush is a flip-flopper.

Waylon Jennings and Craig T. Nelson
man, they were an unbeatable combination. ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

Karam Gaber
-To see photos of Olympic wrestler Karam Gaber, whom WWE is interested in and whose appearance has been compared to Rock's

I marked for Craig T. Nelson hair band songs
such as "love and affection and "after the rain." ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

Re: I wonder how Michael Moore will react to this
Kurgan the Crosseyed Assclown wrote: > He will say it is all Bush's fault. ...

Is there a sexual deviants hierarchy?
do fags look down on fans of bestiality? ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

"Iron" Mike Sharpe: neither sharp nor iron
not very mike-like either. ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

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